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Vocabulary Word

Word: ambush

Definition: act of lying in wait to attack by surprise; sudden attack made from a concealed position; Ex. lie in ambush; V.

Sentences Containing 'ambush'

2012 looks to be a busy year for Ambush Entertainment.
2nd/7th Cav and the ambush near LZ Albany.
After the ambush, "Na-tio-tisha" led his band of warriors northwest through the Tonto Basin.
After the ambush, Alvarez was seen making a phone call to Ethan Zobelle of LOAN telling him his intel was correct and that he owed him.
Although the Crusader force consisted only of 375 knights, Saladin hesitated to ambush them because of the presence of highly skilled generals.
As he reflects on his isolation from the world, he overhears Ueda and the rest of the heads of the Yoshioka plot to ambush him.
Both methods can discourage pursuit while the raid or ambush force withdraws Mining and Improvised explosive devices.
Crowe meets with Maddox to swear that he did not set him up for Dekker's ambush.
Despite seemingly being affiliated with the Godwins, however, Sialeeds incinerates a Godwin ambush of the Prince's force.
Dr. Polaris is one of the villains waiting to ambush the Freedom Fighters in a warehouse south of Metropolis in the beginning of "Infinite Crisis".
During the weapons transaction between SAMCRO and the Niners the Mayans ambushed the deal and stole all the Niner's AKs, and Bobby Elvis was shot in the shoulder during the ambush.
Having beaten off the ambush, the British continued their withdrawal to Bushehr.
He told Trakeena about the location of the Silver Goblet, then escaped and set up an ambush for her.
Helu had been caught off guard by Su's ambush and suffered a large amount of casualties.
HMS "Ambush" was the latest "Astute"-class boat to be commissioned.
If I hesitated, she was taken with that wonderful disorder which was always lying in ambush in her system, ready, at the shortest notice, to prey upon her vitals.
In 1407, Theiddat, who was with a special group of Hanthawaddy forces who were waiting to ambush Minkhaung, gave a warning to his brother at a critical moment, allowing him to escape.
In fact Logan had not been one of the guards but one of the men in the ambush party.
It is modest and retiring, it lies in ambush, waits and waits.
Jade appears to test Liu Kang and attempts to seduce him, later leading the other Earthrealm warriors to an ambush.
Kenyon saved Castle's life by killing several enemy soldiers and dragging Castle to safety after he was wounded in an ambush.
Leaving Simon in the cockpit, the bounty hunter starts his EVA back to his ship, but finds Mal outside, waiting in ambush.
Louis Ambush before moving to the Buffalo Blizzard for the end of the season.
Louis Ambush of the National Professional Soccer League.
Minkhaung escaped death on the warning by his brother Theiddat who was with Pegu troops to ambush him.
Pons of Tripoli, Baldwin II and the Count of Edessa lured the Turks from Azaz and into an ambush on the plains, where the Turkish forces were defeated.
Rather than approach him, and knowing he was there to ambush him, Higgins simply went home.
Santana's successor, on his death in an Indonesian ambush in 1998, was by Taur Matan Ruak.
Schenck quickly assembled a party of irregulars from family members and neighbors and set an ambush for the British as they returned from their mission.
She arranged the ambush in which the android Zodiac killed all of the remaining human Zodiac leaders except Cornelius van Lunt, alias Taurus.
She'er's decoy horsemen led the defending Kucha forces, numbering 50,000 soldiers, into an ambush.
Soon after, Collins was killed at an ambush at Béal na Bláth, County Cork.
The captured soldier said the rebels' victory on the bridge was due to an ambush on government soldiers as they were busy retreating, indicating that they had lost control over Misrata.
The Confederate forces under Colonel Stand Watie attempted to ambush a Union supply convoy led by Colonel James M. Williams.
The damage had likely come by small arms fire from Chinese infantry, who were known to hide in the snow and to ambush passing aircraft by firing in unison.
The deputies guarding the brothers ran away, in league with the ambush party.
The general fell, then, in a loyal duel, and not in ambush as it might have been reported.
The gun taken from Constable Clements was found by security forces after the ambush.
The Inca general commanded to fortified the mountain pass at Vilcaconga where the Spaniards would have to pass, and managed to ambush them, with great losses for the invaders.
The newly revived Kirigi attempts to ambush Stick, but he is no match for the Chaste warriors, who collectively are able to defeat him.
The surviving members of Barton's posse who managed to escape the ambush and pursuit by the gang, fled back to Los Angeles.
They were unsuccessful in attempting an ambush of a Butterfield Overland stagecoach.
This Doctor Polaris was also among the villains in the ambush of the JSA led by Tapeworm.
This feud continued, and Treacheron tricked Trakeena into searching for a silver goblet, just so that he could ambush her once he was free from his cell.
Thorn and Supergirl later ambush and capture Ivy and turns her into the police.
To his chagrin, Riddler does, and becomes quite alarmed when Joker shares a write-up of his plan to ambush Batman.
Unfortunately the aliens ambush the ship, and use their unique methods to trick the survivors of the "Light Brigade" into failing their mission.
When an army of Gauls under the command of Cerethrius appeared, Antigonus laid an ambush.
Where a raid goes to the enemy and attacks, an ambush waits for enemy forces to come to it, and then engages in combat.
``Do you not think with me, M. de Villefort, that General Quesnel, whom they believed attached to the usurper, but who was really entirely devoted to me, has perished the victim of a Bonapartist ambush?''

More Vocab Words

::: distraught - upset; distracted by anxiety; very anxious and troubled almost to the point of madness; Ex. distraught with grief/worry
::: subpoena - writ(written command issued by a court) summoning a witness to appear in court; V: summon with a subpoena
::: mercenary - motivated solely by money or gain; N.
::: arable - fit for growing crops; Ex. arable land
::: actuary - someone who advises insurance companies
::: bicameral - two-chambered as a legislative body
::: coiffure - hairstyle
::: misapprehension - error; misunderstanding; V. misapprehend
::: disquisition - formal systematic inquiry; explanation of the results of a formal inquiry; long formal speech or written report
::: gruff - rough-mannered; (of a voice) rough; hoarse