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Vocabulary Word

Word: amplify

Definition: increase in size or effect; expand; broaden or clarify by expanding; intensify; make stronger; Ex. amplify one's remarks with a graph

Sentences Containing 'amplify'

Although the Y-DNA from the skeleton is somewhat degraded, King said she hoped to amplify it enough to get a match to the four men.
Amplify mRNA representations (optional).
Fatty acids in significant amounts amplify GK activity in the liver, while long chain acyl CoA inhibits it.
From his mighty bulk the whale affords a most congenial theme whereon to enlarge, amplify, and generally expatiate.
Human-Centered Computing is the name of a subproject of NASA's Intelligent Systems Project. It is focused on the development of adaptive systems that amplify human cognitive, perceptual, and motor capabilities in such domains as: space, mission control operations, air traffic management, safety and security systems.
In the Age of Apocalypse reality, Empath was held hostage by Mikhail Rasputin, who attached the young mutant to a computer system in order to amplify his empathic abilities to control the human population of Eurasia.
Irrespective of the approach used to amplify the amplicons, some technique must be used to quantitate the amplified product. Generally, these techniques incorporate a capture step and a detection step, although how these steps are incorporated depends on the individual assay.
Khlong Yai has a tropical monsoon climate (Köppen climate classification "Aw") influenced by the nearby Cardamom Mountains, which amplify the summer monsoon.
Kristine Steimer of IGN affirmed that the "witty dialogue and goofy animations amplify the fact that this game is not actually socialist propaganda".
Many European recipes specify that "elixir" is to be stored in clocks to amplify the effects of immortality on the user.
Much like a light laser, a thermoacoustic SASER has a high-Q cavity and uses a gain medium to amplify coherent waves.
Neutrophils express and release cytokines, which in turn amplify inflammatory reactions by several other cell types.
Practically every well-devised scheme of educational extension, whether lyceum movement, university extension, study club, correspondence course, Chautauqua movement or Sunday school, has recognized the need of a small library to conserve and amplify the results of the instruction.
The ear canal acts as a resonant tube (like an organ pipe) to amplify frequencies between 2-5.5 kHz with a maximum amplification of about 11dB occurring around 4 kHz.
The effect is to amplify the glucokinase response to glucose more rapidly than transcription could do so.
The kit adapted for carrying out the method includes a pair of primers to amplify the locus and optionally polymerase chain reaction reagents.
The snow-covered, bowl-shaped slopes surrounding the Western Cwm reflect and amplify solar radiation, warming the valley basin despite its high elevation of through . Some of the most difficult days on Everest are in the Western Cwm, when on a sunny windless day it is desperately hot, and has been known to reach temperatures up to .
The soundbox of these instruments is not large enough to amplify the sound; instead, it is designed to produce a distinctive tone when amplified, similarly to semi-acoustic electric guitars.
The suit was named Hardiman, and made lifting feel like lifting . Powered by hydraulics and electricity, the suit allowed the wearer to amplify their strength by a factor of 25, so that lifting 25 pounds was as easy as lifting one pound without the suit.
The Viral Factory work on feeding basic human emotions with anarchic versions of reality to get their client's message across, often using a mockumentry film technique or computer generated animation to convince the viewer that the footage is real. The Viral Factory has, on occasions, used ‘covert seeding’ to amplify the supposed authenticity of their footage, particularly in the Levi ‘Freedom to Move’ campaign of 2006.
This method relies on PCR to differentially amplify non-homologous DNA regions between digested fragments of two nearly identical DNA species, that are called 'driver' and 'tester' DNA.
Trumpets are often utilised to amplify the signal, and directed voice mediums are sometimes known as "trumpet mediums".
With a known adapter attached to the cDNAs, PCR can be used to amplify the samples.

More Vocab Words

::: reciprocal - mutual; given and received in return; exchangeable; interacting; Ex. reciprocal trade agreement
::: decry - express strong disapproval of; condemn openly (something dangerous to the public); disparage; Ex. decry the violence of modern films
::: lexicographer - compiler of a dictionary; CF. lexicography: work of compiling a dictionary
::: tinge - give a slight degree of a color or quality to; N: slight degree of a color or quality; Ex. tinged with grey/jealousy
::: coercion - use of force to get someone to object; compelling; V. coerce
::: incipient - beginning; in an early stage
::: recondite - abstruse; not easily understood; profound; secret
::: primary - first in rank or importance; principal; earliest in time; Ex. primary stages; N. CF. first
::: barrage - barrier laid down by artillery fire; overwhelming profusion; large number of questions or statements; Ex. a barrage of criticism
::: archipelago - group of closely located islands