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Vocabulary Word

Word: aesthetic

Definition: artistic; dealing with or capable of appreciating the beautiful (of a person or building); CF. aesthete; CF. aesthetics

Sentences Containing 'aesthetic'

"Griff the Invisible" was shot using 16mm film rather than digital, an aesthetic choice.
"I perceive that manga and graffiti art are aesthetic symbols of creativity and they have contagiously spread across world cultures," says Mr. IMAITOONZ.
A final finish can then be applied to achieve the desired aesthetic appearance.
As part of the CATS Art in Transit program, Arrowood features several pieces intended to provide a better overall aesthetic for the station.
Before graduating, teacher trainees are required to develop talents in oratory, writing, sports, singing, dancing and other aesthetic and creative pursuits.
Chad Sapeiha of "The Globe and Mail" summarised his opinion of the game's atmosphere as an "intensely scary, oddly beautiful, and immediately arresting aesthetic."
Collectors of books, even if they collect for aesthetic reasons (fine bookbindings or illuminated manuscripts for example), are called bibliophiles, and their collections are referred to as libraries.
Critics such as Bobby Hankinson of the "Houston Chronicle" appreciated the episode's early "Glee" aesthetic.
Divisions between high and low culture have been increasingly seen as political distinctions rather than defensible aesthetic or intellectual ones.
During the development of Christian art in the Byzantine empire (see Byzantine art), a more abstract aesthetic replaced the naturalism previously established in Hellenistic art.
Early 21st century Hyperrealism was founded upon the aesthetic principles of Photorealism.
Early streetwear brands took inspiration from the DIY aesthetic of punk, and later hip hop cultures.
Film critics have generally praised the film as "an anthropological work of art," focusing on its aesthetic minimalism, such as a lack of music and narration.
He was an artist of a generation that was globally aware, politically active, and intensely involved with aesthetic and formal questions.
Heidegger continues, saying that a work of art is not a simple thing (as a doorknob or a shoe is, which do not normally involve aesthetic experience), but it cannot escape its "thingly character," that is, being part of the larger order of things in the world, apart from all aesthetic experience.
Her designs draw influences from in Africa, China, and Native American and Eastern philosophies, with undertones of the 1970s "Funk" aesthetic.
Her pieces are often connected to her ongoing project "Paradise Under Reconstruction in the Aesthetic of Funk".
His interest will be more on the aesthetic side, in the feelings directly concerned with form and color; or on the side of the mental associations connected with appearances, according to his temperament.
Iché's work is close to surrealism and like the sculptors Alberto Giacometti and Germaine Richier inherits an aesthetic born from the workshop of Antoine Bourdelle.
In addition to singing, Chinn wrote the group's lyrics and provided much of the artwork used on their records, creating their sardonic aesthetic.
In most cases Luxman designed equipment combined the quality and warmth of vacuum tube sound with powerful electronics and often beautiful aesthetic designs.
It was released in 1997 through Aesthetic Death Records.
LaCour has explained in interview that the spelling and spacing of the epithet that he uses as his stage name was chosen for visceral as well as aesthetic reasons.
Many people in London society believed that he was practising a strict aesthetic routine there.
Most Romanesque sculpture was integrated into church architecture, not only for aesthetic, but also for structural, purposes.
Noe, an Assistant Clinical Professor at Harvard Medical School, was editor of "Aesthetic Surgery," the journal of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.
Once padding and thrusting tips are secured on the core, it is not unusual for the weapon to have added flourishes for aesthetic and practical purposes.
Persian gardens are credited in originating aesthetic planting design, and used a rectilinear plan.
She decided to lead an aesthetic life and bring up her only brother.
She said that much of Fair's "own aesthetic tastes" were present in the arrangements of the songs on "Be Not Nobody", in contrast to "Harmonium", where "the dominant taste and aesthetic is my own".
She states that Avant-Garde can be determined in its approach to the aesthetic, through the social content of the artwork, and through the production and distribution of the artwork.
SIGNIFICANCE: "Aesthetic"---> Prevention and eradication.
Stainless steel is used for buildings for both practical and aesthetic reasons.
Surfaces for paths and access points are chosen for practical as well as aesthetic reasons.
The Cal look aesthetic has been applied to other Volkswagens, such as the Type 3 and Karmann Ghia, but is not, and never has been, associated with VW camper vans and buses.
The Center for Dewey Studies also houses a wide variety of rich aesthetic resources on, and related to the life of, John Dewey and his philosophy of art.
The Dongrias are great admirer of aesthetic romanticism.
The employment of calligraphy as ornament had a definite aesthetic appeal but often also included an underlying talismanic component.
The gardens' plantings have a controlled but naturalistic aesthetic.
The overall aesthetic of Dump.fm has been compared to earlier work by Cory Arcangel and Paper Rad.
The refit resulted in a striking aesthetic change, with the exhaust being trunked into three funnels, instead of two.
There are currently nine general practitioner clinics, and one aesthetic clinic, and cooperative associations with nineteen specialists under the Lifeline Medical Group chain.
These snapshot aesthetic images depict drug use, violent, aggressive couples and autobiographical moments.
This programme continued after the war, with the Art Deco style exchanged for a simple modern aesthetic.
Through aesthetic, a piece of artwork can be determined Avant-Garde if it does any of the following: An example of the aesthetic used in Avant-grade can include the artwork of Marcel Duchamp.
Tovey's belief that classical music has an aesthetic that can be deduced from the internal evidence of the music itself has influenced subsequent writers on music.
Unfortunately many of Harrison's masterworks have now been altered, rebuilt or modified in such a way as to no longer be representative of his aesthetic.
Vanessa Beecroft's work addresses conceptual concerns as well as aesthetic concerns.
Visible tan lines are regarded by many people to be un-aesthetic and embarrassing.
Welding was increasingly used in sculpture from the 1930s as new industrial processes such as arc welding were adapted to aesthetic purposes.

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