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Vocabulary Word

Word: acquittal

Definition: deliverance from a charge; V. acquit: free from a charge or accusation; discharge from a duty; conduct (oneself) in a specified manner

Sentences Containing 'acquittal'

After Demjanjuk's acquittal, the Israeli Attorney-General decided to release him rather than to pursue charges of committing crimes at Sobibor.
After the acquittal of seven Hutaree members, property seized during a March 2010 raid was returned to the owners.
Although he did not win acquittal, his vigorous defense is considered to have discredited blasphemy laws and few other prosecutions followed.
An appeal was filed by the Cypriot Attorney-general, and in December 2012 the Supreme Court set aside the acquittal and ordered a new trial. Two months later, the retrial was dropped under double jeopardy rules, as the charges had already been heard in Athens.
Belanger and his partner, Det. Allen Love, were eventually cleared by the Special Investigations Unit (SIU) who accepted their story that Reodica lunged at them with a knife and which has a high acquittal rate for police offenders.
Curtis comes up with an alternative story: the confession was actually made some time after the acquittal during a drunken evening at Barney's home.
Egypt's Prosecutor General Maher Abdel Wahid appealed the acquittal verdict of the defendants, stating that "there is no doubt that 21 people were killed, and the killers must be brought to justice," "We never imagined that they would release the killers, but this is Egypt" a Copt from el-Kosheh admitted by telephone.
Following an acquittal in 1985 for the murder of a police officer in 1985, Noye was convicted in 1986 of handling stolen goods, and served eight years in prison..
He defended his first murder case in 1950 and by the end of his career had achieved an acquittal rate of 80 to 90 per cent.
He led General Directorate of Security's special forces unit, the Special Operations Department () and, following dismissal in 1996 for associating with ultra-nationalist drug trafficker and contact killer Abdullah Çatlı, was tarnished by complicity in the wide-ranging government conspiracy which became known as the Susurluk scandal. The event, which began with the November 1996 car crash which killed Çatlı and other prominent individuals, resulted in Şahin's arrest and subsequent acquittal. His career, however, was effectively ended, and there were additional weapons-related charges in 1999, with a six-year prison term imposed in 2001.
His acquittal though was more likely due to bribery by his patrons instead of Cicero's speech.
His defense attorneys considered the possibility of an appeal but decided against it, believing that it would be unlikely to succeed and, in any case, an acquittal might incense the public to try another storming of the jail, killing Johnson possibly along with other prisoners.
In 1979, he was appointed Minister for Special Trade Representations in Malcolm Fraser's ministry, until August 1980, when he was replaced by Ian Sinclair, following Sinclair's acquittal on fraud charges.
In a report submitted to the Sixth Circuit prior to the Israeli acquittal, federal judge Thomas A. Wiseman, Jr. concluded that American federal officials had erred in asserting that Demjanjuk was Ivan the Terrible, but that evidence instead pointed to Demjanjuk being a lesser SS agent.
In its judgement, the tribunal noted that the case did not require that the tribunal make findings other than those of guilty or not guilty, so consequently, no safe conclusion could be drawn from the acquittal of all accused.
On his return to England, in 1854, McClure was court martialed for the loss of the "Investigator" (this was automatic when a captain lost his ship), but following an honourable acquittal, was knighted and promoted to post-rank, his commission being dated back four years in recognition of his special services.
One new witness has come forward: Curtis MacIntyre, a habitual jailbird who shared a cell with Barney for a night and claims that Barney confessed to his guilt just after the acquittal. Kinsey is very doubtful of this story, especially when she finds out Curtis was in custody on another matter on the date in question.
She obtained an acquittal from the Court of Appeals in April of the same year and the government to prove fraud and falsifying records by the officer.
Simon Wiesenthal, an iconic figure in Nazi hunting, first believed Demjanjuk was guilty, but after Demjanjuk's acquittal by the Israeli Supreme Court, said he too would have cleared him given the new evidence.
Six days following the acquittal of the defendants, the homes of four Christian families in el-Kosheh were set to fire and completely destroyed.
The District Court's civil jurisdiction also includes many specialized proceedings: inquests; summary process (evictions); supplementary process (enforcement of money judgments); abuse prevention restraining orders; mental health matters (including involuntary civil commitments and medication orders, and supervision of criminal defendants committed for mental observation or because incompetent to stand trial or after an insanity acquittal); appeals from certain administrative agencies (involving, for example, firearms licenses or unemployment compensation); civil motor vehicle infractions (tried initially to a magistrate, with right of appeal to a judge); equitable injunctions (exercising specialized equity jurisdiction in all counties, plus general equity jurisdiction in small claims, summary process and civil money damage actions); and other miscellaneous civil matters.
The investigation is triggered when detective Jimmy McNulty meets privately with judge Daniel Phelan following the acquittal of D'Angelo Barksdale for murder after a key witness changes her story.
The most interesting of Bower's medals may be the specimen struck to commemorate the acquittal of the Earl of Shaftesbury of high treason.
The nonfiction book, a "New York Times" #1 hardcover bestseller and still in print as a trade paperback, recounts a double murder on Palmyra Atoll; the subsequent arrest, trial and conviction of Duane ("Buck") Walker; and the acquittal of his girlfriend, Stephanie Stearns, whom Bugliosi and Leonard Weinglass defended.
The trial began in 2008, and resulted in acquittal of the two by the ICTY trial chamber on 30 May 2013.
This book also includes extensive legal analysis of the trial and acquittal, along with republications of Thomas Maule's writings that have survived.
“Even during the trial in Germany, there was not one person who testified that Demjanjuk was Ivan from Sobibor, by virtue that he was seen there, and as such the conviction is a farce.” Sheftel said he was convinced that the Israeli Supreme Court’s acquittal and ruling regarding Demjanjuks innocence was correct. Sheftel said there was "no credible evidence to produce any crime against Demjanjuk to convict him on any charge connected to the Holocaust.".

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