Should I use loose or lose?

The word ‘loose’ is an adjective and it rhymes with ‘goose’. ‘Loose’ means the opposite of ‘tight’ or ‘contained’.
  • My shirts are loose.
  • I have a loose bolt in my car.
  • I feel as loose as a goose.
  • There’s a wild dog running loose in the street.
The word ‘lose’ is a verb and it rhymes with ‘booze’. ‘Lose’ means ‘to suffer the loss of’, or ‘to miss’.
  • You lose! I win!
  • Take the risk for there is little to lose.
  • Sell out now, sir, or you will lose it all.
  • Don’t lose your mind!

Which is correct, ‘loose’ or ‘lose’?

Many of us are mixing up ‘lose’ and ‘loose’ when we write. Many people are writing loose when they really mean lose. ‘Loose’ rhymes with ‘goose’ and it means the opposite of ‘tight’ or ‘contained’. ‘Lose’ rhymes with ‘booze’ and means ‘to suffer the loss of’, or ‘to miss’.

Example sentences using ‘loose’

  • He put on his slippers and a loose bed gown.
  • Hold your breath, for I'm about to turn myself loose!
  • His loose grammar was the fruit of careless habit, not ignorance.
  • At times, his eye would light and his eloquent tongue would turn itself loose.
  • The elements were turned loose, and they rattled and banged and blazed away in the most blind and frantic manner.
  • The effect was an inspiration to him, and he turned himself loose upon his subject with interest and energy.
  • All things sat loose upon him--all things were to him attached by but slender ties.
  • It is often very literal--but just as often very loose.
  • Some words, as commonly used, have very loose meanings annexed to them.
  • How can they get loose when there's a guard over them, ready to shoot them down if they move?"
  • As I turned to speak to her the brute broke loose and fluttered off among the others.
  • When she gave me her purse, I found that all the guineas were gone, and only the loose silver remained.
  • As I sprung aboard I sung out: "Out with you, Jim, and set her loose!
  • The dog is let loose at night to prevent him from endeavouring to communicate with her.
  • We must saw the leg of Jim's bed off, so as to get the chain loose.
  • Who ever heard of getting a prisoner loose in such an way as that?
  • But, when she tried to break loose, it was only for a moment.
  • A loose fish is fair game for anybody who can catch it.

Example sentences using ‘lose’

  • She had no time to lose, but must get ready at once.
  • He has been very imprudent, and has deserved to lose her respect.
  • But he that would save his life, in such a case, shall lose it.
  • This drunken fool has made me lose the thread of my sentence.
  • He replied, ``let us lose no time, then!''
  • Lose no time? We have lost too much already.
  • Edmond did not lose a dime, but he earned very little.
  • I, who have nothing to lose, I should go.
  • Then take my arm, for we have no time to lose.
  • But I warn you, you will lose everything if you leave now.
  • If the pardon is to come, there is no time to lose.
  • “And you are quite right,''said the lawyer, who feared to lose his fee.
  • Ah, but madame, does mankind ever lose anything?
  • This event would cause her to lose a hundred thousand francs.
  • But do not let us lose time; you are the subject of which I wish to speak.
  • Ah, if that is the case, then I shall lose my pension.

Use of ‘loose’ or ‘lose’ in American English

This Ngram indicates the use of ‘loose’ or ‘lose’ in American books, journals, and magazines published from 1800 to 2000.

Use of ‘loose’ or ‘lose’ in British English

This Ngram indicates the use of ‘loose’ or ‘lose’ in British books, journals, and magazines.

Example sentences using ‘loose’

Credits are adapted from the "Loose" liner notes.
He is a loose forward, playing primarily at openside flanker.
The 1991 film "King Ralph" is a loose, comic adaptation of the novel.
Trucks, furniture, loose equipment and men were thrown about and considerable damage was done.
That time, he was able to stay on the loose for 12 years before being caught.
Loose stones have then worked themselves deeper into the rock.
For the most part, the rock is loose and volcanic.
The start was delayed until the loose horse was caught.
As they are epiphites the potting mixture should be loose and free draining.
The papillary region is composed of loose areolar connective tissue.
It consists of loose connective tissue and elastin.
In Illinois, this sandwich is also known as a "loose hamburger sandwich".
Rather, it is called a "loose meat" sandwich.
Chewing tobacco is manufactured in several forms: Loose leaf.
The hair is somewhat loose and not as styled.
There is a loose de facto standard for implementation of song ratings.
Amendola dove for the loose ball and recovered it.
Some were so loose that they tended to go up in flame (or the tobacco just fell out)".
Once dry, the cloth was brushed with teasels to get rid of loose threads; and finally the shearman cut off loose and projecting pieces of wool.
Usually, the pupae are covered with a loose layer of silk.
He is the cousin of Toulon Loose forward Jocelino Suta.
The next morning the fires would be put out and the ore broken loose.

