Confused Words: loose vs lose

1. She had no time to , but must get ready at once.
2. The start was delayed until the horse was caught.
3. stones have then worked themselves deeper into the rock.
4. What are the Rights of Man and the Liberties of the World but -Fish?
5. The hair is somewhat and not as styled.
6. ``If the pardon is to come, there is no time to .''
7. ``I, who have nothing to , I should go.''
8. Amendola dove for the ball and recovered it.
9. As I sprung aboard I sung out: "Out with you, Jim, and set her !
10. And what are you, reader, but a -Fish and a Fast-Fish, too?
11. He is a forward, playing primarily at openside flanker.
12. The papillary region is composed of areolar connective tissue.
13. Credits are adapted from the "" liner notes.
14. Rather, it is called a " meat" sandwich.
15. He would only one game in his career.
16. Most earnestly did she then entreaty him to no more time before he wrote.
17. and lay low and hold your breath, for I'm bout to turn myself !'
18. If he were to them''``Well, and if he were to them?''
19. ``In that case,''said he,``I should her, and by my own fault.''
20. But no time; we have lost too much already.''
21. The dog is let at night to prevent him from endeavouring to communicate with her.
22. After leaving the hermitage they contact with each other.
23. ``Then sell out sell out, marquis, or you will it all.''
24. That time, he was able to stay on the for 12 years before being caught.
25. But he that would save his life, in such a case, shall it.
26. Subsequently, Mesmero began to confidence in himself which caused him to his powers.
27. The Strong's would the final to Shelley Nichols.
28. But, when she suffered it to break , it was only for a moment.
29. What is the principle of religious belief in them but a -Fish?
30. As they are epiphites the potting mixture should be and free draining.
31. Noirtier did not a word of what Valentine said.
32. The Finns were starting to the initiative.
33. His grammar was the fruit of careless habit, not ignorance.
34. 'If there had been more money to , it wouldn't have been all, I dare say.
35. ``We have no time to ; I will question, and do you answer me.''
36. Shout and no time, for there is little to .
37. For the most part, the rock is and volcanic.
38. It consists of connective tissue and elastin.
39. When Hawazma families their herds they settle.
40. and must I the one to save the other?

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