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Vocabulary Word

Word: accretion

Definition: growth or increase in size by gradual addition; growth; increase; increase by natural growth; Ex. towers and other accretions of the castle; V. accrete

Sentences Containing 'accretion'

Among the criteria (effective occupation, cession, prescription,conquest, and accretion), the Philippines said that the country "exercised both effective occupation and effective jurisdiction over Bajo de Masinloc since its independence."
Another cause could be a large range of "macroscopic" velocities resulting, e.g., from the receding and approaching portions of a rapidly spinning accretion disk.
Finally, when the Solar System formed, interstellar dust grains were further modified by chemical reactions within the planetary accretion disk.
However, the process of coastal accretion caused a salt marsh to develop, leaving hotels without customers.
Remains have been found throughout the southern and central portions of Taiwan's western seaboard, with the ruins found at Fengbitou near Linyuan, Kaohsiung County representative of the civilization in general. Fengbitou was originally submerged, with the modern coastline formed by falling sea levels and the accretion of a river delta.
The deposits show evidence of an Early Cretaceous, amphibolite facies event and a younger, mid-Cretaceous lower greenschist facies event which resulted from the accretion of the Yukon-Tanana Terrane.
The meteorites have stored those stardust grains ever since the meteorites first assembled within the planetary accretion disk more than four billion years ago.
The States of Holland usually sent the following delegates to States General: From his accretion of influence that went along with the committees, meetings of the States and States-General that he attended, and his staff that allowed him to study and carry out decisions, the Councilor Pensionary became by default the main executive official of the States of Holland and the States General. The Councilor Pensionary was appointed for a fixed 5 year term, paid a salary, given a budget and a staff.
They relate to the further widening of Iapetus during the Cambrian, the start of closure during the Early Ordovician with the accretion of terranes and ophiolite obduction during the Late Ordovician and continent-continent collision at the end of the Silurian.
This sentence has been interpreted to identify a critical (but later) accretion to Zoroastrianism.
Water masers are useful to observe nuclear accretion disks in active galaxies.

More Vocab Words

::: febrile - feverish
::: duress - forcible restraint, especially unlawfully; coercion by threat; illegal coercion; Ex. a promise made under duress
::: arboreal - of or living in trees
::: antithesis - contrast; direct opposite of or to; ADJ. antithetic or antithetical
::: wince - move back suddenly; shrink back; flinch; Ex. She winced as she touched the cold body.
::: salubrious - healthful; conducive to health or well-being; socially desirable; Ex. salubrious area; CF. health
::: ungainly - (of someone) awkward in movement; clumsy; (of something) unwieldy; Ex. ungainly dancer/instrument
::: hilarity - boisterous mirth(merriment; laughter); ADJ. hilarious: full of laughter
::: scavenge - hunt through discarded materials for usable items or food; search, especially for food; N. scavenger: one who scavenges; animal that feeds on refuse and carrion
::: contentious - quarrelsome; controversial; likely to cause arguments