Use of Alumna, alumnae, alumni, alumnus

Example sentences using ‘alumnae’

They are the main factor contributing to the school's intense pride and the strong community of current students, alumnae, and parents who support Ursuline.
The competitions are judged by a panel of faculty and alumnae.
In 1949, the College completed the construction of Alumnae Hall; this science center, the first building constructed on campus after the original Administration Building, signified Emmanuel's strength in the sciences, which continues today.
In Nashville, she attended Harpeth Hall – a girls' school with a national clientele and a strong performing arts program, counting Amy Grant and Reese Witherspoon among its alumnae.
Slick and Tricia Nixon, former President Richard Nixon's daughter, are alumnae of Finch College.
Grace was invited to a tea party for the alumnae at the White House in 1969.
King College, in Bristol, Tennessee, is the custodian of the Sullins College records and maintains an active relationship with alumnae of the institution In 1976, a local Episcopal day school began using the campus' Martin Hall after outgrowing its former location and remained there until moving to its current location in Virginia in 1999.
She was an early member of the Association of Collegiate Alumnae which later became the American Association of University Women.
She, members of the faculty, members of the AAUW and members of the alumnae group fought back strenuously.
After Ham was appointed, some alumnae attempted to rouse sufficient opposition to convince Ham to refuse the appointment but official Mount Holyoke closed ranks and the opposition was defeated.

Example sentences using ‘alumni’

All personnel at Wellspring camps either are former attendees or parents of alumni.
KIS students and alumni often refer to themselves as "Kodai Kids".
CUSIS provide different features for CUHK student, staff and Alumni.
The following is a list of notable alumni from Baylor School.
He received the Rensselaer Alumni Association Fellows Award in 2000.
Youth America Grand Prix has numerous alumni who have gone on to successful careers in the field.
"It was presented by the members of the Pittsburgh Alumni Association, and has cost furnished about $150,000."
Tradition says that students, teachers, and alumni stand at attention until the final line.
Alumni and transcript information is available from The King's College in New York, NY.
The initial financial support came from the BIT, entrepreneur sponsorship and alumni donation.
Some of WSIC's alumni include Ty Boyd and Harold Johnson.
Staff profiles are available via Alumni.
Notable alumni include Olympic gold-medalist, Christie Ambrosi.
Official group for all City of London Freemen's School Alumni.
The ceremony ended with a picture that was taken of the students, teachers, alumni and neighbours in front of the school.
The team was successfully reinstated through the efforts of alumni, current rowers, and the University as a whole.
The Alumni Association was formed in 2006.
The alumni meet annually to share their experience.
The executive committee of alumni association are elected after each meeting.
This committee is responsible for alumni activities for the coming year.
Notable alumni include Andrew Scipione, NSW Police Commissioner.
There are nearly 20,000 Utica College alumni.
Below are alumni, benefactors, presidents or chancellors, and other notable people associated with Long Island University.
Five alumni have earned Fulbright scholarships.
The University of Mary Washington has one of the highest percentages of alumni volunteering in the Peace Corps.
Graduates of the college can join the Gainesville State College Alumni Association.
The stadium was renovated in 1992 at a cost of $275,000, paid for by the donations of UC alumni.
Tau Beta Pi also has 59 alumni chapters.
He is also mentioned in the McIntire Exchange newsletter as a successful business owner and alumni.
The Webster alumni network includes over 157,000 alumni worldwide and over 2,500 alumni graduated from the Webster Vienna campus.
In recent Olympics, up to two dozen Bolles students and alumni have swum for their respective countries.
Phillips Theological Seminary houses the transcripts of the alumni of Phillips University.
This is a list of notable Virginia Tech alumni.
The school's alumni fund a scholarship at the osteopathic college.
He was executive director of the NFL Alumni in 1991-92.
Alumni of California Culinary Academy include:
Many of the country's who's who in those days were alumni of St.
In 2008 she was among a number of alumni awarded recognition by the school.
The school alumni body is Persatuan Bekas Pelajar SMSAH.
Some of the above-named alumni have been honored by this committee.
This is a list of notable alumni and faculty of Alfred University.
Alumni and Hanoi - Amsterdam Organization.
All alumni, parents of alumni, former staff, governors, and friends of the school are welcome to participate in these events.
While visiting, the alumni members are able to participate in the alumni's which they have (Bunk 1, Bunk 12, Bunk 14).
The terms are both also used in a more general context by students and alumni to refer to themselves as fans and alumni of the University.
This is a list of alumni; Notable events.
More than 20 overseas alumni are engaged the posts in colleges, departments and research institutes, 110 experts and alumni are engaged as the guest professors.
The alumni of Tabor have a farreaching influence in a number of different fields.
In 1987-1988 he served as President of the MIT Alumni Association.
Ashong was a founding member of the Harvard Black Alumni Society.

