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Vocabulary Word

Word: aperture

Definition: opening; hole; adjustable opening in a camera that limits the amount of light

Sentences Containing 'aperture'

A narrow synthetic beamwidth results from the relatively long synthetic aperture, which gets finer resolution than a smaller physical antenna.
A telescope with a aperture is required to resolve the stars within this loose cluster.
All versions offer IS and USM and have nearly the same maximum aperture of 4/4.5 to 5.6 over their entire focal range.
An adjustable aperture plate was added to frame images that had been produced by a variety of cameras without any uniform standardization.
Aperture synthesis can be used to computationally simulate a large telescope aperture from either type of interferometer.
As these cameras are designed for both still photography and video, the lens has a fast, quiet autofocus motor and a stepless aperture diaphragm, hence the "HD" branding.
Current radar imaging techniques rely mainly on synthetic aperture radar (SAR) and inverse synthetic aperture radar (ISAR) imaging.
Edmond was obliged to assist him, for otherwise he would not have been able to enter by the small aperture which led to Dantes'chamber.
Explanation of the "Synthetic-Aperture" Analogy.
Glancing upward, I saw the aperture, a small blue disk, in which a star was visible, while little Weena's head showed as a round black projection.
He kept his word; twice a day he cast out, through the barred aperture, the provisions his jailer brought him at first gayly, then with deliberation, and at last with regret.
He remained motionless and pensive, his eyes fixed on the gloomy aperture that was open at his feet.
ISAR technology uses the movement of the target rather than the emitter to make the synthetic aperture.
It also lacked Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority modes.
It is colored cream or light brown externally, while the aperture may be colored purplish-brown.
Kodak was in the process of introducing its "Minicard" aperture card product, and Leghorn felt this was a natural solution for the problem.
Lacking aperture and shutter speed priority modes, the F10 was mostly a point and shoot camera.
One aperture may discharge at first, and the other after the insect is pinched again.
One is the presence of film-camera type controls for optional control of both aperture and shutter speed.
One of the unique features of drum scanners is the ability to control sample area and aperture size independently.
She has been profiled in "New York" magazine, "Aperture", "Photo District News", and the "British Journal of Photography".
Software such as Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, Apple Aperture and Media Pro 1 are examples of major image management software.
Swinging myself in, I found it was the aperture of a narrow horizontal tunnel in which I could lie down and rest.
Synthetic Aperture Personality Assessment
Synthetic-aperture radar (SAR) is a form of radar which moves a real aperture or antenna through a series of positions along the objects to provide distinctive long-term coherent-signal variations.
Table of largest optical telescopes historically by overall aperture.
The aperture covers half of the length of the shell.
The aperture is a long and narrow, pointed apically; outer lip nearly straight in side view and forming a shallow, open canal basally.
The aperture is covered with an operculum and decorated with small pebbles, or sand grains fastened by silk.
The aperture is elliptically oblong and is a pale rosy purple within.
The aperture is large and has a rounded oval shape.
The aperture is moderately large, irregular in shape, with a rather deep sinus at the suture (about 1½ mm, behind the most projecting part of the outer margin).
The aperture is oval. The posterior angle is acute.
The aperture is rather long, and rhomboidal. The outer lip is fractured.
The aperture is the actual opening that allows light into the optical bench of the scanner.
The aperture of an optical system is the opening that limits the amount of light that can pass through.
The aperture of the rock had been closed with stones, then this stucco had been applied, and painted to imitate granite.
The aperture was already sufficiently large for him to enter, but by waiting, he could still cling to hope, and retard the certainty of deception.
The distance the aircraft flies in synthesizing the antenna is known as the synthetic aperture.
The drone is capable of being fitted with a variety of sensors, including a forward looking infrared turret and synthetic aperture radar.
The ejaculation had been drawn from my companion by the fact that our door had been suddenly dashed open, and that a huge man had framed himself in the aperture.
The FE10 is basically identical to the FM10, except with electronics grafted on to control shutter timing and provide an aperture priority exposure mode.
The inside of the aperture is often yellowish brown.
The last whorl occupies about half of the shell's height, the aperture a third. Color.
The OPERCULAR VALVES of Cirripedes are those which close the aperture of the shell.
The output of both digital and analog correlator can be used to computationally synthesize the interferometer aperture in the same way as with direct detection interferometers (see above).
The woman was standing in the aperture, the darkness of the hall behind her, the yellow light from my lamp beating upon her eager and beautiful face.
There is a heavy, white callous deposit at the upper extremity of the inner margin of the aperture.
These are much closer together on approaching the aperture.
Using formula_13 for hyperfocal distance, formula_6 for aperture diameter, formula_15 for the diameter that a circle of confusion shall not exceed, and formula_3 for focal length, he derives: As the aperture diameter, formula_6 is the ratio of the focal length, formula_3 to the numerical aperture, formula_4; and the diameter of the circle of confusion, formula_21, this gives the equation for the first definition above.

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