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Vocabulary Word

Word: arbitrary

Definition: unreasonable or capricious; random; tyrannical; Ex. arbitrary ruler

Sentences Containing 'arbitrary'

(""Significant"" is somewhat arbitrary and may be subject to the bias of a particular inspector.)
Also considered arbitrary and imprecise, Freud dismissed the decoding method as well.
Anonymous visitors can insert any arbitrary name into the "username" field.
Arbitrary law had not yet established itself in the mind of the judge, for then there was no cause to judge and no one to be judged.
But the categories are artificial and often arbitrary.
But, in spite of his confinement, he contrived to publish a narrative of his arrest, entitled "A Defiance against all Arbitrary Usurpations", and a still more violent attack on the peers, called "An Arrow shot from the Prison of Newgate into the Prerogative Bowels of the Arbitrary House of Lords".
Campbell implied that McGurk's had been an arbitrary target.
Computers can process data much more quickly than humans, but lack the ability to respond meaningfully to arbitrary stimuli.
During the continuance of this state of things, therefore, the corruption of justice, naturally resulting from the arbitrary and uncertain nature of those presents, scarce admitted of any effectual remedy.
He or she can do this as long as the strategy doesn't call for placing a stone on the 'arbitrary' square that is already occupied.
His assessment, therefore, must, in most cases, depend upon the good or bad humour of his assessors, and must, therefore, be altogether arbitrary and uncertain.
However, the urban planning was sometimes arbitrary and followed by dysfunctions.
However, this approach is rather arbitrary as it is more an assumption of political as opposed to cultural and linguistic developments.
If this happens, though, he or she can again play an arbitrary move and continue as before with the second player's winning strategy.
In France, the great easily submit to a considerable degree of inequality in a tax which, so far as it affects them, is not a very heavy one; but could not brook the arbitrary assessment of an intendant.
In their childhood Nina and Juanita suffered from their father’s arbitrary nature.
Isochrone maps can be generated using the Google Maps API and this can be done from arbitrary starting points.
It could not, therefore, be discovered in the cause, and the first invention or conception of it, _a priori_, must be entirely arbitrary.
It is an arbitrary categorization scheme, and is not associated with phylogenetics-based taxonomy.
It must invent or imagine some event, which it ascribes to the object as its effect; and it is plain that this invention must be entirely arbitrary.
Let formula_128 and formula_153 be arbitrary functions.
On the sidewalk they must behave so as not to cause danger to pedestrians (which is an arbitrary judgment that seems to translate into traveling at walking pace).
Otherwise there is a generic chunk (0x0102) to accommodate any arbitrary sequence of bits.
Several of the best botanists, such as Mr. Bentham and others, have strongly insisted on their arbitrary value.
Severe and arbitrary beating occurred daily.
The above example could be used in an arbitrary method like this: Python.
The application is pretty much regulated according to the discretion of the intendant of the generality, and must, therefore, be in a great measure arbitrary.
The external field replaces the interaction of all the other particles to an arbitrary particle.
The first player makes an arbitrary move to begin with.
The general definition makes sense for arbitrary coverings and does not require a topology.
The lack of regulations that defined how such should be assessed allowed for arbitrary assessments and financial persecution.
The latter is either altogether arbitrary, or altogether unequal, and, in most cases, is both the one and the other; the former, though in some respects unequal, different slaves being of different values, is in no respect arbitrary.
The limit of 150°C is an arbitrary choice.
The persecution included beatings, arbitrary arrests and war rape.
The personal taille, as it is intended to be proportioned to the profits of a certain class of people, which can only be guessed at, is necessarily both arbitrary and unequal.
The petitioners argued that the distinction between the two drugs was arbitrary, and that cannabis should be rescheduled as well.
The real taille, as it is imposed only upon a part of the lands of the country, is necessarily an unequal, but it is not always an arbitrary tax, though it is so upon some occasions.
The structure of this site is incredibly arbitrary and unpredictable.
The tax which each individual is bound to pay, ought to be certain and not arbitrary.
There is difficulty because we have not selected an arbitrary unit of work.
These services, therefore, being almost entirely arbitrary, subjected the tenant to many vexations.
They are in no respect arbitrary, but are, or may be, in all cases, perfectly clear and certain.
They give occasion, it is pretended, to much extortion in the officers of the farmers-general who collect the tax, which is in a great measure arbitrary and uncertain.
This classification is not arbitrary like the grouping of the stars in constellations.
This finding rendered the church’s decision arbitrary and invalid.
This fine, which was at first arbitrary, came, in many countries, to be regulated at a certain portion of the price of the land.
Thus the royal prerogative is in theory an unlimited, arbitrary authority.
To generate the Dowker notation, traverse the knot using an arbitrary starting point and direction.
Yet, although autocratic, the very existence of the complex bureaucratic machinery consistituted a check on his arbitrary exercise of power.
Zaslaw deems some of the divisions "arbitrary", and calls for "clearer, more honest categories" for the problematic works.

More Vocab Words

::: composure - mental calmness
::: inconsistency - state of being self-contradictory; lack of uniformity or steadiness; ADJ. inconsistent: displaying a lack of consistency; erratic; contradictory; incompatible
::: viable - capable of maintaining life; feasible; practical or workable; Ex. viable scheme
::: rapacious - voracious; ravenous; taking everything one can; excessively grasping; plundering; subsisting on live prey; Ex. rapacious birds
::: retort - quick sharp reply; V.
::: concord - harmony; accord
::: analgesia - condition of being unable to feel pain
::: appease - pacify or soothe; Ex. appease a crying baby; N. appeasement
::: impenetrable - not able to be pierced or entered; beyond understanding; impossible to understand; Ex. impenetrable mystery
::: decomposition - decay; V. decompose: decay; break and separate into simple parts