What Do 'i.e.' and 'e.g.' Mean?

I.e.’ is an abbreviation for the Latin terms, ‘id est’, and means ‘that is’.
E.g.’ is an abbreviation for the Latin terms, ‘exempli gratia’, and means ‘for example’.

Example sentences using ‘i.e.’

  • Use this abbreviation in parenthetical expressions (i.e., phrases in parentheses).
  • They held tickets for deck passage (i.e., steerage passage).
  • Farmers sell their domestic products (i.e., vegetables, fruits) in this market.
  • Museums that exist only in cyberspace (i.e., virtual museums) are not included.
  • It is unusual among Greek myths for being etiological (i.e., explaining the origins of an object or custom).
  • In a given realization, these units may well be interdependent (i.e., defined in terms of each other).
  • In the example it is "SImode" (i.e., access the register as 32-bit integer).
  • This trade will occur during normal trading hours (i.e., before 4:00 pm).
  • The Award is given on Martyrdom Day (i.e., 31 October).
  • Not creating anything leaves a person "sterile" (i.e., unable to accomplish anything).
  • It failed despite the extensive actions of the United Nations bodies (i.e., WHO and UNAIDS).
  • It refers to the area to the east (i.e., outside of) Chaoyangmen Bridge.
  • The theory restricts you to orbits where initial and final momentum are the same (i.e., periodic orbits).
  • Their children are known by a combination of their first name and the generation of clone they are (i.e., "3Jane" or "8Mary").
  • When the word isn't wrapped (i.e., isn't broken across lines), the soft hyphen isn't visible.
  • Museums that exist only on the Internet (i.e., virtual museums) are not included).
  • Reason is the highest thing in nature, (i.e., it is divine in its nature).
  • The Baruna hill area (i.e., The Barunabanta) was the capital of Yudhistir.
  • They call it "Rasâyana", a word composed with "rasa" (i.e., gold).
  • The first battalion is described as "the old 117th" (i.e., the 117th Regiment of Foot).
  • Robert despairs and calls for the "Keeper of all fools" (i.e., God).
  • Branching was 'pseudomonopodial' (i.e., resulted in a main stem and a lateral branch).

Example sentences using ‘e.g.’

  • To the BIOS, removable disks (e.g., floppy disks) and fixed disks are essentially the same.
  • Direct removal of lactate from the body (e.g., with hemofiltration) is difficult, and there is limited evidence for benefit.
  • Through his life, Gottlund was passionately interested in archaeology, about which he wrote (e.g., his "Otava" series of books).
  • They are all named in accordance with the name of the team (e.g., The Flame, named for the Calgary Flames).
  • Conversely, deep processing (e.g., semantic processing) results in a more durable memory trace.
  • Electromagnetic clutches have been used on diesel locomotives (e.g., by Hohenzollern Locomotive Works).
  • However today the trend today is to just state the country name and year (e.g., Brasil 2000).
  • It has been attested since the 17th century by the "Hermetic writers" (e.g., Franz Bardon).
  • They are referred to by their nationality (e.g., Bangladeshis, Sri Lankans or ‘Malaysian Indians).
  • But very often they are regarded as perfectly genuine (e.g., in philosophy).

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What does the abbreviation ‘i.e.’ stand for?

The abbreviation ‘i.e.’ means ‘that is’.

What does the abbreviation ‘e.g.’ stand for?

The abbreviation ‘e.g.’ means ‘for example’.

Do ‘i.e.’ and ‘e.g.’ mean the same thing?

The abbreviations, ‘i.e.’ and ‘e.g.’ do NOT have the same meaning. ‘I.e.’ is an abbreviation for the Latin terms, ‘id est’, and means ‘that is’, while ‘e.g.’ is an abbreviation for the Latin terms, ‘exempli gratia’, and means ‘for example’.

Use of ‘i.e.’

This Ngram indicates the use of ‘i.e.’ in American books, journals, and magazines. Clearly, the use of ‘i.e.’ has grown continuously from 1800 to 2000.

Use of ‘e.g.’

