Should I use was or were?

By looking at the Gantt chart, project teams can see the status of the project at any given time.
Scoring 64 on Power Distance Index, although Thailand may not be seen as a conventional high power distance Asian country, considering the average score of Asian countries is 71, the social culture is still hierarchical compared with Germany.

Was vs. were

Sobhan argues that only land reforms hold the potential to address the chronic underemployment in most third world countries. It can be held that the conciliation officer was a public servant and was acting or purporting to act in the discharge of his official duties, as the complaint is in writing, there would be no illegality if he was not examined upon oath. Negotiation and completion of complex transactions will require the costly services of experts and professionals (i.e., appraisers and lawyers). The relationship between the variables is proportional, as the voltage increases the current also does but resistance isn’t constant, the line does pass through the origin, so the earlier statement for the resistor still applies. It will be formatting and rendering the data and also include client side validations if any.

What is the meaning of was?

As mentioned above, the now healthy former government leaders helped aid and relief workers “organize” the camps. It stressed more on strong emotion, imagination, freedom within or even from classical notions of form in art, and overturning of previous social convention, particularly the position of the nobility. These plans represent a 1998 agreements breach (2012:160–164), and until today is not clear if Urrá 2 will be built. Manson talked how passion and getting your idea started and big is the most important thing. The child begins to fantasize about this toy, when a child begins to beg to have the toy to satisfy the fantasy of this toy. This explanation of representation and sovereignty did not suffice for the colonists who Parliament declared they could pass laws for in “all cases whatsoever.”

Example sentences using ‘was’

As no bounty was-paid upon the outfit of the boat-fishery, no account was taken of it by the officers of the customs or salt duties.
That would obviously be inconvenient and unpleasant to the customers, besides entailing on the Blue Whatever-it-was, the risk of funeral expenses.
In 1959, the family decided the only way to produce the instrument they wanted-with excellent quality and in quantities to satisfy the demand-was to manufacture it themselves.
As a lawyer he defended American free-thinking and atheist organizations, was instructor in military jurisprudence at the University of Arkansas and held the rank of major in the department of the Judge Advocate General. Also self-taught, Wheless was a successful lawyer and a very outspoken Jesus-was-a-myth writer.

Example sentences using ‘were’

The mask shows the cleft head, the almond eyes, and the downturned mouth characteristic of the Olmec were-jaguar supernatural, implying that the human had become, or was acting under the authority and/or the protection of, the supernatural. Plumes flow backward along the sides of the headdress.
This were-jaguar mask is identified with the Olmec rain god, and the iconography and the location of the statue reflect the widespread Mesoamerican belief in mountaintops as the dwelling of rain gods.

The basis for today’s environmental policy, and also for sustainable development, can be traced back to the recognition that the environment and the economy are closely interconnected. Suppose, for example, there is a ticking bomb hiding in secret location with the time set to go off at a certain time and it’s sure to kill thousands of innocent lives. Fate is defined as the inevitable occurrences which can occur as a result of choice or coincidence. The role of American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) is to obtain a greater involvement of clients of financial statements in setting auditing standards, while developing new directing on such themes as auditor rotation requirements and compensation policies for audit partners. As a result of numerous immigrants coming to the Bahamas they can also bring numerous diseases such as Ebola, Cholera, and AIDS. Reference genome, instead of representing the set of genes of any single person it is a haploid of mosaic of different DNA sequence from each donor. The Buddhist faith is not centered on the belief that there is a god who is the creator and that there is a relationship between people and god. Subsequently, the spillover effects of regional conflicts that saw the proliferation of small arms and light weapons in the region heightened the violent communal interactions among pastoralist communities. Spouses may not necessarily be married to their other partners and may or may no have polysexual relationships. In these dependent states lending conditionalities are involved, along with promulgating the agenda of good governance (Larbi, 1999). The pellets were preparedon KBr-press (spectra lab, India).The spectra were recorded over the wave number range of 4000 to 500 cm-1. These disorders can be categorised into 4 main groups: anxiety disorders, mood disorders, psychotic disorders and eating disorders (WebMD, 2014).

