Confused Words: meter vs metre

1. He won a bronze medal in the 400 freestyle event.
2. He also competed in the 25 rapid fire pistol event finishing 24th and in the 50 pistol finishing 34th.
3. On average there are 2.3 nests per square .
4. He also competed in the 25 rapid fire pistol event finishing fourth and in the 50 pistol finishing again ninth.
5. Women's 10 Platform: Equestrianism.
6. With this change in subject comes the change in .
7. She competes in the 25 pistol and 10 air pistol, of which she has been most successful in the latter.
8. Vallejo also finished 2nd in the 1600 Relay.
9. "Kilo" is commonly pronounced , with reduced vowels on both syllables of "."
10. The most common source of excess burden is the conductor between the and the CT.
11. A neutron moisture is a moisture utilizing neutron scattering.
12. The jumping pool has two 1 and two 3 high springboards, and a 1 plateau in front of the jumping tower.
13. The intro starts in the irregular eleven-four.
14. Its maximal depth is less than one metre and its dia is ca.
15. With a time of 70.42 seconds, she won the 400 event.
16. Given its , it may have derived from a sea shanty.
17. On each side there was a 1.8 -wide footpaths.
18. It is positioned at with an average elevation of 171 (561 feet).
19. Its length was about 2 and the skull had a length of 60 centi.
20. Each player has their own parking and a hand of cards.
21. Kabir and Tulsidas used the Maithili doha .
22. The more each fills, the stronger the attack is.
23. Compositions entirely or predominantly in septuple are less common.
24. Elkington is a T37 classified runner competing in 100 and 200 events.
25. The kilo, , deci, centi, milli, and smaller are common.
26. The bridges themselves were built as 10 high steel trusses.
27. In the game mode, there's a on the top of the screen.
28. At the 1932 Summer Olympics at Los Angeles he finished fourth in both the 5000 event and the 10000 competition.
29. Going into the 2012 Games, he was ranked fifth in the 100 backstroke event, fourth in the 50 breaststroke and third in the 50 backstroke event.
30. The Green Bank Telescope operates at to milli wavelengths.
31. The amount of the jackpot is shown on a as a money value.
32. It is the most prevalent of the Rigveda, accounting for roughly 40% of its verses.
33. This bridge is the longest bridge in Bavaria (1315 ).
34. This is an erect perennial usually reaching about half a in height.
35. Tristubh is the name of a Vedic of 44 syllables (four padas of eleven syllables each), or any hymn composed in this .
36. In this case, the is sometimes characterized as "triple septuple time".
37. It is a 130 high building in Tehran, Iran.
38. The conditions were that a 10 by 10 test area would be used.
39. The entire "Tirumurai" is in "viruttam" or lines of four.
40. The surrounding ocean tidal range is about one at . Flora.

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