This Ngram indicates the use of ‘e.g.’ in American books, journals, and magazines. As the chart shows, the use of ‘e.g.’ has also grown without interruption.

Example sentences using ‘i.e.’

  • Withers are well rounded, not high and fine, i.e., hardly noticeable.
  • It was intended initially to be the composer's next (i.e., sixth) symphony.
  • The name comes from "Papey", which is Norse for "island of the "papar"" (i.e., monks).
  • Enoplans are differentiated by the proboscis, which is armed (i.e., there is a stylet attached to it) in enoplans but unarmed in anoplans.
  • Most species are oviparous, i.e., produce eggs that are laid and hatched externally.
  • All of the ships of the enemy are named with a phallic theme, i.e. the "Penetrator" supership.
  • Gravity has been accounted for as "the" body force, i.e. formula_60.
  • Dictionaries categorize a language's lexicon (i.e., its vocabulary) into lemmas.
  • After its foundation, the institute (i.e., congregation) would have the status "of diocesan right".
  • In Islam, the grave should be aligned perpendicular to the Qibla (i.e. Mecca).
  • Both outcomes cannot occur for a single trial (i.e., when a coin is flipped only once).
  • The name "Lübbecke" is derived from "Hlidbeki", (i.e., small stream).
  • It comprises two Divisions, i.e. Holmwood and Sutton Divisions.
  • This war was called 'Ogun yinmomo' i.e., give me child.
  • One with "Tester" mRNA (i.e. from a cancer sample) and the other with "Driver" mRNA (i.e. from a normal sample).

Example sentences using ‘e.g.’

  • He also translated from German, e.g., Goethe's idyll of "Hermann and Dorothea". It is usually solved by numerical methods, e.g. Newton-Raphson method. This separates it from other similar thrushes (e.g. the Pale-breasted Thrush) found in its range. To continue their voyage, passengers e.g. of the Nord Express had to change over to a Russian gauge train. It includes a number of islands, e.g., Sylt, Föhr, Amrum, Nordstrand, and Heligoland. Examples include the preparation of commercial products such as enzymes (e.g. lactase), nutritional proteins (e.g. soy protein isolate), and certain biopharmaceuticals (e.g. insulin). The ICJ is active in promoting human rights and the rule of law, whether at the international level (e.g. the UN), regionally (e.g. the EU and Council of Europe), or domestically through the activities of its national sections (e.g. JUSTICE in the UK). What he meant was that, first of all, man exists (e.g. appears on the scene) and only afterwards defines himself. Sometimes, the coach becomes a celebrity in his own right, e.g., Lou Holtz. For this reason, many physicists regard the relation as "numerology" (e.g.). 24 Years of Hunger is a pop music album released in 1991 by Eg Alice, the collaboration of Eg White and Alice Temple. See, e.g., http://shop.spertus.edu/product/heroes-glasses/ Can play MMS streams, e.g. mms://some.radio.station/path/to/stream/ Can play HTTP streams, e.g. http://some.radio.station/path/to/stream/ Targeted health interventions have adopted different audience factors, including age (e.g. older smokers ), race/ethnicity (e.g. African-Americans ), socioeconomic status (e.g. low-income women ), professions (e.g. health providers ), health status (e.g. pregnant women and women with children, sensation-seeking adolescents ). This approach is used in e.g. hydrogen thyratrons or neutron tubes. It is still used in religious services, e.g. at Easter. E.g., the value 24538 becomes 83542 in the index. - E.G. Daily, Christine Cavanaugh Kath Soucie Remix. The song was written by Young and Eg White. e.g. "lanbung" ‘shade, clothing’ (rather than */lambung/) (Cf. In general, as mentioned earlier, it is a point to point connection from a master (e.g. PLC, Microcontroller) to a slave (e.g. rotary encoders). He was influenced e.g. by Fritz Fischer. They should test (e.g., with a SOFTFAIL policy) until they are satisfied with the results. Fluorophores have particular importance in the field of biochemistry and protein studies, e.g., in immunofluorescence but also in cell analysis, e.g. immunohistochemistry. The biological response may be quantal (e.g. positive/negative) or quantitative (e.g. growth). Research has also shown that the best treatment for travellers diarrhoea is to take an antibiotic (e.g. ciprofloxacin) plus a stopper (e.g. loperamide). The school was built by volunteer labor and was taught by E.G. Jones. The other 14 machines were deployed to the Silesian network as "EG 581 Breslau" to "EG 594 Breslau". The items defined may be ‘material’ (e.g., room key) as well as ‘data’ (e.g., arrival date-time). It also cooperates with other European networks, e.g. IPEX or TAIEX. In tagmemics, the hierarchical organization of levels (e.g. in syntax: word, phrase, sentence, paragraph, discourse) results from the fact that the elements of a tagmeme on a higher level (e.g. 'sentence') are analyzed as syntagmemes on the next lower level (e.g. 'phrase'). It occurs as a prefix of generic nouns (e.g. 某人 "some person"), perhaps with an intervening measure word (e.g. 某一場演出 "a certain show"), or substituting people's actual names (e.g. 李某 "Li Something"). Kühlstein continued manufacturing coachworks, e.g. for Horch cars. There are several types of auctions possible, e.g. Context.