Talented organizations are capable in determining the needs talent, discoveries of different sources of talent, developing individual and collective talents of the organization, placing talent in ways that engage people to achieve objectives. They were then filled in Teflon containers after filtration and treated at 240°C for 2 hours.

What is the meaning of were?

The solution that has the best benefit for the most dynamics is claimed to be the best solution. Originally, there was only one taking of Ireland – that of the Gaels (Macalister 1938: XVIII). What factors explain the abandonment of the pursuit of energy efficiency and alternative energy in the core states of the world system during the 1980s according to Podobnik? The way people view vampires has been changing over time and the vampire lore has been able to survive through time because human beings have maintained its existence and made it part of their daily lives. Barely one third of students could compute the difference between two decimal numbers and only 22% students could do word problems based on memory [16]. Though my study uses western theory of Alienation and Unhomeliness, I intend to look it in the view or eyes of colonized perspectives. She believes she can be more independent at her school since everyone communicates with sign language. Indirect way, it enhances the taste and smell, also has a casting vote over a food's acceptability. Consumer Experiences, Mass media and social network are also other important aspects to be considered for creating an effective advertising strategy. Forced migration is when citizens are pushed to move because of situations that are happening in their birth country.

When should I use was?

They used chimeric gene constructs containing the rat somatostatin promoter ahead of a reporter gene and performed promoter-deletion experiments. Organizations that are struggling in terms of proper talent, should be more careful to get the most benefit from the talents that they have and make sure to keep talented people with skills and experience appropriate, which are necessary for the realization of business objectives (Joerres & Turcq, 2007:9). Degrees are necessary to apply for a high-salary job, so I must also study hard at the university in order to have good GPA. Take N-DFT of h(n) to give H(k), k = 0; 1; : : : ;N - 1. And by government initiatives, it overcomes the problems of deficit finance, technological lacks and lack of physical spaces.

When should I use were?

Many low-income individuals obtain cash using high-cost check-cashing firms with the lack of a bank account. The author gives an example of someone who experienced a traumatic event as being able to take an active role and gain power over the event through art (Moore, 1983). The contribution of human resources becomes more difficult due to gobal level, complexity, level of authority, cultural aspects, political and legislative barriers (Sparrow et. The valence band of TiO2 contains 2p orbitals of oxygen hybridized with 3d orbitals of titanium and conduction band contains only 3d orbitals of titanium. Outlined in One Way Street, but given full force in the essays of the 1930’s associated with The Arcades Project, are Benjamin’s attempts to theorise commodity along with a critique of capitalism. As the world’s most populous Muslim country and third largest democratic country in the world, Indonesia has conducted four times a peaceful, free and fair election national election and hundreds of local election from 1999 to 2014. This was because the credit risk of banks in issuing large single loan was lower by strategy of financial disintermediation. Department of Justice and the Drug Enforcement Agency) the states with the most meth clandestine laboratories (as of 2011) are Missouri (2,684 busts in 2011), Indiana (1,364 busts in 2011), Kentucky (with 1,084 busts) and Tennessee (1,130). The research methodology data analyses and the relevant findings are illustrated in Section 6 and 7.
This study continued to a further stage where the system was constructed and simulated results validated (Bvumbe T.J. This agreement required the start of negotiations with the Albanians; pulling out of the Serbian armed forces in Kosovo and allowing the deployment of the OSCE mission, also known as Kosovo Verification Mission (KVM). However the relationship isn’t directly proportional, to begin with the diode doesn’t conduct electricity at all, from 2V to 3V the gradient is very steep, the resistance is very high but as the voltage continues to increase, the gradient becomes less steep and the resistance goes down. Also, McClelland and Burnham (1976) later found evidence to suggest that the need for power played a more critical role than the other motivators. Furthermore, when it comes to the ballistics examiner, the Federal Rules of Evidence is very important.

How do I use was?