Example sentences using ‘lose’

``No, you will lose it, for you are going to alter your correspondent's message.''
It is an every day occurrence for a gambler to lose not only what he possesses but also what he has not.''
``In that case,''said he,``I should lose her, and by my own fault.''
``Alas,''stammered Villefort,``I do not lose a single word.''
Noirtier did not lose a word of what Valentine said.
and must I lose the one to save the other?
``We have no time to lose; I will question, and do you answer me.''
In this situation, and in this situation only, he may have what is called a character to lose.
If he didn't shut it up powerful quick he'd lose a lie every time.
'If there had been more money to lose, it wouldn't have been all, I dare say.
It became imperative to lance the flying whale, or be content to lose him.
North Ocean was worried they would lose a favourable charter with Shell.
OPEC appears to lose control over world oil prices."
This makes them lose their sense of being and gives them a craving for human souls.
Stosur went on to lose the quarterfinal match against Maria Sharapova.
Corneal cloudiness is when the cornea starts to lose its transparency.
Sandoval´s musical thinking began to lose channelization.
You have to follow these rules, and there's a win-or-lose outcome.
Management estimated that they would lose $700,000 in 2009.
He likes to gamble on horses, but only bets what he can afford to lose.
Clavicles assume an s-shape and lose themselves in shoulders.
Subsequently, Mesmero began to lose confidence in himself which caused him to lose his powers.
So I just thought what if you did have a guy who chose not to lose that side of his childhood?"
The Finns were starting to lose the initiative.
The Strong's would lose the final to Shelley Nichols.
When Hawazma families lose their herds they settle.
Williams would lose by KO in the 3rd round.
After leaving the hermitage they lose contact with each other.
He is the Junior Secretary of Education and has a reputation to lose.
He would only lose one game in his career.

Is it loose or lose?

The movie was suspenseful and mysterious, and they were all on the edge of their seats, waiting to see what would happen next. Under Section 32(1) of the Act, a witness cannot revive memory through a document while giving evidence unless the court grants leave. Nonetheless, it became significantly more imperative in the early modern periods with the contraption of printing, which enabled people to reproduce texts in large quantities. Loose means the opposite of tight! The Sultanate of Sulu extended its powers over Basilan, Palawan, and some coastal settlements in Zamboanga and Borneo. He argued that although the laws of a society might affect the liberty of a few, they would be acceptable if they resulted in the greater happiness of the majority.
The loose vs. lose accesses the low cost labor and supply of those countries, which in turn generate the manufacture of cheap, qualitative, and competitive software that must be exported to rich countries with the benefit of creating a competitive advantage. Lose means to suffer the loss of, to miss. As of now, the industry has not taken major steps to help end the problem of human trafficking within cocoa production. Many people believe that the prosecutor’s office only consists of just lawyers, however, this organization also includes investigators and detectives.

How do you spell loose?

Healthcare organizations like multi-hospital health systems, loose vs. lose stand-alone hospitals, large medical groups, small independent physician group practices, ambulance care facilities and other provider organizations see consolidation as a key financial strategy for surviving the new health care reforms. The people of Brazil love ice cream so much that there is even a National Ice Cream Day celebrated on the 23rd of September every year, and many businesses have tried to capitalize on that love as a result. They will be heavily promoted and distributed through retail chain, dealers, and also through OEM channel. It will also throw light on the initiatives taken by SEBI for the protection of the investors. The study found that there was a positive relationship between environmental disclosure and size of the company. The soft agar was allowed to solidify and wells were made on pre solidified agar plates followed by addition of 5 µl of CFCS in wells. There were no statistically significant differences in age, gestational age at delivery, parity, or insurance type amongst the cohorts. There are several accounts as to who started the war, whether it was the Ecuadorians or the Peruvians. The campaign for free speech and against censorship started in England, where significant success was attained as early as 16958.

How do you spell lose?

Theoretical computer science: A collection of loose vs. lose computer science and mathematics that concentrates on the mathematical aspects of computing. The Nervous System, specifically the CNS work to communicate not only physically but with the brain, telling yourself about pain or a temperature shift, are experienced in both of these areas. Immigrants stop to consider learning skills to be necessary, thus they assimilate at a lower rate and increase the number of low-skilled labors within the country. The samples were collected between October 2009 and October 2012 and tested for bacterial causes of diarrhoea.

How do you spell to lose something?