When should I use ‘e.g.’?

The i.e. vs. e.g. exploration of the inherent parallels between the dynamics of marriage and the relationship between a plough-horse juxtaposes the notion of love with bestiality. Next, China is an indispensable part of today’s global economy, and if companies want to grab a piece of its share, they have to understand and respect the laws in order to begin operations. Furthermore, i.e. vs. e.g. has had past experiences with the removal of content that were considered as offensive in other countries, thus, this move allows them to stay competitive and present in such a huge market. The environmental benefits of bike sharing programs are caused by the shift in mode of transportation by people. And that such acts are perpetrated by wicked, evil people with no sense of justice, peace or compassion. Bank has now extend their services to overseas with 4 foreign branches which are in London, Male, Karachi and Chennai. They also showed that the expected rate of return (WACC) of a firm is independent of its capital structure and is equal to the capitalization rate of a pure equity firm of its class (Modigliani & Miller, 1958). There was somewhat of a happy medium for both i.e. vs. e.g. because people that were flying in from affected areas were quarantined for 21 days to make sure they did not have the virus. It is permissible that Istisna' be made for manufacturing of an object of valuable items which are produced according to certain unprecedented specifications as per the requirements of the party to whom the commodity is to be manufactured (purchaser). This is where, by using a smartphone, the business can reach potential customer by advertising through SMS (Reid, 2004). The NLRB has the authority to investigate and remedy unfair labor practices, which are defined in Section 8 of the Act.

When should I use ‘i.e.’?

The two factors, i.e. vs. e.g. which may overlap to some degree, are considered conceptually distinct and not two ends of a continuum. Or is the effect a more gross one, such as a change in pH within the stromal milieu to which the normal tissue is sensitive? The seven principles of the constitution are popular sovereignty, republicanism, federalism, separation of powers, checks and balances, limited government, and individual rights. This degeneration of neuronal networks is what causes the symptoms of Alzheimer’s such as memory loss as the neurons lose their communicating ability. It has been stated in the Quran; “To each among you, we have prescribed a Law and a clear way.” (Quran Al-Maida:48). Because you can pay online these days, there's no excuse not to ahead of your monthly payment deadline. In addition, PE should be enjoyable and keep students active for at least 50% of lesson time, as noted in the Healthy People 2010 objectives. In this region of the brain, many drugs are able to act like brain chemicals -dopamine a neurotransmitters that modulate the activity of brain cells, such as the pleasure and reward circuit. In that time Intel could succesfullu create a product to counter the Athlon, its clients may already lose too much business. The relationship is backed up by scientific theory, to start with no voltage means no current which leads to no resistance this is why the line passes through the origin. Our approach is a leakage re-silent system that has greater impact for the selective sharing of data at coarse grained level. However, he considered him old-fashioned and that is why he deviated from his teachings and try a different approach to the business. The authors explain the need for talent management in different aspects praktikore employing, develop and retain talent (Richard et al.,: 4).

