Confused Words: aloud vs allowed

1. The result of the debate was that it was not .
2. ``It is from Miss Bingley,''said Jane, and then read it .
3. ``Yes; but your father was not to fall.
4. ``I will come directly,''cried Valentine .
5. As it appeared to me that I was expected to speak, I said : 'How do you do, Mr. Micawber?'
6. She said it , but added to herself, as she resumed her knitting:``Hah!
7. Each of the brothers' confessions were also read .
8. 'Has Agnes any--' I was thinking , rather than speaking.
9. The Turks were not to settle in the village.
10. He was not to form his own gens.
11. As in the other trios, the performers speak words in unison.
12. "Broken" colours such as pinto are not .
13. Detainees were to request witnesses.
14. Jim he they was made, but I they happened; I judged it would have took too long to MAKE so many.
15. They simply laid down where they were and themselves to die.
16. And so would Anne, if her health had her to apply.
17. In 940 he was to operate a mint.
18. ``But why is my grandfather to live?''
19. But here,' said Traddles, breaking off in his confidence, and speaking , 'ARE the girls!
20. Until recently, it had been to fall into decay.
21. This them to appear on both brands.
22. She screamed ; then running to the door exclaimed,``Help, help!''
23. ``But shall you be to go into Normandy?''
24. Well, the duke he would take my bed; but the king he wouldn't.
25. "The difference is that we do not do what is not by the law.
26. It was, but she herself to deteriorate."
27. I thought isn't it a shame that I'm not to do that anymore.
28. They were not to leave remote villages.
29. ``Really, you should relate all this , you would have the greatest success.''
30. but she did not say this , for fear of hurting the poor Queen's feeling.
31. But it turned out that he had never read to people, and was too shy to venture the attempt now.
32. And the prisoner,''he continued ,``was he ever heard of afterwards?''
33. They were not to go out of each other's sight in any circumstances.
34. After a slight preparation for good news, the letter was read .
35. Then he added ,``Yes, sir, I am hungry very hungry.''
36. Reading a brand is referred to as “calling the brand“.
37. ``Read it ,''said their father,``for I hardly know myself what it is about.''
38. Then, the count added ,``Was his name ever known?''
39. Don Quixote called to him and begged him to come down to where they stood.
40. He prayed, and prayed , no longer terrified at the sound of his own voice, for he fell into a sort of ecstasy.

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