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Vocabulary Word

Word: accede

Definition: agree

Sentences Containing 'accede'

After the Landtag declared to accede to the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany), the incorporation of the Saarland was finalised on January 1, 1957.
He attributes the victory to Sancho and says that Alfonso returned to León. Subsequent historians treated the battle as a sort of judicial duel deciding which brother would accede to the other's kingdom.
I rather wished, than believed him to be sincere; but, at any rate, was perfectly ready to accede to his proposal.
In the buildup to battle, the two leaders corresponded, each attempting to convert the other to his faith, but neither would accede.
Man shall accede to a lofty heart: And God shall be exalted.
She appeared to accede to the proposal and accompany them to the rock, for the purpose of gathering flowers for the feast.
The princes and free towns who were not signatories were invited to accede to its terms, whereby the treaty became a part of the public law according to which Europe, with the exception of Ottoman Turkey established "relations from which a system of real and permanent balance of power in Europe is to be derived".
The sixth sector of the OGPU, led by Yevgeny Tuchkov, began aggressively arresting and executing bishops, priests, and devout worshipers, such as Metropolitan Veniamin in Petrograd in 1922 for refusing to accede to the demand to hand in church valuables (including sacred relics).
The states which have ratified the convention are: Several other states, including Greece, Italy, Portugal and Sweden, have notified the Council of the European Union of their desire to accede to the Prüm Convention.
Therefore we are inclined so far to accede to Mr. Copperfield's proposal, as to admit his visits here.'
Thus, defendant’s privilege to testify may not be denied him solely because he would not accede to a form of oath or affirmation not required by the common law”.
While the Nixon administration did not accede to the demands of the protesters, it was aware of the delicate nature of the situation, and so could not forcibly remove them.
You were only a charming man before, but, if you accede to my proposal, you will be adorable.''
``What would you have proposed, Maximilian, had you found me willing to accede?''

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