What is the difference between ie and eg?

He is always praised by the president as he has very close views on the United States economy and conveys some of the accurate projections. The adolescents find it easier to turn to alcohol to numb the pain of the situation and hardships they are going through. Asti is a place name, a lovely town, set in the gently rolling hills of Piedmont, in the north of Italy. Socio economic borders can be erased and will help for the cause of better and safer tomorrow. Let me start out by saying that evangelism, is not a program or a method, it’s real life. As soon as the particle of ice is melted and determine the weight of the ice. Individuals with successful innovative projects should receive additional rewards and compensation beyond the standard reward system for their ideas and efforts. Though I have the sense that Washington was stern and difficult, this narrative race through his past opens like a mystery envelope. The difference between the two immigrant groups in terms of social integration is a key argument in this paper and the following is a theoretical analysis of the research conducted on social integration in a Chinese and Filipino context. In short, the historian and social critics argued that the advanced industrial societies of Europe and the United States were contributing to the development of narcissistic disorders in individuals in a number of respects. In the field of technology, Vitruvius (1st century BCE) described in his De Architectura a number of techniques and machines used in mechanical and civil engineering, and in building construction.

Should I use ie or eg?

The contents of sample cuvette were mixed for 10 sec and decrease in absorbance at 734nm was recorded over period of 10 minutes at 10 sec interval using SPECORD-200 double beam spectrophotometer (Analytik Jena, Germany). Two or more symptoms, such as delusions, hallucinations, catatonic behavior, or disorganized speech, must be significant and must last for at least a month. Suffice it to say, within the civil engineering standpoint, the term “infrastructure” has been used collectively to refer to the fundamental physical systems, facilities, services and installations that are considered essential for the effective functioning of a society and for enabling effective economic activity (Tariq, 2009). The Civil Rights Act was the first law that stated that it was illegal to discriminate anyone based on sex in a workplace. In spite of this, Baudelaire also agree upon the idea that ‘Every old master has had his own modernity...of their own time period’. As a result of this program, many brick kilns started using the sawdust and wood chips instead of using others highly polluting fuels like tires , plastics etc.

i.e. vs. e.g.

The appellant was thus, even on a narrow interpretation of the dicta of West J., in Reg. Prufrock’s vulnerability is evident when he describes how the women carelessly reduce him, sprawling on a pin, / When I am pinned and wriggling on the wall” (57-58). There a lot to be said about Hemmingway in regards to his many significances in modern writing. The British populace in New South Wales started to raise questions about the validity of a penal colony. Israel has successfully defended the occupied lands in the Yom Kippur war in 1973, and in 1979 signed a peace treaty with Egypt. And the idea of New York about applying shame against teen pregnancy sounds horrible in practice but is is surprisingly can be successful. Now look at this picture, and ask yourself if this was your first ride ever in an airplane would you be scared. Introducing the TQM system requires large scale of changes concerning the management tools, the organizational structures, the behaviors of all the members of the organization and the attitudes. All three (parents, teachers, and children) reported on three different types of involvement (i.e., school, intellectual, and personal).

How do you use IE in a sentence?

This is critical for older women as their association with witchcraft has created a strong negative stereotype around them, that’s further restricting their access to a fair and equal role in society. As reported by the Department of Statistics Malaysia, Malaysia’s inflation rate averaged is 3.68 from 1973 to 2015. The height of the condominium blocks facing west were designed a lot taller so that the main public space with swimming pools and the condominium blocks beside can be shaded effectively besides having the roof garden as one of the shading devices. So, The Hackers get trust from people and get all there information the tendency of trust is also allowing social engineering to succeed. The dermal system in these plants are different in that they can absorb the released nutrients like amino acids and nucleotides. It resembled most real life murder trials where it is not in question that the defendant killed the victim, but more about the evidence around the crime and defendants state of mind. In case of 20 nm thickness annealed at 3000C the particle size range from 65-205 nm with an average diameter 130 nm can be seen. In many instances, officers are required to work over 12 hours in a day with no additional compensation. Despite this verbal abuse, she remains kind and gentle, depicting that women are most desirable when clueless and innocent. When school children try to look at or learn from a class topper can also be considered as crude form of benchmarking. University of Illinois Grammar Handbook

How do you abbreviate for example?

