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Vocabulary Word

Word: anvil

Definition: iron block used in hammering out metals

Sentences Containing 'anvil'

"Look ye here, then," cried Ahab, passionately advancing, and leaning with both hands on Perth's shoulders; "look ye here--HERE--can ye smoothe out a seam like this, blacksmith," sweeping one hand across his ribbed brow; "if thou could'st, blacksmith, glad enough would I lay my head upon thy anvil, and feel thy heaviest hammer between my eyes.
(SPERM WHALE).--This whale, among the English of old vaguely known as the Trumpa whale, and the Physeter whale, and the Anvil Headed whale, is the present Cachalot of the French, and the Pottsfich of the Germans, and the Macrocephalus of the Long Words.
A properly equipped machine has an assortment of anvil wheels.
A third type of adjuster moves the top wheel up and down with the bottom anvil wheel left static.
Anvil wheels, like dollies used with hammers in panel beating (which are also known as anvils) should be used to match the desired crown or curvature of the work piece.
As the material stretches, it forms a convex surface over the anvil wheel.
As, then, with regular, gasping hems, he hammered on the anvil, Perth passing to him the glowing rods, one after the other, and the hard pressed forge shooting up its intense straight flame, the Parsee passed silently, and bowing over his head towards the fire, seemed invoking some curse or some blessing on the toil.
Because the machine works by an amount of pressure between the wheels through the material, and because that pressure changes as the material becomes thinner, the lower jaw and cradle of the frame that holds the anvil roller is adjustable.
Being loaded with sin, he went to the bottom like an anvil.
Conrad's success in both these missions was modest, but he was more successful in the improvement of ecclesiastical and monastic discipline through the arrangement of synods and the foundation of monasteries, as well as in the advancement of the Dominicans - their foundation-house in Toulouse (1214) was ideally placed as an anvil for his function as third Legate to the Albigensian crusade.
He starred as a young pubescent boy going through a sexual awakening in the 1992 Australian film, "Hammers Over the Anvil".
It has one of the loudest calls of any bird - a sharp sound like that of a hammer striking an anvil or a bell, emitted by the male while it perches on a high branch in order to attract a mate.
Its diet includes some fruit and it cracks open the shells of molluscs such as the giant panda snail ("Hedleyella falconeri") on an anvil, a stone or other hard surface habitually used for this purpose.
Meantime, now the stranger was still beseeching his poor boon of Ahab; and Ahab still stood like an anvil, receiving every shock, but without the least quivering of his own.
On some machines, the operator can turn the top wheel and anvil 90 degrees to the frame to increase the maximum size of the work piece.
Samples are subject to the conditions of the lower mantle in a laser-heated diamond anvil cell and the spin-state is measured using synchrotron X-ray spectroscopy.
The anvil wheel usually has a smaller radius than the rolling wheel.
The NASA Anvil Rule for a Shuttle launch stated that an anvil cloud could not appear within a distance of 10 nautical miles.
The operator of the machine passes the sheet metal between the anvil wheel and the rolling wheel.
The pressure of the contact area, which varies with the radius of the dome on the anvil wheel and the pressure of the adjusting screw, and the number of wheeling passes determines the degree to which the material stretches.
The rolling (top) wheel is flat in cross section, while the anvil (bottom) wheel is domed.
The sentimental and somewhat archaic prose of the "Metro-land" guide ("the Roman road aslant the eastern border ... the innumerable field-paths which mark the labourer's daily route from hamlet to farm") conjured up a rustic Eden – a Middle England, perhaps – similar to that invoked by Stanley Baldwin (Prime Minister three times between 1923–37) who, though of manufacturing stock, famously donned the mantle of countryman ("the tinkle of the hammer on the anvil in the country smithy, the sound of the scythe against the whetstone").
The vise may include other features such as a small anvil on the back of its body.
The wheel on the top is called the rolling wheel, while the wheel on the bottom is called the anvil wheel.
This stage does not stretch the metal but moves the already stretched metal around, so using the minimum anvil pressure and as wide an anvil as is possible with the panel shape, is essential. Typically, only small high crown panels, (such as repair sections) or large low crown panels (such as roofs), are made in one piece.
This type of machine typically has a diagonal lower 'C' shaped frame that curves lower to the floor, with a hand operated adjuster close to the anvil wheel holder, instead of the horizontal and long vertical hand adjuster shown in the above picture.
To address this problem there are wheeling machines that have a hand adjuster close beneath the anvil yoke (also known a wheel holder), in order to allow such panels to curve underneath unobstructed.
Using the correct pressure and appropriate anvil wheel shape and pattern of accurate, close to overlapping wheeling passes (or actually overlapping with low crown anvils), makes the use of the machine something of an art in order to produce a piece of steel, aluminium or other sheet metal with a particular physical shape.
Wheeling machines that feature a quick-release lever, which enables the operator to drop the anvil wheel away from the upper wheel so the work piece can be removed and inserted quickly without losing the pressure setting, are great time savers during this part of the process.
When Canadian band Anvil were asked what it was like to tour with AC/DC, they mentioned that Angus Young has a big heart and should bring AC/DC to Calgary.
When the porter is sleepy, the anvil-headed whale would be best.
While yet a little distance from the forge, moody Ahab paused; till at last, Perth, withdrawing his iron from the fire, began hammering it upon the anvil--the red mass sending off the sparks in thick hovering flights, some of which flew close to Ahab.
With matted beard, and swathed in a bristling shark-skin apron, about mid-day, Perth was standing between his forge and anvil, the latter placed upon an iron-wood log, with one hand holding a pike-head in the coals, and with the other at his forge's lungs, when Captain Ahab came along, carrying in his hand a small rusty-looking leathern bag.

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