The marching band is comprised of satirized versions of the Axis leaders including Emperor Hirohito and Mussolini. The cameras are also mounted to the helmets of mountain bikers, motorbike racers, and mountain snowboarding individuals. This suggests us that social capital contributes to increase or decrease the communal benefits of a group of people. Granger causality will study the cause and effect, while GARCH model was used to examine the means and variance impact on relationship. American car importers must also overcome the challenge of finding a borrower willing to finance a vehicle that is not in the country. The government and non-government organization has been promoting healthy lifestyles by involving communities to work towards reducing illegal pollution to restricted mosquitoes breeding places and rodents. However, in contrast to other sectors (Teichman, 2001), in the area of education, Menem’s administration never proposed any form of privatization (Decibe interview, 2015; Tiramonti Interview, 2015). Secondary school teachers in Sindh need to be trained on educational technologies and the integration of computers into classroom teaching. By referring to Figure 3, the rating 0 to 4 scale is used to rate the severity of appeared usability problems.

How do I use were?

Office of Personnel Management [OPM] (n.d.) it stated that “without feedback, you're walking blind, at best, you'll accidentally reach your goal, and at worst, you will wander aimlessly through the dark, never reaching your destination.” Feedback is a critical element in a managers “toolbox” when evaluating employees. For leadership positions, we try to hire folks who are extroverts and don’t have issues expressing themselves or working in groups of new people. With that being said it would be reasonable to believe that many have different views on capital punishment whether it be for, against, or on the fence about it. If someone close to you starts having these strange behaviors, keep an eye on them and if a bad eating habit starts, get them help immediately. Carrie and her friends felt that the entire movie was ruined because of the poor ending.

Examples of the use of was

Nevertheless, both the problems Costa Rica faces due to the hydroelectric power production and the carbon emissions while being one of the world’s most dedicated countries in solving environmental issues, shows how hard it would be for other nations to adopt its model.The Netherlands national team, traditionally wanders in the higher ranks of football quality and is always loaded with major players. This adds to the probability that human activities have much to do with the degradation in these areas. The Estimation of the Thermal Interface Material Resistance, at the end of its life, is very important for Devices’ Designers to make a package which is compatible to the TIM to perform properly during its entire life [7]. For example, we learned how each room has a specific interior design, wood floor pattern, and type of fireplace.
The scope of this study will only be limited to a brief indication over their status allowing an appreciation of their impact on the AEC process. Thomson then sent a memo to the Government Secretary, to the Resident, Selangor, in referring to the surrender of the Chinese temple site. Mr King did a lot for the rights of his race so much that now we have a new president which is from his race, President Barack Obama. Although capitalism promise the reward by results what people do as the biggest advantage for people, it cannot be necessarily said that result matches with the reward. Assist in the responsibility for planning, organizing, directing and tracking major aspects of the project, schedules, costs, and customer satisfaction.

Examples of the use of were

The House of Representative consists of 435 members, the Senate has 100 members, and they both have committees and subcommittees that works with specific matters, for example the Education and the Workforce Committee and the Higher Education and Workforce Training subcommittee. There is a high level of customer awareness of some general products such as current account and saving account. You need to be able to answer basic yet essential questions such as; what does my research really mean, what are the goals for my research, and what is my aim? Lincoln had developed smallpox on the day of the address, but despite his illness, he was able to stay strong and deliver his crafted speech. To escape the economic crisis, the Dawes Plan was formed to reduce the reparations that Germany had to pay, and coordinated the payments with Germany’s ability to pay. They differed in the stylistic use of line versus colour; finish versus sketch, absolute clarity versus relative clarity. Therefore, all the indices have leptokurtic distribution (distribution with a sharper peak and fatter tails compared to the normal distribution). Furthermore, immunization program cost is sixty percent less than medical treatment in related to infectious disease (Carrillo-Marquez & White, 2013). According to policy, after the first hour, vitals and site checks will be completed every 30 minutes times 4, then every hour times 4 (“Fort Walton Beach Hospital”, 2014). The community leaders should take on the guidance role and impart good morals, report and provide information on attack, stop and discard harmful customs (cattle rustling and forced marriages), and assist orphans.
In this thesis work,I am going to adopt a skeleton model of human leg proposed by veera and using bond graph technique to simulate the model. Individuals in seeking for the ‘accepted identity’ must return to the society they wish to embed themselves with. Human’s skin naturally blocks the UV light by producing melanin, a type of chemical and pigment, in body when exposed to UV light.

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