Should I use 'calves' or 'calfs'?

Finally, all of the articles indicate that technology has been tied to history, colonialism and other barriers such as lack of access to technology that has to end for a new era of technological use among First Nations women to prosper. With the institution of the law, patients have received an abundance of new information about their illness, which may not have been shared prior.

Calves vs. calfs

According to Patterson (2004), frequent viewing of violence through different media leads to an increase in the availability of aggressive thoughts in the human mind, thus making it easier to aggravate aggression- related emotions in a given circumstance (para.10, 15). More studies have revealed the social impact of architecture and designs on the community, the people and its environment. Most researchers agree that cultural differences lead to different consumer reaction in different countries (Herman and kord, Ph.D., 2006). Purdue University Grammar Lab

Example sentences which use ‘calves’

The air is filled with the bleating of calves and sheep, and the hustling of oxen, as if a pastoral valley were going by.
That of calves skins, on the contrary, is greatly below it.
In countries where the price of cattle is very low, the calves, which are not intended to be reared in order to keep up the stock, are generally killed very young, as was the case in Scotland twenty or thirty years ago.
What can be more curious than the presence of teeth in foetal whales, which when grown up have not a tooth in their heads; or the teeth, which never cut through the gums, in the upper jaws of unborn calves?
With this the governor was satisfied and looked forward to the approach of night and supper-time with great anxiety; and though time, to his mind, stood still and made no progress, nevertheless the hour he so longed for came, and they gave him a beef salad with onions and some boiled calves' feet rather far gone.
Boots which extended halfway up his calves, and which were trimmed at the tops with rich brown fur, completed the impression of barbaric opulence which was suggested by his whole appearance.
The casket of the skull is broken into with an axe, and the two plump, whitish lobes being withdrawn (precisely resembling two large puddings), they are then mixed with flour, and cooked into a most delectable mess, in flavor somewhat resembling calves' head, which is quite a dish among some epicures; and every one knows that some young bucks among the epicures, by continually dining upon calves' brains, by and by get to have a little brains of their own, so as to be able to tell a calf's head from their own heads; which, indeed, requires uncommon discrimination.
Keeping at the centre of the lake, we were occasionally visited by small tame cows and calves; the women and children of this routed host.
I mention this circumstance, because, as if the cows and calves had been purposely locked up in this innermost fold; and as if the wide extent of the herd had hitherto prevented them from learning the precise cause of its stopping; or, possibly, being so young, unsophisticated, and every way innocent and inexperienced; however it may have been, these smaller whales--now and then visiting our becalmed boat from the margin of the lake--evinced a wondrous fearlessness and confidence, or else a still becharmed panic which it was impossible not to marvel at.
Those buckskin legs and calves of legs I've seen in shop windows wouldn't compare at all.
Mapped by Norwegian cartographers from surveys and air photos by the Norwegian Antarctic Expedition (1956–60) and named Rimekalvane (the frost calves).
Female Frankeston show more fertility, its productive longevity and durability are one of its many enhanced traits, making it common to find calves whose grandmothers have exceeded 14 calves in their productive life.
In addition to dams with good productive potential in their environment, and good growth rate of calves at weaning and post-weaning, other traits of this breed that highlight further advantages in the overall productivity in the warm tropics are: Also, Frankeston bulls are chosen to be mated with different crossed cows f1 because it maintains the levels of hybrid vigor retained in future generations.
The cattle herd is modest, concentrating on exporting calves to the United States.
The Cambridge Dictionary

Example sentences which use ‘calfs’

Some of the cows that were shot left calfs motherless.
They should not be confused with the original Orky and Corky, who did not live long in captivity and had no calfs.
John Chrysostom suggested that the gifts were fit to be given not just to a king but to God, and contrasted them with the Jews' traditional offerings of sheep and calfs, and accordingly Chrysostom asserts that the Magi worshiped Jesus as God.
Abdullajon performs many more miracles such as enabling people to fly on hoes, making hens lay fifty eggs per minute, growing enormous fruits and vegetables (such as watermelons that weigh three tons), making a cow give birth to forty calfs, and enabling a local technician to make his own hi-fi videocassette recorders.
Their life cycle starts with caterpillar-sized “wrigglers” which swim ashore and adopt a slug-like existence, growing by addition of cell layers to become “tads.” Once they have reached a size of about 40 x 10 cm and are too big to get around readily on land, they follow chemical clues to the tidelands where they join older juveniles, the “calfs” which are fully intelligent, mostly aquatic, live in bands, and have a culture about which little is known (and even less understood) by human researchers or by the Ihrdizu which used to enslave them.
Once the calfsare too big for the rough tidal waters they swim to the open sea to become “carpet whales” which measure from 5 meters length upwards, and might live for millennia.
Two types of restraint are the cattle crush or squeeze chute (for larger cattle), which may close on either side of a standing animal, or a branding cradle, where calfsare caught in a cradle which is rotated so that the animal is lying on its side.
He is highly against his uncle Jimbo's hunting, and was also known to commit to vegetarianism after feeling compassion for baby calfsin a farm, even going as far to hide them in his room to protect them from being slaughtered.
Daloni herself has recently begun breeding Aberdeen Angus calfs.
An analysis of the size of the bones of calfs collected in Paleorrota concluded that the mother "Exaeretodon" had one or two calfs, for one pregnancy.
Another version is "Als de kalveren op het ijs dansen" (When the calfs dance on the ice).
Grizzly bears were also common in the mountainous portions of the Level Mountain Range and are potentially significant predators of young caribou calfs.
University of Illinois Grammar Guide

