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Vocabulary Word

Word: acumen

Definition: mental keenness; sharpness of judgment; ability to judge quickly and well; Ex. business acumen

Sentences Containing 'acumen'

"Forbes" Magazine said of "Jewball", "Pollack's book reflects the acumen of an accomplished storyteller."
Cyrus the Great would reflect his political acumen in the management of his newly formed empire, as the Persian Empire became the first to attempt to govern many different ethnic groups, on the principle of equal responsibilities, and rights for all people, so long as subjects paid their taxes and kept the peace.
David Sarnoff, whose ambition and business acumen had helped RCA become one of the world's largest companies, turned the company over to his son Robert in 1970.
Hastula acumen is a species of sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Terebridae, the auger snails.
His reputation as a Judge of outstanding ability, legal acumen and scholarship stands high and the pages of the law reports enshrine his luminous expositions on many an intricate point of law.
It has been precisely designed to test one's business acumen from various perspectives.
Navarrete has done all that industry and acumen could do, and it is no fault of his if he has not given us what we want.
Robert was descended from the Spier's of Kersland Mill, which he purchased from his elder brother and through good business acumen accumulated a considerable fortune of £40,000 in land and money.
Sculptor Henry Moore wrote, “His death is a loss to our cultural life.” Sir Herbert Read observed that Neurath “more than any other single individual responsible for the revolution in the publishing of art books” and “was one of those rare entrepreneurs who successfully combine business acumen with idealism.” Eva Neurath became chairman.
The cold-blooded Marlo has come to dominate the streets of the west side, using murder and intimidation to make up for his weak-quality drugs and lack of business acumen.
The prime motive of the festival is not only to test and brighten the managerial skills of the participants but also to promote a general business acumen and ignite entrepreneurial thinking in the youth of India.
There is hardly any doubt that the remarkable success of this modest beginning was dependent upon the admirable personality of the late organizer, who recognized the individual features with unusual tact and acumen.
This is thanks mainly to the departure of the earlier minister and arrival of a new minister in the mines ministry who is known for his acumen.
Westphal has been recognized for his rare ability to combine cutting-edge science with business acumen..
Works of Ihor Pavlyuk are published in such magazines as «Envoi», «Acumen», «The Apple Valley Review», «Barnwood International Poetry Mag», «Le zaporogue», «Muddy River Poetry Review», «Asymptote», «Gold Dust», «The Adirondack Review», Russian «Литературной газете», «Поэтограде», «Литературной России», polish magazins «Radostowa», «Metafora», «Okolica Poetów», «Horyzont» and others.

More Vocab Words

::: mandatory - obligatory; compulsory; of a mandate
::: interloper - intruder; one who interferes
::: vituperative - abusive; scolding; V. vituperate: berate; scold; rail against abusively
::: compelling - overpowering; irresistible in effect; holding one's attention; that compels one to do something; Ex. a compelling adventure story; V. compel
::: fulcrum - support on which a lever rests or pivots
::: gouge - tear out; cut out (as if with a gouge); Ex. gouge his eyes out; N: chisel for cutting out hollow areas in wood
::: exalt - raise in rank or dignity; praise highly; inspire; Ex. exalt the imagination; ADJ. exalted; N. exaltation
::: reiterate - repeat
::: proclivity - inclination; natural tendency (esp. towards something bad)
::: morbid - given to unwholesome or unhealthy thought; moody; characteristic of disease; Ex. morbid curiosity; N. morbidity; CF. disease