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Vocabulary Word

Word: altruistic

Definition: unselfishly generous; concerned for others; N. altiruism: unselfish concern for the welfare of others; unselfishness; OP. egoism

Sentences Containing 'altruistic'

Altruistic behavior, behavior that increases the reproductive fitness of others at the apparent expense of the altruist, in some animals has been correlated to the degree of genome shared between altruistic individuals.
E.O. Wilson argued that altruistic individuals must reproduce their own altruistic genetic traits for altruism to survive.
Following Merle's death at the hands of The Governor, Carol praises him for his sacrifice; that he gave them a chance when Daryl remarked that Merle had never performed an altruistic deed in his life.
Honesty-Humility, Emotionality and Agreeableness are proposed to be measures of Altruistic versus Antagonistic behaviour.
However, while many of the police do exhibit altruistic qualities, many officers portrayed on the show are incompetent, brutal, self-aggrandizing, or hamstrung by bureaucracy and politics.
In another town lives Doctor Jackson (Harold Lloyd), a friendly and altruistic doctor who is liked by everyone in town.
Just as an expansion of a sheep population might encourage the expansion of a wolf population, an expansion of altruistic traits within a gene pool may also encourage the expansion of individuals with dependent traits.
Much to his own disgust, the now-altruistic Metlar brings himself to work in concert with Earth Corps to restore the natural order: they manage to reform the galvacite boulder, returning Crygen and Pyre to normal as Metlar reverts to evil and reclaims Infernac.
Some time later two astronauts of the flight crew, an altruistic claustrophobe named Corporal Bower and his level headed Lieutenant named Payton, have awakened in a hyper-sleep chamber by power surges aboard. Due to being under general anesthesia during hyper-sleep for eight years they have become amnesiac.
Strider's altruistic life is recounted parallel to that of his selfish and useless owner.
The Honesty-Humility factor represents a person's tendency for pro-social altruistic behaviours, while Agreeableness indicates an individual's tendency to forgive and to show tolerance.
The idea of the inheritance of behaviour arose from J B S Haldane's idea about how "altruistic behaviour" (see Altruism) could be passed from generation to generation Nonetheless, it was Wilson's book that pioneered and popularized the attempt to explain the evolutionary mechanics behind social behaviors such as altruism, aggression, and nurturence, primarily in ants (Wilson's own research specialty) but also in other animals (bees, wasps and termites).
The MEP is based on what program director Susan West terms the Music Outreach Principle, an altruistic approach to music making which "draws on the philosophies of Dr John Diamond and encompasses a modern interpretation of the idea that sharing music making promotes general well being."
Their approach is called the Diamond Method for Music, which espouses an altruistic philosophy.
This example raises questions about how altruistic genes can be passed on if this soldier dies without having any children to exhibit the same altruistic traits.
This time, Doctor Polaris has an "altruistic" goal in sight; convinced that civilization and humanity's free will are obstacles for creating a better Earth, he plans to use the Controller's power and some stolen S.T.A.R. Labs equipment to focus his powers and "cleanse the world".
While this is seen as an altruistic act, Richardson noted that Laybourne-Smith was both a member of the National War Committee and sat on the sub-committee which drafted the rules of the competition, and thus it may have been considered "improper" to accept the money.

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