Trends in the use of calves vs. calfs

This graph shows the trends in the use of ‘calves’ by country. You can compare with this graph which indicates the trends in the use of ‘calfs’ by country.

What is the meaning of calves?

And furthermore I also had a problem of food, as I grew up all my childhood in India eating rice with curries, it was not easy for me to find an authentic Indian restaurant which is also at the same time economical. These countries were part of the mandate system, which meant a nation governed by another as a mandate (acquired territory) on behalf of the League of Nations. Since there is a real wage drop, consumers start saving more and buying less, impacting the Eurozone economy as a whole, impacting the value of the euro. Invite them in small groups, to set with you in church, lunch, dinner, or get their phone number. However, one could argue that with rise of certain nation states such as China and India, there are serious questions about whether the transnational ruling class, who tend to be western educated, will continue to dominate the global economy. Ireland’s defense had just enough information for a successful case, but the lack of more evidence in his favor and information about other possible suspects lead the jury to make the devastating decision of sentencing him to fifty years in prison (“The Innocence Project,” n. Brihannala was appointed as music and dance teacher for princess uttara at King Virata’s Matsya kingdom. As a result of political risk, the portfolios of investors may face financial losses while states may exhibit problems with their ability to exercise diplomatic initiatives, military and other obligations. There is a lot of controversy over the supposed manipulation of low ranking scientologists by high ranking members. Maintaining/restoring health The Amish are limited in education when it comes to prevention or maintaining good health. As well as having the responsibility for planning, organizing, directing and tracking major aspects of the project, schedules, costs, and customer satisfaction. An external locus of control, however, will denote a person who attributes his success (or the lack of) to luck, fate and other uncontrollable factors. The growing assets process is also because the growing request of the foreigner, since that Malaysia is the one of a country that let the foreigner to become a landowning.

What is the meaning of calfs?

Hebrews 4:12 tells us that the Bible—God’s Word—is living and active and sharp and cuts like a sword to the heart of the hearers, saved and unsaved. Authorities such as the Fair Work Ombudsmen and the Department of Immigration are held accountable for the lack of action taken in response to these barbaric conditions. This adds to the evidence which proves that anti-inflammatories delay the onset of AD as Naproxen is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory which is used to treat chronic inflammation. The International Study of Asthma and Allergies in Childhood (ISAAC) was formed in 1991 and completed in 2012. This rule states, ‘do onto others as you would have them do onto you.’ As a future school counselor, the author could implement these values and integrate them into the school district’s bullying prevention plan. Hence, the AR among enteric bacteria, their genotypic characteristics, the regional distribution and prevalence in Kenya has not been comprehensively documented (Morgan et al., 2011; Tomson and Vlad, 2014; WHO, 2012). These "classes and training sessions wherein they undergo drill and field training which are essential" (Chappell). Though I do not know what assignments I wii face, using the knowledge and skills I learned from this class will always give me guidance and direction. It was after this that the ‘Apartment training program’ for helping such people was formed, which ultimately became the Alice Saddy Association. In conclusion, the fourth stage of this process will be reached if a new dimension of non-prejudiced morality allowing coexistence of our understanding of the world and our place in it is attained. The central component of cytoscape is a network graph with molecular species represented as nodes and intermolecular interaction represented as links. Lubricated friction- is a special case of fluid friction where a lubricant fluid layer separates two solid surfaces.

When should I use calves?

Various types of solar cells are used in the production of solar panel and each of it has different type of performance. There are various types of consumer frauds but this paper is concentrated on the most spread types of fraud. Md.Abdur Rouf (2011) He examined the relationship between firm specific characteristics and corporate social responsibility disclosure by taking 176 Bangladesh companies. It is well-known Hitler to oppose the political participation of women—a notion for which he based upon the concept of sexual polarity, that is, the existence of two separate sex-spheres. Figure 5.2b shows thevariation of friction factor with Reynoldsnumber fora tube fitted with twisted tape insert of twist ratio 5. Modigliani and Miller (1977) have adjusted their proposition to taxes and stated that, in presence of taxes, the value of a firm is equal to its unlevered value plus the interest tax shield. While there are a string of beaches in the Ponza, the best of them is the Chiaia di Luna. They had to send out order to China saying that we need “x” amount of iPhone’s by “x” date. Austria-Hungary took over Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1908, making the Serbian people fuming with national pride for their independence.

