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Vocabulary Word

Word: advocate

Definition: speak in favor of; support (an idea or plan); urge; plead for

Sentences Containing 'advocate'

"Advocate" circulation at the time was given at 50,000.
"The Advocate" published an article chronicling this incident.
A notable advocate for Open Spectrum is Lawrence Lessig.
Adams is going to be called to the bar almost directly, and is to be an advocate, and to wear a wig.
Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital is a part of Advocate Health Care.
Advocate Sherman Hospital is a hospital in Elgin, Illinois.
Advocate Sherman's first open-heart surgery was performed in 1972.
After his resignation, Tjiriange presented himself as a prominent advocate against legislation for equal rights of homosexuals in Africa.
At first this official was known by the name of clerk or advocate.
Burgoyne was an advocate of the land allotment system.
But after embattling his facts, an advocate who should wholly suppress a not unreasonable surmise, which might tell eloquently upon his cause--such an advocate, would he not be blameworthy?
Carlo Piana is a lawyer by training and a Free Software advocate.
David Harper is an American architect, business leader and sustainable energy advocate.
Fiorina continues to advocate for Republican and conservative causes.
From 1979 to 1984 he was a state advocate in Zambia.
Gatsinzi has been a prominent advocate for development of the music industry and the professionalization of musicianship as a profession in Rwanda.
Gould was also an advocate of medical marijuana.
He has also been an advocate for the cause of Africa, the least developed countries and landlocked developing countries.
He is an advocate of "buildworker solidarity.
He is considered a leading advocate of the "Smart Growth" movement in urban planning.
He was Advocate General at the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg from 2003 to 2009.
He was also an advocate of Women's suffrage in the United States.
He was an advocate of the abolition of corporal punishment and he endeavoured to promote a progressive curriculum in secondary schools.
He was the first graduate and advocate of Odisha.
Howard Helmer is a famous chef who is an advocate of cooking eggs.
In February 2010 IDF Advocate-General Maj.
In Glasgow, Magnatom is the most famous advocate of helmet cameras and regularly appears on television and Youtube.
In her daily life she is an advocate for women's rights and children's rights.
Later that year, the name of the hospital was changed to "Advocate Sherman Hospital".
Mann is a columnist for "The Jewish Advocate" and "TotallyJewish.com".
Nashville: Gospel Advocate Company, 1972.
Newman serves as an advocate, negotiator and dispute resolver.
On the other hand, he was frequently cited as an advocate for independence of Ukraine, Belarus and other countries.
Paulus Buys was appointed as land's advocate of Holland in 1572 before Calvinists took the county.
Prinz is also an advocate of experimental philosophy.
Sehnaoui is a strong advocate of a secularity political system.
She also discussed this series of events in an interview with "The Advocate".
She was an early advocate of nuclear disarmament after World War II.
The "Advocate" was owned by Tribune Company, which also publishes the "Hartford Courant" and "Advocate" weeklies in Connecticut.
The Brewers Association of Australia and New Zealand was set up to advocate on behalf of brewers in both countries.
There he also studied mathematics under Pierre Varignon (1654–1722), an early advocate of calculus.
They do not advocate political positions to achieve those objectives.
Touch the Clouds continued to be a vocal advocate for his people for the remainder of his life.
Trottier is an advocate for civil liberties and human rights.
Utecht describes himself as an advocate for awareness about traumatic brain injury.
Verlaine was a tireless advocate for abused women.
Williams is an advocate for freeing pre-clinical data from the pharmaceutical industry on the internet.
Williams is an advocate for Open Notebook Science and is a judge for the Open Notebook Science Challenge.
``Apparently the English advocate is in a swoon?''
``Monsieur,''returned the inspector,``providence has changed this gigantic plan you advocate so warmly.''

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