Although lose means to suffer the loss of, governing institutions choose to apply preventative measures over curative measures when addressing HIV/AIDS because curative measures are much more expensive and since this disease has no cure, governments have chosen to lessen the impact of this slow and painful progression of HIV/AIDS. This plan attempted to alter the Articles of Confederation so that the problems that originally called for the Convention would be resolved. In 2000, China created Forum for China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) as the flagship program to facilitate the Zhu’s policy in Africa. Here are the definitions of the two words:
loose: not fastened; not confined; able to move freely
Lose: to no longer have; be deprived of by accident or misfortune
  • This knot is too loose.
  • Please do not lose my book.
  • I had better not lose that file.

Is ‘lose’ spelled with two o’s?

Furthermore, the promotion of free consultation and education would be advertised on daycare center, medical facilities, and local community websites. The contemporary demographic settlement has added stimulus to this accelerate and the demand for qualified school is counting up imperious to be met by university graduates alone. The numbers of fatally for this incident are 7, whereas 6 of the victims were travelling on board the train while the accident occurred and the seventh victim was killed by masonry falling from the bridge over Darkes Lane. This city along with Texcoco and Tlacopan would form an alliance that would rule until the Spanish conquered those years later and took over, which ultimately ended the empire. When cost of living adjustments are implemented, they shall be issued without performance or any other bias, and the pay structure table shall be updated correspondingly. These double-aims policies focusing on the poor and the people who are living outside of the country, to modernize the agriculture, to form the new level of the education, to generate a commercialize Bumiputera and to rise up the number of the equity ownership of Bumiputera. Executive functioning measures included: 1) fluency, 2) inhibition, 3) planning, 4) set-shifting, 5) vigilance, and 6) working memory (Anderson, 2002; Kelly, 2000; Pennington & Ozonoff, 1996; Stuss & Alexander, 2000; Zelazo & Müller, 2002). Leading up to the start of World War One two alliances were formed throughout Europe due to imperialism around the entire world. However, inflammation and increasing in age would be more likely to be the cause of AD at a later stage. One can equally argue that industrial relations is a major factor that affects directly or indirectly, productivity through managerial competence, workers motivation, institutional backup and environment. Finally, the cost difference between low cost competitors and the differentiated business becomes too great for differentiation to hold brand loyalty (Pearce & Robinson, 2011. The action planning has to be done based on this priority list followed by monitoring of the same.

When to use loose

Other important pioneers of art activities in Penang including, Yong Mun Sen who owned the first local art studio in Penang, while Lee Cheng Yong and Ooi Hwa were perhaps the first Penang artists to go overseas to study art at the Shanghai Academy of Fine Art ( Chew, 1996). This is especially dynamic where a customer is reliant on a supplier for a particular component. It was an amazing moment, as was telling my friends at school, who were initially sceptical; "As if your going". Graham et al (2002) found from a study of 34 financial analysts across 18 industries that the most important sources to acquire information were a company’s income statement, balance sheet and its cash flow statements. The defense attorney needs to make sure that they have and have viewed all the evidence they will be presented against their defendant. The process of making the best brew of Black Ivory Coffee is similar to Kopi Luwak’s procedure. The initial online program will begin three programs or majors and increase to 25 by 2020-2021 and 35 by 2021-22.
America, Oil, and War in the Middle East, Journal of American History, Volume 99, Issue 1Pp.
Nowadays, there are some standards of manager from bank, namely, insurance, foundation, bank and AFP authentication certificate. People and some academics hardly believe that what we see as Euroscepticism today refer to the radical and far-right parties and their populistic politics and rhetorics of European disintegration, but in fact it is the only side of the coin of Eurosceptics. All in all, the critical issue in the Nigerian rail sector of this epoch remained the endemic corruption in the geopolitics and the non engagement of apt technologies, and individuals as project supervisors, facility managers and in the overall management team. Another important event for the development of rocketry is Project Paperclip that took place in the end of WW2 during which the creator of the V-2 rocket (Wernher Von Braun) and his team were captured by the USA military (Biography). For women in Africa, this may mean to take a leap, to learn about birth control. When the brain senses an increase in leptin the brain sends signals to the body to tell us we are no longer hungry.

Which is correct, ‘loose’ or ‘lose’?

The decline of welfare state leads to many questions for the role of the poor institutional structure of the state. Veterans of the former continental army received little of the pay that they were owed and any pay that was given out was typically of useless continental notes of so little value they gave rise to the saying “Not worth a continental” (Philips). The experiment started with pour 100ml of water into the light colour cups then gluing the same colour paper as the cups on top of the cup. Back when I was in high school my friend Jordan started what became know as "The heart club". We can also include hospital employees by offering it to them as part of their benefits package. Its importance can be realized in the fact that it is a world class language as F.G. Goal to a corporate entity is a long term, often multiple future states of affairs which the organization is aiming at fulfilling its mission. Researchers working alongside programs like The Innocence Project hope to determine remedies for the systemic problems regarding wrongful conviction in the criminal justice system. From numerical assessment, it indicated that there is good agreement between numerical tools and experimental results. Perdita’s role in the story is highly ambiguous, since she does indeed rescue Mary from Nicholas’s grip but does not rescue her from prison and eventually from death. One of the important concerns in market-oriented reforms is to improve the old and traditional practices followed in personnel administration. Istisna’ can be applied in both explicitly income-generating public infrastructure projects and non-income generating projects (Zarqa, 1997). Indirect taxes involve the VAT and the excise tax includes the oil, alcohol or the tobacoo tax evasion. The demand spectrum was plotted with Ca = 0.12g, Cv = 1.36 × 0.12g = 0.1632g, and 5% initial damping. University of Illinois Grammar Handbook