When should I use calfs?

Malaysia tourism industry expected to increase their effects to maintain the competitiveness compare to other countries. The hijras, therefore defined this term or construct not only in terms of sexual performance, but also gendered acts beyond the sexual domain. Ericsson (February, 2014) estimates that number of people with 3G or 4G connection, the fastest internet speed available today, is 2.1 billion active mobile-broadband subscriptions in the world – 29.5 percent of global population. Integrated reporting framework is to guide accountants to prepare and present financial reports with concern of sustainability of organisational long term operation. Direct and indirect effects of three core charismatic leadership components on performance and attitudes, Journal of Applied Psychology, 81(1): 36–51. They may be from internal sources like inaccurate project estimation in finance, human resource and time. Equity can be defined as stock or any other securities that represent an ownership interest towards the corporation which mainly held by the shareholders.

Which is correct, calves or calfs?

In previous research the organizational commitment scale has demonstrated both strong internal consistency (alpha = 0.82 - 0.93), and predictive validity with intent to leave an organization within one year (r= 0.37), and actual turnover (r= 0.22; Porter et al. In five of these samples, 32 of a total of 51 mutations found in the leukaemia cells were also found to be present in the residual HSCs. Organizations usually end up placing too much emphasis on the technical knowledge and skills while appointing employees and not enough emphasis gets placed on the character and behavioral aspects of prospective employees. It fulfills this by living up to expectations with its business accomplices to convey fulfillment and worth to buyers through an overall arrangement of prevalent brands and administrations, accordingly expanding brand value on a worldwide premise. On the other hand, Besnik claims to already be normal as he has some money and respect, he will get married and have a family later on and he will either open a business or be shot in the head. According to the authors, the organization should focus on finding the best employees in the highest levels possible of powers in order to justify the investments made to key talents (Scullion et al., 2011:98). Many these young men were also veterans, a population with multiple concerns influenced by public policy.

How do I use calfs?

Data represent treatment means ±S followed by different letter(S) within column indicate significant differences according to ANOVA and DMRT test (P < 0.05). They need to pay due diligence to ensure that such a scenario does not rise in the organization and people risks are given the required attention. It should not go beyond that level so that everyone understands and comes into agreement that there is a problem to deal with as you write problems out together in a way of workable problem statement (Johannessen, 2007). The sector has high potential in creating jobs by linking with agro-processing, consumption and export and without forgetting its provision of raw materials for the industries, hence gave chance for the market of manufactured agricultural goods. The platform’s software interprets biochemical results from a photometric reader and generates a computerized report that can be interfaced with laboratory information management systems.

Examples of the use of calves

The firm is headquartered in London and has 6 regional offices located in Oslo, Dubai, Houston, Rio de Janeiro and Ciudad del Carmen. While electrical conductivity will be measure by using a four probe technique at room temperature for all conductive cotton samples and will be investigate under different strain level to figure out the electrical resistance will be differs with the strain as the electrical resistance increases with the increasing strain level. In 1972, he became too weak even to get out of his bed and eventually died the next day he was sent to a hospital. The categories will be investigated as well as the relationship between the categories and respective questions. In other words it allows the researcher to represent the data in a line graph (Aldler& Parmryt).

Examples of the use of calfs

The study found that positive association between voluntary disclosure level and firm size, proportion of independent directors, corporate ownesrship and corporate governance. As a result, over the period 2000 – 2007, international property investment become grew more extremely than domestic property investment. Transforming economy into industrial and manufacturing activities has shape the infrastructure development in Malaysia (Naidu, 1992).
Quality of work: The quality of one project often affects another, so it's important to always track quality and make adjustments to future projects accordingly. The occurrence of these states must be avoided as much as possible since these small time intervals could have high impacts on energy consumption. Pelvis is rigidly attach to the rest of other upper part (HAT, head arm and trunk) and then thigh attach to pelvis at hip joint. It roused the organization to wander into the regions of Diet Coke and Zero calorie sodas. To sum up, the corruption will diminish the business efficiency because of the lack of trust. For example they monitor the capacity of the insurance losses to retain an adequate earning against the acquired failures. The authors of the source are well-respected university professors with a number of expertise in the fields of psychopaths behaviour, psychology and childhood physical trauma. They tend to focus on the negative side of a story using overgeneralizing words as never, always, no one etc. Heel strike initiates the gait cycle and shows the point at which the body’s CG at lowest height. This bacterium is found living and colonises the human mouth and was discovered by Alexander Fleming before he discovered penicillin. The kinetic parameters reported in the literatures strongly depend on the reaction conditions and on the nature of the catalyst. By using ICT, even traditional business models can be made more productive or completely new business models can be created, offering services which were once considered impossible previously. Primary research is research you have to find yourself such as, Questionnaires, focus groups and interviews.

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