Confused Words: desert vs dessert

1. Zuccotto is a semi-frozen, chilled made with brandy, cake and ice cream.
2. The rest are commonly dissipated and dispersed in the .
3. I was going to , and get away with it all.
4. At the same time, Air Headquarters, Western became known as the Air Force.
5. The combination of these two would offer meat and , and catch the fancy of all types of puzzlers."
6. It is in the Libyan section of the Sahara .
7. The of the Real. A selection of critically acclaimed documentaries were screened under the title "The of the Real" ().
8. During , the servant inquired at what time they wished for the carriage.
9. Today, pudding chômeur is casually served as a regional , perhaps being a bit more popular during the "saison des sucres", when maple sap is collected and processed and is usually part of the offerings during a meal at a sugar shack even though it's not specifically a maple .
10. " Baby" was also released but did not chart.
11. True frozen custard is a very dense .
12. "La Cenicienta" is shot at The Castle in Palm , California.
13. Later, the cake became a standard in the Soviet cuisine.
14. I shall come back to ; keep me some strawberries, coffee, and cigars.
15. The is an ice cream ball in the middle of a sponge cake, with cream on the top.
16. Its habitat ranges from tropical to subtropical or warm temperate to rainforest zones.
17. This act results in Andry's banishment from the .
18. The Bolsón is the southernmost extension of the Chihuahua .
19. This is traditionally made in a special pumpkin-shaped mold (Zuccotto means "little pumpkin" in Italian).
20. In 2002 he was a castaway on Island Discs.
21. In the first video for "High", he is buried in a .
22. Lunch typically consists of a single course with optional side salad, bread and .
23. She served in the Persian Gulf during Operation Storm/ Shield.
24. They were then turned into a variety of dishes, as both and all were used in all three meals of the day.
25. It is mostly consumed domestically but some sweet wines have been exported in the past.
26. They were instigated to and not to fight for the British.
27. In 2011, Marchesi became the first celebrity chef to design two hamburgers and a for McDonald's.
28. A great belt of s, including the Atlantic coastal , Sahara , and Arabian , separates the Palearctic and Afrotropic ecoregions.
29. Its natural habitat is temperate .
30. The caramelized cheeses are often served with dark bread or Norwegian flatbread, as a cheese, or as a cheese melted into a variety of food dishes.
31. Crushed "kavring", called "strøkavring", is used, amongst other things, for making "kjøttkaker" and in the traditional "tilslørte bondepiker".
32. In 2004 he completed a expedition through the Gobi .
33. The Moçâmedes is a located in the deep southwest of Angola, near the border with Namibia.
34. Appetizers were called "gustatio", and was called "secunda mensa (or second table)".
35. A specialty of Nara is "Makhadi Halwa" (مکھڈی حلوہ), a sweet .
36. They are considered to be among the finest plums.
37. The forms the northern tip of the Namib .
38. Zuccotto is an Italian with origins in Florence.
39. If he does not die, we shall not him.’ The griots were at his side.
40. Then Ali brought on the , or rather took the baskets from the hands of the statues and placed them on the table.

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