Example sentences using ‘alumnus’

He was an alumnus of Iowa State College (class of 1895), lettering in football in 1895.
Thomas is an alumnus of the University of Southern Mississippi.
Mission Control used the Fight Song to awaken alumnus and current professor Norm Thagard one morning in 1983 while he was aboard the "Challenger" spacecraft.
The school's most prominent alumnus is Yousaf Raza Gilani, ex-prime minister of Pakistan.
He was an alumnus of the National Institute of Policy and Strategic Studies.
An alumnus and former employee of the university, he was visiting this time in his role as a parent, and she was Alan Lomax’s Latin instructor.
His widow took on his fellow AEI alumnus Theodore Hack as business partner, styling the business Robin Hack.
He is a former pupil of Allan Glen's School and an alumnus of Glasgow and Strathclyde universities.
In 1981 Wright received an honorary LLD from Troy State University, and in 1982 Purdue named him a Distinguished Alumnus.
In November, 2008, alumnus Grover Wrenn, a member of the founding class in 1960, gave the college a $1-million gift, the largest from an alumnus.
The field itself is named for Duquesne alumnus and founder of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Art Rooney.
Chinni Jayanth is an alumnus of Wesley High School, Chennai.
Lamb is an alumnus of Brigham Young University (BYU).
Victor Martin (Blaton, 19 January 1912 – November 1989) was a Belgian sociologist, alumnus of Louvain Catholic University.
Alumni Chapters are composed by alumnus members of Tau Beta Pi in a geographical region, and receive their name accordingly.
Davis grew up in Berryville, Virginia, and is an alumnus of Oberlin College in Ohio.
He was named a Texas A Distinguished Alumnus in 1981.
Bolles has had at least one alumnus or student competing in every summer Olympics since 1972.
He was awarded by IIT Bombay with the Distinguished Alumnus Award in 2001.
Clitheroe is an alumnus of the University of NSW, which he graduated from in the late 1970s.
In 2007, she was the first alumnus inducted into the school's hall of fame.
In 2006, The Naval Academy Preparatory School named their newly built dormitory in honor of alumnus Colonel John Ripley.
Esmay is an Arizona State alumnus, and he played baseball there from 1986–1987.
In addition, Richmond writer and VCU alumnus David Baldacci funded and supported the fledgling Award in its early years.
San Francisco 49er and Oregon State alumnus, Vern Burke, was on hand to watch the Beavers.
Henry was a 2005 alumnus of John Hersey High School in Arlington Heights, Illinois.
Spann is also an alumnus member of Theta Tau - Mu Chapter.
He is also an alumnus of the Artists Collective, Inc.
Mamta Prabhu is an alumnus of the S. E. S. high school and junior college, Thane.
He is an alumnus of the original Yeshiva of Tomchei Temimim in Lyubavichi, and later served as mashgiach in various branches of the yeshiva.
The current Prime Minister of Australia Tony Abbott is a notable alumnus of the college.
Alumnus of Saint Ignatius' College are known as Old Ignatians.
In 1999, Spencer was honored by Johns Hopkins University Alumni Association with the The Distinguished Alumnus Award.
He was selected as the outstanding alumnus of both of the latter.
The school was established by a Capernwray Hall alumnus, Charles Fordham, in 1979.
Albright was an alumnus of Upper Iowa University.
Eventually the university relented and the town was resurrected, only to be burned down by an irate alumnus two years later and replaced by a "memorial wall."
He is an alumnus of Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity.
Each house was thus renamed after a distinguished alumnus of said fraternity.
The artist John Körmeling, alumnus of Eindhoven University of Technology, transformed the building into an 'art factory' for twenty-four hours.
Its most famous athletic alumnus is Latrell Sprewell, who played basketball for Three Rivers before playing Division I basketball at Alabama.
Kasey Boucher (born October 25, 1990) is a women’s ice hockey player and an alumnus of the North American Hockey Academy.
In 1998, Karan joined RatDog, a band led by Grateful Dead alumnus Bob Weir.
The commission for the renovation went to Gwathmey Siegel Associates Architects, of which Charles Gwathmey is a Yale Architecture alumnus and former Rudolph student.
in 2002, she was awarded Alumnus of the Year by the University of Strathclyde.
On August 1, 2012, Tabor alumnus Jayson Megna signed a 2-way contract with the Pittsburgh Penguins.
Lakas graduated from Texas Tech University in 1963 and was honored as a distinguished alumnus in 1970.
Alumnus Li Zhongmei, a famous ballet and Chinese classical dancer
Pochman is an alumnus of Brigham Young University.
Benton was an alumnus of Ohio Normal University (now Ohio Northern University), Ohio Wesleyan University, Baker University and the College of Wooster.