The terms “for example” can be abbreviated in two different ways, i.e. and e.g.. This can result in great confusion when writing. I.e. (or i.e. / I.E.) is a Latin abbreviation for "id est" ( "That is (to say)" or "in other words"). E.g. (or e.g. / E.G.) is a Latin abbreviation for "exempli gratia" ("for example"). On May 13, 1969, Malaysia experienced one of the worst inter-ethnic bloody tragedies which changed Malaysia's political, economic, social and education landscape and policies. It is also stated that the Solid liberals strongly believed that the future of our country relies in its ability to change rather than its reliance on traditional principles. Consisting of a five membered ring, it is aromatic which can be seen by its extensive substitution reactions. How many days per year the employee is absent, when exclude the normal paid job leave and how do you handle the reduction of the absenteeism? In this process of change, ‘Words’ like public administration and administrator are being replaced by public management and manager respectively (Hughes, 1998). The question is simply presented as a topic which requires some research about organizational culture and ethical values. In conclusion, James Madison originally introduced the Virginia Plan, campaigned to ratify the Constitution in the Federalist Papers, introduced the Bill of Rights, and was an ardent supporter of the checks and balances that are still in our government today. Nowadays learners of all ages are keen on spending time on internet and social networks with smart phones, tablet computers, laptops, PCs, etc.; they also listen to their favorite music, play games and learn new useful things which are also fundamental for learning. Cambridge English Grammar

How do you use IE?

Furthermore, both of these characters are wearing bright and vivid colours to indicate that they have a high social ranking. Over the time, inflation rate continued increasing in the general price level of good and service. Therefore, the corporations like their employees to die rather than staying alive because they can have the insurance profit from it. Any contract where the promise, the consideration or the object of the contract is unlawful will be void and cannot be enforced in the courts. If the bedside clinician monitoring the flap notices any visual changes, they will immediately take a digital photograph with the smart phone and send the picture to the attending plastic surgeon via the 5G network system.

i.e. vs. e.g.

The current accent of i.e. vs. e.g. is on growing the system capability by transmitting more and more channels through the WDM technology. It all started when huge winds of 100-140 miles/hour hatted the ports of this area and made significant disasters. With buildings growing only higher, the ways to express a skyscraper can only be seen mostly through the floor repetitions as it is one of the most basic ways to express the bigness. Ten years later Daniel is in high school and gets into a fight for not letting a classmate of his copy his English test, he loses the fight. Even after the Multi-drug resistant organism was treated, the once infected person should remain isolated from the general population because more that often the MDRO is still present on their skin and can infect others if given the opportunity. Additionally, Lucas ability to smuggle drugs to the U.S using US military airplanes denotes failings by the Justice System. The company has nearly one in every three pounds spent in a supermarket, and more than one of every eight pounds spent on the High Street. This complex process leads to dramatic changes in color, texture, flavor, and aroma of the fruit. Transportation cost prevents people from attending clinic to restock their drugs (Mills et al., 2006; Kagee et al., 2007). Rajesh Kumar 2011) they highlighted that there was no significant relationship between age of the company and environmental disclosure level companies In Indian context. The male range is a low of 30.96 centimeters and a high of 44.6 centimeters there are no overlapping in the male and female jump heights. This is forced by the limited ability of domestic Islamic banks to finance projects because of its nature is only applicable to short term financing (Ayomi, Eric, Bambang and Fiona, 2015). While the specific pay structures and personnel information will remain confidential and viewable by only authorized personnel managers, the general structure is given in annexure II. States must disclose how many special education students take the regular test, an alternative test, and compare the performance of special education students to other students – even those without disabilities. The Chicago Manual of Style

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