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Vocabulary Word

Word: accommodate

Definition: oblige or help someone; adjust or bring into harmony; adapt; make enough space for; ADJ. accommodative; CF. accomodating: helpful and obliging

Sentences Containing 'accommodate'

"Well," said he, "if this bank can't accommodate me, I will have one that can."
'Not at all,' said I, 'I shall be very happy to accommodate myself to your wishes.
(There were not enough boats to accommodate all troops so the landing had to be performed in stages).
A number of schools have sprouted in the area to accommodate its rising population.
At this stage, there is a need to establish a specific school to accommodate Malay stream students.
But this ‘gain’ would be bought at the expense of having to accommodate a much larger population.
Having their own stadium would also make it easier for Wednesday to accommodate their ever growing fan base.
In 1981, a "handy-cab" version that could accommodate a passenger in a wheelchair was introduced.
In order to accommodate them, he purchased land in Kankanady and started the Homoeopathic Poor Dispensary.
In the 1950s, the centre began to accommodate asylum seekers from all over the world.
Inside there is turntable to accommodate seven coffins.
It became necessary to extend the Forth Street Works to accommodate the increased work.
It could accommodate four average size aircraft of the era.
It currently can accommodate ten students.
Many terraced houses were built to accommodate them.
Naresh informs his plans to shift to Bombay and he can accommodate his mother while Ramesh informs that he can accommodate father.
On either side of the main Altar were added large wings to accommodate about 200 people.
Otherwise there is a generic chunk (0x0102) to accommodate any arbitrary sequence of bits.
Prior to the 1913 Installation it was necessary to adapt the chapel to accommodate the larger number of members.
Several inns and hotels were built to accommodate their increasing numbers.
The advertisement claimed that the condiments were all rotated 180° to accommodate southpaws.
The ASAUB library can accommodate more than 200 students at a time.
The building has of exhibit space and can accommodate up to four concurrent events.
The Changes clause accommodate several purposes.
The church sanctuary can accommodate 550 people, with 75 people in the organ gallery.
The extra design features necessary to accommodate these demands are called overhead.
The Grande Hotel was the only place large enough to accommodate the event.
The KHBTCC can accommodate approximately 4,000 people.
The M102 shell was modified in 1944 to accommodate VT fuzes.
The Northwest Passage also has sections that are too shallow to accommodate capesize vessels.
The one exports what can subsist and accommodate but a very few, and imports the subsistence and accommodation of a great number.
The park has limited wheel chair accessibility, only the bathrooms and parking lot can accommodate them.
The piers were designed to accommodate public restrooms.
The plot of land occupied by the old prison was too small to accommodate a modern prison.
The real estate brokerage industry is evolving to accommodate modern consumer demands.
The river bed of the Somme was filled and moved to accommodate the construction.
The Rx4 Storm has nine attachment points for slings to accommodate multiple carry options.
The spillway is wide, able to accommodate a water flow of per second.
The stadium is able to accommodate 2,000 spectators.
The stage can accommodate up to 115 musicians.
The top platform can accommodate about 50 people.
The unit could accommodate up to 32 MB RAM.
The viaduct was expanded to accommodate four tracks instead of two.
They moved shortly after his birth to a home with a dance floor that could accommodate 150 people.
This boathouse was demolished and a new one built on the same site in 1903 to accommodate a larger lifeboat.
This was presumably done with sight of the first edition, to accommodate a rendition without the requirement of scordatura.
This was to accommodate a new car park with 39 spaces for the Patti Pavilion.
To accommodate the larger student population, Dublin High School was founded.
With several meeting rooms, the facility can accommodate groups of 20–250 people.
With the use of automatic sprinkling systems, adjust the controller monthly to accommodate weather conditions.

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