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Vocabulary Word

Word: astute

Definition: wise; shrewd; keen; seeing quickly something that is to one's advantage

Sentences Containing 'astute'

Another interesting vampiric gift of Khayman is the astute understanding of mechanisms at a mere glance.
Chambers continued to be coached by Clasper, who was a very astute rowing coach, and his rowing improved immensely.
Cosimo was also noted for his patronage of culture and the arts during the Renaissance, liberally spending the family fortune (which his astute business sense considerably increased) to enrich Florence.
Five more "Astute"-class fleet submarines are expected to be commissioned and will eventually replace the remaining "Trafalgar"-class boats.
Following the capture of the Spaniard, Lefèvre finally realises that The Man in Grey is very astute, and from then on give him his complete allegiance – to the extent that when M. Leblanc, sous-préfet of Bourg-le-Roi, has serious concerns about the behaviour of his children's governess, it is the commissary who advises him to ask for assistance from the mysterious personage who enjoys the special confidence and favour of M. le Due d'Otrante himself.
Fortunately, Constanze proved an astute businesswoman and eventually managed to achieve prosperity from the publication of her husband's works.
He did not falter and his astute leadership earned him many admirers".
Her stories are filled with very astute observations, some humorous, some sad.'
HMS "Ambush" was the latest "Astute"-class boat to be commissioned.
I, master barber, am not Neptune, the god of the waters, nor do I try to make anyone take me for an astute man, for I am not one.
In 2008 Chris and Julie released their sixth studio album "Together Alone" to further critical acclaim, with "Propaganda" magazine describing the duo as ‘dealing so very tenderly with simple universal truths, they achieve their impact by an astute economy of expression allied to warmly accessible melodies and arrangements’.
In the 2010 Strategic Defence and Security Review, the UK Government reaffirmed its intention to procure seven "Astute"- class submarines.
Instead, he was an astute businessman who was skilled at cultivating talented artists and designers.
It was a delicate part which I had to play then, for I saw that a prosecution must be avoided to avert scandal, and I knew that so astute a villain would see that our hands were tied in the matter.
It was due to the astute politics of Sir Milton Margai that the educated Protectorate elite was won over to join forces with the paramount chiefs in the face of Krio intransigence.
More berserker brawn than brain, intelligence is not this creature's strong suit, he exercises a slurred screeching in his speech, and is clumsy and flailing in his movement, and has less-than astute powers of observation.
Seven fleet submarines are presently in service, with five "Trafalgar"-class and two "Astute"-class making up the total. The "Trafalgar"-class displace little over 5,300 tonnes when submerged and are armed with Tomahawk land-attack missiles and Spearfish torpedoes.
Speerin’s humorous yet astute take on the role of social media in this federal elections appeared on CTV.ca.
The "Astute"-class at 7,400 tonnes are much larger and carry a larger number of Tomahawk missiles and Spearfish torpedoes.
The expurgated diary reveals Nin the philosopher and amateur but astute psychologist. The unexpurgated diary reveals a woman breaking out into wild sexual discovery.
To reward the astute listener, the music contained winking references to the Beatles, the Kinks, Bob Dylan, Donovan, Led Zeppelin, The Jam, Black Flag, Hüsker Dü, Judas Priest and many other artists.
Vane, a young, astute aristocrat, brought his own unconventional theology to the colony, and may have encouraged Hutchinson to lead the colony's women and develop her own divergent theology.
Watson moved on to Rotherham United in July 1999, astute Millers' manager Ronnie Moore signing him on a free transfer.

More Vocab Words

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::: address - direct a speech to; speak to; deal with or discuss; direct one's efforts or attention to; make with a destination; N: formal speech
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::: conversant - familiar with; having knowledge of
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::: turgid - swollen; distended (as from liquid)
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