Confused Words: accept vs except

1. If we those categories, we feel constrained to choose.
2. However, Bhardwaj persuaded her to the role.
3. The Kukhrans contract no marriages, among themselves.
4. Tomas has no choice but to the "status quo".
5. "All compositions by James Williams as indicated"
6. This allowed the convent to novices and postulants.
7. All songs by Ravi Shankar, where noted.
8. All songs by Leo Kottke as noted.
9. Nothing remains of the town the cemetery.
10. The kids did not know which cup was which, for the water.
11. Thus Ahmadis the concept of evolution in principle, but do not Darwinian evolution in all its details.
12. I had considered the question, and had resolved to nothing.''
13. But if he be willing to my offers, will you oppose them?''
14. ``If you arrive safely at home''``What have I to fear, from you?''
15. And if I am that choice, why may not I him?''
16. You see that I should be a fool to your offer.'
17. They are transparent with the of the head and abdomen.
18. one man, who got up and went out.
19. Albert besieged the city, which had to him as its patron.
20. "All compositions by Jack McDuff as indicated"
21. All tracks by Greg Macainsh, where noted.
22. my thanks for the compliment you are paying me.
23. "All compositions by Tom McIntosh as indicated"
24. He tries to bribe her to leave, but she does not the offer.
25. But what else can it be that you are a she, and cannot keep quiet?
26. If you iron, they are more useful than, perhaps, any other metal.
27. All tracks by Vicentico were noted
28. `` your signature and your partner's, M. Morrel.''
29. ``,''thought Elizabeth,``when she goes to Ramsgate.''
30. Stone assures Smith that he can this.
31. They are unwilling to such a bizarre idea.
32. He did not have to drop school to the job.
33. If succor be sent to me, I will it.''
34. The competition of the different dealers obliges them all to of this price, but does not oblige them to of less.
35. ``Everybody, the person who gave it to me.''
36. And society must be willing to this price.
37. Thus, it could only data at a limited rate.
38. ``You will not my gold; I will keep it for myself.
39. he never said that - she made it up.'
40. It has no good in it for me wine like this nor I for it.

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