Example Sentences with Loose

Not long after its creation, the business started to franchise and stores began to pop up all over the country. Personnel management is a traditional approach of managing people in the organization, compared with HRM which is a modern approach of managing people and their strengths in the organization. Beside by earning profit from their customer, Maybank will provide bundle of services to make their service more convenient and more easy to use. Saat ini sejumlah ilmuwan sudah mempertanyakan asumsi-asumsi sebelumnya bahwa banyak negara-negara pribumi di Asia Tenggara yang maju pada abad ke-17 jatuh dalam penurunan kesejahteraan atau dalam “kebingungan” selama abad ke-18. The Government utilized this opportunity and accepted various loans programs from IFI’s and accepted the conditions under Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP). Raymond Kosala and Hendrik Blockeel[28] in their paper survey the research in the area of Web mining. The interests of the employees are commonly presented by representatives of a trade union to which the employees belong. James Madison, as a member of the House of Representatives in 1789, introduced the first amendments to the Constitution, which would come to be known as the Bill of Rights (America’s Library). Walden University Grammar Handbook

Example Sentences with Lose

The government has also developed a school feeding program where students can be given nutritious meals each day. Nobody has created the required necessities for them to use the technology because it’s simply too expensive to fulfill each of their requirements. Timura criticizes the current environmental discourse; he argues that the next environmental discourse needs more anthropological understanding and theory-building (111). As an efficient trader, you have to be very focused about the new development of trading strategies.

When to use loose

With the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Congress prohibited employment discrimination based on race, gender, national origin, and religion”. From self-management aspect, the clinician should assess the patient’s support system, make a treatment contract with the patient and make sure that the patient makes and keeps appointments with a psychiatric mental practitioner or a psychiatrist being referred by the clinician. The company believes that by providing a strong foundation board in market, the business can successfully implement the future in current market. Even though the study was open to enrol participants of all age groups, 90% of those enrolled were children aged below 5 years (637 out of 710), while older children and adults were 10% of the total enrolment. Other than those densely populated nations with overwhelming figures of the absolutely poor, abject poverty rates are usually common in countries affected by war and conflicts. Hijacking and suicide bombings have become the easiest way to draw the attention of their opponents. An FBI agent analyzed McNeill’s cell phone records and testified that calls that were made to and from the phone placed him in the area where the child lived at about three o’clock a.m. We could not obtain sufficiently detailed information to analyze other moderators, including FASD subtype diagnosis, parental characteristics, socio-economic status, and intervention services received. The article provided the name of the journal that has the original research so if people would like a more in depth picture of the research it can be found. Throughout the article there will be a discussion of critical evaluation and several points for future research will be clearly identified. Although they used different independent variables to explain stock prices, we will try to stick to the variables directly related to capital structure. Guide to Grammar and Style

When to use lose

Wallender (1999) argues that budgets can never be regarded as valid due to their inability to account for the rapid change occurring in the organizational environment. Whether it is about the French Revolution, the French leader Napoleon Bonaparte, or the start of the Spanish Inquisition, historians should not be responsible for expressing their opinions on what in moral and what is not. Using the marginal tax rate , which was at 40% in 2011 in the US (KPMG, 2015), assumes that the firm will defer no taxes in the future. The writing also address the question of whether some people were created with ‘wrong bodies’ such that gender is not inscribed in their gender identity, a condition that makes them adopt some transgender behaviors in order to harmonize their internal identity to the ascribed gender. Other risk factors such as chronic inflammation, viral infections, exposure to carcinogenic chemicals can contribute towards pathogenesis of OSCC (4). Firms could also face switching costs to swtich to the new technology and this could be also be a key cost to explain the diffusion. The idea is that when a scammer is preoccupied with a baiter who has no intention of falling victim to the scam, it keeps the scammer in question from conning genuine victims out of their money. Nevertheless, the analysis of Petrohawk´s peer companies who are in a comparable business situation, yields an average Capex of 132% of sales, which dovetails with projected Capex levels for Petrohawk. Cambridge English Grammar