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Vocabulary Word

Word: acknowledge

Definition: recognize; admit

Sentences Containing 'acknowledge'

The speaker seemed to acknowledge that it was inconvenient to have that different order of creature dying there, and that it would have been better if he had died in the usual obscure routine of his vermin kind.
He only meant that there was not such a variety of people to be met with in the country as in the town, which you must acknowledge to be true.''
In truth I must acknowledge that, with all the disadvantages of this humble parsonage, I should not think anyone abiding in it an object of compassion, while they are sharers of our intimacy at Rosings.''
Their taking her home, and affording her their personal protection and countenance, is such a sacrifice to her advantage as years of gratitude can not enough acknowledge.
``But why should you wish to persuade me that I feel more than I acknowledge?''
Elizabeth was forced to give into a little falsehood here; for to acknowledge the substance of their conversation was impossible.
Ever since I have known it, I have been most anxious to acknowledge to you how gratefully I feel it.
Give me a simple assignment of your debt; acknowledge therein the receipt of the cash, and I will hand you over the money.''
You acknowledge, of course, that you owe this sum to him?''
``How grateful will M. de Villefort be for all your goodness; how thankfully will he acknowledge that to you alone he owes the existence of his wife and child!
It was evident that Madame Danglars was suffering from that nervous irritability which women frequently can not account for even to themselves; or that, as Debray had guessed, she had experienced some secret agitation that she would not acknowledge to any one.
``I acknowledge I would have given anything to find it out.''
``Yes; it is rather unkind, I acknowledge, but it is true.
``Yes,''said Valentine,``I will now acknowledge you are right, Maximilian; and now are you satisfied with your betrothal?''
He would at once approach Valentine's father and acknowledge all, begging Villefort to pardon and sanction the love which united two fond and loving hearts.
``General,''said the president,``we acknowledge no King Louis XVIII., or an ex emperor, but his majesty the emperor and king, driven from France, which is his kingdom, by violence and treason.'''''
``Well, I acknowledge it annoys me, knowing your connection with the Morcerf family, to see him throw himself in the way.''
I know not why, but I feel that this crime''``You acknowledge, then, the existence of the crime?''
I will not acknowledge a crime in my house; for when crime enters a dwelling, it is like death it does not come alone.'
Come, just acknowledge that I could, eh?''
He can not acknowledge me openly, it appears, but he does it through M. Cavalcanti, and gives him fifty thousand francs for it.''
``Tell me, may I shake hands with you, saying,`Beauchamp, acknowledge you have injured me, and retain my friendship,'or must I simply propose to you a choice of arms?''
``You fear to acknowledge that your correspondent his deceived you?
Acknowledge it, Beauchamp; your courage can not be doubted.''
``I acknowledge it affected me, and, indeed, all the committee also,''said Beauchamp.
Albert was silent; an instant after, the countess resumed:``You came to inquire after my health; I will candidly acknowledge that I am not well.
``Sir,''said M. Beauchamp,``Albert was wrong, I acknowledge, to betray so much anger, and I come, on my own account, to apologize for him.
``I am perhaps come too soon, count,''said he,``but I frankly acknowledge that I have not closed my eyes all night, nor has any one in my house.
``I also,''replied Mercedes,``am going, and I acknowledge I had depended on your accompanying me; have I deceived myself?''
Acknowledge, that if Albert is brave, he can not be a coward; he must then have had some reason for acting as he did this morning, and confess that his conduct is more heroic than otherwise.''
I may acknowledge this to a daughter whom I know to be philosophical enough to understand my indifference, and not to impute it to me as a crime.''
I acknowledge myself guilty of all the young man has brought against me, and from this hour hold myself under the authority of the procureur who will succeed me.''
The difference of talents comes then to be taken notice of, and widens by degrees, till at last the vanity of the philosopher is willing to acknowledge scarce any resemblance.
It has, however, been sufficient to astonish the workmen of every other part of Europe, who in many cases acknowledge that they can produce no work of equal goodness for double or even for triple the price.
Of the former extent, however, of this now ruined and abandoned fishery, I must acknowledge that I cannot pretend to speak with much precision.
This happens when a man obstinately refuses to acknowledge plain truths, and persists in maintaining what is self-contradictory.
This, of course is a wholly incorrect expression, but it serves to acknowledge plainly our ignorance of the cause of each particular variation.
The heavens above us own me; nay, The shades below acknowledge me.
And if I be wrong, I must acknowledge myself to be indeed a very backward scholar; since I cannot now discover an argument which, it seems, was perfectly familiar to me long before I was out of my cradle.
They acknowledge mind and intelligence to be, not only the ultimate and original cause of all things, but the immediate and sole cause of every event which appears in nature.
So readily and universally do we acknowledge a uniformity in human motives and actions as well as in the operations of body.
Or, _Secondly_, if they be criminal, we must retract the attribute of perfection, which we ascribe to the Deity, and must acknowledge him to be the ultimate author of guilt and moral turpitude in all his creatures.
I acknowledge, that, in the present order of things, virtue is attended with more peace of mind than vice, and meets with a more favourable reception from the world.
On the contrary, he must acknowledge, if he will acknowledge anything, that all human life must perish, were his principles universally and steadily to prevail.
Take a pinch of snuff, Doctor, and acknowledge that I have scored over you in your example."
'I think our schoolmaster might have made them happier, without doing any harm to any of us, I acknowledge,' I returned.
"Well, Sally, I'm in fault, and I acknowledge it; I've been remiss; but I won't let to-morrow go by without stopping up them holes."
Mr. Spenlow did not appear to know what the connexion between Mr. Murdstone and myself was; which I was glad of, for I could not bear to acknowledge him, even in my own breast, remembering what I did of the history of my poor mother.
'My dear tutor,' said I (now, really, without any nonsense), 'to whom I owe more obligations already than I ever can acknowledge--' 'No, no,' interposed the Doctor.
'I should get up, sir, to acknowledge such an honour as this visit,' said he, 'only my limbs are rather out of sorts, and I am wheeled about.
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