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Vocabulary Word

Word: attribute

Definition: essential quality; V: ascribe; explain

Sentences Containing 'attribute'

A domain describes the set of possible values for a given attribute, and can be considered a constraint on the value of the attribute.
A third party attribute to it existence and forethought, but only for great and heavenly matters, not for anything that is on earth.
All the data referenced by an attribute are in the same domain and conform to the same constraints.
An attribute probability close to 1 would indicate that the examinee has likely mastered the cognitive attribute, whereas a probability close to 0 would indicate that the examinee has likely not mastered the cognitive attribute.
An example of an item that measures this attribute is “formula_8”.
As a prerequisite attribute, attribute A1 includes the most basic arithmetic operation skills, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of numbers.
Attribute A2 represents knowledge about the property of factors.
Attribute A3 represents not only knowledge of factoring (i.e., attribute A2), but also the skills of applying the rules of factoring.
Attribute A4 has attribute A1 as a prerequisite because A4 not only represents basic skills in arithmetic operations (i.e., attribute A1), but it also involves the substitution of values into algebraic expressions which is more abstract and, therefore, more difficult than attribute A1.
Attribute A8 also represents the skills of advanced substitution.
Boyd is typically defined as a goal poacher, whose key attribute is his strike rate.
But it is impossible to attribute to this cause the innumerable structures which are so well adapted to the habits of life of each species.
Constraints make it possible to further restrict the domain of an attribute.
Conversely, if an examinee has mastered attribute A2, then it is expected that the examinee has mastered attribute A1 but not A3.
For example, attribute A1 is directly connected to attribute A2 because of the presence of a 1 in the first row (i.e. attribute A1) and the second column (i.e., attribute A2).
For instance, a constraint can restrict a given integer attribute to values between 1 and 10.
formula_1 Each row and column the A matrix represents one attribute; the first row and column represents attribute A1 and the last row and column represents attribute A9.
formula_4 Similar to the A matrix, each row and column in the matrix represents one attribute; the first row and column represents attribute A1 and the last row and column represents attribute A9.
Further, there is the question of the nudity of the kouros and if this is also an attribute.
He also sets a difficulty level for the test, which modifies the attribute value (reducing or improving it).
Hermeticists generally attribute 42 books to Hermes Trismegistus, although many more have been attributed to him.
However, what makes attribute A8 more difficult than attribute A7 is that algebraic expressions, rather than numbers, need to be substituted into another algebraic expression.
Huihong, however, does not attribute the poem to Dongshan.
In attribute A2, the examinee needs to have knowledge about the property of factors.
In attribute A3, the examinee not only requires knowledge of factoring (i.e., attribute A2), but also the skills of applying the rules of factoring.
In humans, magic or the lack thereof is an inborn attribute.
In order for an attribute to be a good primary key it must not repeat.
In the R matrix, an attribute is considered related to itself resulting in 1’s along the main diagonal. Referring back to the hierarchy, it is shown that attribute A1 is directly connected to attribute A2 and indirectly to A3 through its connection with A2.
Mathematically, attaching a domain to an attribute means that any value for the attribute must be an element of the specified set.
Mechanaught performance is based on multiple factors that attribute to its stats.
Most Māori would probably attribute this to ancestor reverence.
Nothing is farther from my thoughts than to attribute any degree of artifice to Mr. jorkins.
Precision has always been recognized as an important attribute of weapon development.
See the SMART attribute number 197 ("Current Pending Sector Count") for more information.
The attribute table can be edited inside GeoDa.
The complexity of attribute A7 relative to attribute A4 lies in the concurrent management of multiple pairs of numbers and multiple equations.
The defensive part of the game is considered to be his best attribute.
The flowers are described by some as fragrant, though this appears to be a variable attribute.
The most common ones are based on a physical characteristic or a personal attribute of the originator.
The presence of a 1 in a particular row denotes a direct connection between that attribute and the attribute corresponding to the column position.
Therefore, attribute A3 is considered a more advanced attribute than A2.
Therefore, attribute A6 is considered to be more difficult than attribute A5 and placed below attribute A5 in the sub-hierarchy.
Three performance levels were selected for reporting attribute mastery: non-mastery (attribute probability value between 0.00 and 0.35), partial mastery (attribute probability value between 0.36 and 0.70), and mastery (attribute probability value between 0.71 and 1.00).
Truth is thus considered to be an attribute of God.
When one drills down, one performs "de facto" data analysis on a parent attribute.
``A thorough, determined dislike of me a dislike which I can not but attribute in some measure to jealousy.
``But to what do you attribute this conduct?''
``Dear Maximilian, why not attribute your escape to my constant prayers for your safety?
``For we must attribute this happy conclusion,''she added,``in a great measure to his kindness.
``You must attribute it only to natural scruples under similar circumstances.''

More Vocab Words

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