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Think $40 per month is too much for a proofreading service?
So do we. Sign up or login to access premium features for as low as $7.95/mo (with annual payment).

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The premium service includes the following features:
  • Accept Longer Documents - up to 20 pages (300 words/page)
  • Enhanced Plagiarism Detection - improved accuracy AND ability to view matching text
  • Faster Processing - premium members are "first in line" and more computing power is given to their submissions
  • Premium-Only Modules - readability indices just released and new modules coming soon
  • File Upload - ability to upload .doc, .docx, .txt, .odt, or .rtf documents
  • No Ads - no distracting banner ads
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If these reasons aren't enough, then we welcome you to use our popular free grammar checker and plagiarism checker. Finally, if you need the premium service but cannot afford it, please contact us and ask about our premium scholarships. We want to ensure high quality writing services are available to everyone regardless of income.