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Vocabulary Word

Word: augment

Definition: increase; add to

Sentences Containing 'augment'

A certain quantity of materials, and the labour of a certain number of workmen, both of which might have been immediately employed to augment the food, clothing, and lodging, the subsistence and conveniencies of the society, are thus diverted to another employment, highly advantageous indeed, but still different from this one.
A certain quantity of materials, and the labour of a certain number of workmen, which had before been employed in supporting a more complex and expensive machinery, can afterwards be applied to augment the quantity of work which that or any other machinery is useful only for performing.
Accumulation is thus prevented in the hands of all those who are naturally the most disposed to accumulate; and the funds destined for the maintenance of productive labour, receive no augmentation from the revenue of those who ought naturally to augment them the most.
But of course other associations connected with the objects represented will largely augment the impression, when the line and tone arrangements and the sentiment of the object are in sympathy.
But the immediate effect of every such regulation is to diminish its revenue; and what diminishes its revenue is certainly not very likely to augment its capital faster than it would have augmented of its own accord, had both capital and industry been left to find out their natural employments.
But they were sophistical, in supposing, that either to preserve or to augment the quantity of those metals required more the attention of government, than to preserve or to augment the quantity of any other useful commodities, which the freedom of trade, without any such attention, never fails to supply in the proper quantity.
But this million being raised, not by a call upon the proprietors, but by selling annuities and contracting bond-debts, it did not augment the stock upon which the proprietors could claim a dividend.
But, she uttered no sound; and so strong was the voice within her, representing that it was she of all the world who must uphold him in his misery and not augment it, that it quickly raised her, even from that shock.
By lending money to government, they do not even for a moment diminish their ability to carry on their trade and manufactures; on the contrary, they commonly augment it.
By opening a more extensive market for whatever part of the produce of their labour may exceed the home consumption, it encourages them to improve its productive power, and to augment its annual produce to the utmost, and thereby to increase the real revenue and wealth of the society.
During the third year of the transition program (October 1998 to March 1999), the U.S. Navy would augment the ANG before the latter took over the entire program the following year.
Equal capitals, however, employed in each of those four different ways, will immediately put into motion very different quantities of productive labour; and augment, too, in very different proportions, the value of the annual produce of the land and labour of the society to which they belong.
Farmers and country labourers, on the contrary, may enjoy completely the whole funds destined for their own subsistence, and yet augment, at the same time, the revenue and wealth of their society.
FedEx and United Parcel Service augment park accessibility by air to and from major markets.
For the parents of mongrels are varieties, and mostly domestic varieties (very few experiments having been tried on natural varieties), and this implies that there has been recent variability; which would often continue and would augment that arising from the act of crossing.
Guanfacine is also used in conjunction with stimulants to augment therapeutic actions, counter side effects, reduce rebound, and when taken at night, to induce sleep.
His direction of the largest Annual Training and Additional Duty for Training Budget of any Reserve Augment Unit resulted in unprecedented levels of exercise participation.
If the capitals were equal, or nearly equal, therefore, this employment of the French capital would augment much more the revenue of the people of France, than that of the English capital would the revenue of the people of England.
If the events I go on to relate, had not thickened around me, in the beginning to confuse, and in the end to augment, my affliction, it is possible (though I think not probable), that I might have fallen at once into this condition.
In addition, other data sources may be added to augment the web site behavior data described above.
In twenty minutes they were at Auteuil; the steward's emotion had continued to augment as they entered the village.
It as effectually replaces the capital of the person who produces that surplus, and as effectually enables him to continue his business, the service by which the capital of a wholesale merchant chiefly contributes to support the productive labour, and to augment the value of the annual produce of the society to which he belongs.
It was established to augment Bangalore’s existing cultural scene by providing an international forum for Indian and foreign musicians and artistes.
Its personnel augment the 17th Test Squadron, its active duty counterpart unit.
Just as we come to know them better, intermediate forms flow in, and doubts as to specific limits augment."
Neither their employment nor subsistence, therefore, can augment, but in proportion to the augmentation of the demand from the country for finished work; and this demand can augment only in proportion to the extension of improvement and cultivation.
No small number of these whaling seamen belong to the Azores, where the outward bound Nantucket whalers frequently touch to augment their crews from the hardy peasants of those rocky shores.
Other deployments of the 118th EFS were made to augment combat operations during Operations Deny Flight and Precise Endeavor.
Other specialised internal security agencies may exist to augment these main forces, such as border guards, special police units, or aspects of the state's List of intelligence agencies.
Robert Cardus was a retired policeman; to augment his small pension the family took in neighbours' washing, and the household income was further supplemented by his daughters' earnings from part-time prostitution.
She was confident of having performed her duty, and to fret over unavoidable evils, or augment them by anxiety, was no part of her disposition.
Some water from the lake is used by Clean Water Services to augment the flow of the Tualatin River during the summer months to reduce the temperature and improve water quality.
The accompaniments form an integral part of every composition presented, and they closely follow and augment the melodic phrases outlines by the lead singer.
The butcher, the brewer, and the baker, soon join them, together with many other artificers and retailers, necessary or useful for supplying their occasional wants, and who contribute still further to augment the town.
The Company continues to augment VIA3 with new and enhanced capabilities, and is developing additional products and services under the VIACK 2.0 brand.
The former Dantes proposed to augment, the latter to remedy.
The industry of the society can augment only in proportion as its capital augments, and its capital can augment only in proportion to what can be gradually saved out of its revenue.
The oxytocic agents augment uterine muscular contraction and the cord traction assists with rapid birth of the placenta.
The resulting rumble could be "felt" by audience members as well as heard. For the film "Earthquake", Sensurround was activated during the quake scenes to augment the conventional soundtrack.
The sign has now returned to its position next to the M4 elevated section, continuing to urge commuters to augment their energy levels whilst stuck in a line of traffic.
The vast white headless phantom floats further and further from the ship, and every rod that it so floats, what seem square roods of sharks and cubic roods of fowls, augment the murderous din.
These depictions can be described as a battlesuit with mechanical and electronic mechanisms designed to augment the wearer's abilities.
They may hire joiners and lighting engineers to augment their displays.
This increase of dividend, therefore, when it had risen to its utmost height, could augment their annual payments, to their proprietors and government together, but by
This means that these states augment their CWSRF capital by issuing municipal bonds.
This operation could not augment, in the smallest degree, the quantity of money to be lent.
To augment our share of the colony trade beyond what it otherwise would be, is the avowed purpose of the monopoly.
We shall at least, by this means, be sensible of our ignorance, if we do not augment our knowledge.
Web Service Providers augment a Web service endpoint with an interface description using the Web Services Description Language (WSDL) so that a consumer can use the service.
Whenever a noun bearing the nominal augment –"ā" is immediately followed by another noun or adjective expressing a genitive or attributive relationship, the augment is regularly apocopated, e.g. "rabbā" ‘leader’ but "rab Mandayānā" ‘leader of the Mandaeans’ and "kədāḇā" ‘book’ but "kədāḇ Mandāyí" ‘a Mandaic book.’ Gender and number.
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