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The process of obtaining the parameter’s values consisted of running all the seven rate equations through the L-M method which requires giving an initial guess to the parameters so that iterations can run with the starting points given by us. The education system in Nigeria is long overage for full adoption in all sectors of the institutions life including information management. The thickens is measured at 4 random points over the wafer in order to obtain approx thickness of oxide. The study identified that they exist a myriad of challenges affecting information management in our institutions of Tertiary learning. The best possible option that Shondra should consider will involve advocating for educational program in the organization that will focus on educating every employee about healthcare fraud and abuse. In my opinion, there is still not developed particular schemes of control of this area of capital movements, so this becomes key source of instability in global financial markets, which, in recent years, turned into several regional crises in Europe. This method was based on an oxidation-reduction reaction in which phenolic compounds were oxidized with simultaneous reduction of a phosphotungsten complex in an alkaline medium. Quality management systems require that suppliers to a business have a formal quality management system of their own. Walden University Grammar Handbook

Alumna, alumnae, alumni, alumnus

The expression ratio of miR-221: miR-375 showed high sensitivity of 92% and specificity of 93% for OSCC prediction (56). For practical implementation of the proposed method, we assume that the initial data from all sensor nodes and other nodes in the sensor network to the routing table. Whenever a person stop using that particular resources, for example, a person having an opinion that the web is full of junk will not use the resource to find the information. Many times in the business environment, people are known to take work of others and use it as their own. The information overload also happen when a person cannot understand the information, this may due to the use of jargons or language barrier. One notable conclusion in this study finds that parents view themselves as being more involved in their child’s education than students or teachers perceive them to be (Clinton & Hattie, 2013, p.327). Rothfeder believes that such pervasive data acquisition and exchange can lead to a feeling of powerlessness in the face of privacy intrusion. Even after changing my major to social work, I was still stuck on never working with adolescents. The ratio decedendiof Shankari Prasad and Sajjan Singh to the veritable principles propounded in KeshavanandaBharti and I. On the ethical or moral grounds, Plato’s views are still very discouraging about poetry since he calls it to be a “pack of lies.” He says to this extent that poetry is only the outlet to one’s pent-up emotions. Pursuing innovation would help build up an environment that is favorable for mobilizing intellectual capital to reinforce the development of firms, and to improve the performance of enterprises through reinvigoration, adaptation and transformation. According to the CDC, obese workers take more absentee days due to illness than normal weight employees. University of Illinois Grammar Handbook

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However, all the 4 mines are closed now by the Government, as it was accused that the mines were having an adverse effect on the flora and fauna and the wild life of the island. We are in a drought stricken state and it only looks to get worse, we are using 6.4 billion gallons of drinking water everyday just to water our lawns. But if it is too late then it is encouraged they deliver the baby, and again, foster homes are available for children. After all this was said and done he returned from war and began to learn how to live a normal life again. Another one is known as build-operate-transfer projects where the ownership of the project is transferred back to the government. For occupied folks, it implies that they will have more hours of sunshine to finish outside errands, and so forth. When an acute situation; such as a hip fracture followed in an editorial, “The Journey across the Health Care (Dis) Continuum for Vulnerable Patients (2012), for the geriatric population being in an Emergency Department and then possible an ICU can lead to a chaotic and unfamiliar environment. British Council English Grammar

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Furthermore, to achieve operational efficiency and cost effective delivery, the concept of intermodal freight transport and its effectiveness remain. One big event that occurred because of irrational thinking was when Lord Capulet, Juliet Capulet’s father forced her into marrying Paris. Some area Maybank will operate in Saturday and some area Maybank will open 7 days a week. Thus, with .932, the Cronbach’s Alpha values of 0.90 or greater are excellent and acceptable for high-stakes tests. Other firms use a mission to point out more altruistic intentions that ultimately lead to profits. The school alert system allows for the administrators to send out text messages and emails to parents. The tides of change brought the valiant enlightened sails of Europe to the shores of India and thus came too ushered in the setting of the eastern sun and zenith of Imperialistic Europe. Tidak ada penjelasan mengenai mengapa ia menggunakan kata “Indonesia” ketimbang “Nusantara”, padahal saat itu “Indonesia” belum lahir. Television has additionally been rebuked for creating negative impacts on perusing abilities and some claim that a lot of television utilization makes kids inept.

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Working to enhance the diversity of our workforce, we have a partnership with the New Zealand Ministry of Maori Development, Te Puni Kokiri, to provide cadetship positions in our New Zealand Maori. Nowadays many people are waiting for summer vacation so that they can travel, even for a few days with some members of their family or friends. Waste water from this processing operation is pumped to a separate tailings dam a further 3km to the west in a completely different valley. There are about ten important companies that offer the services of insurance for the Albanian customers. Local people of the Niger Delta locale are requesting a decent amount of the oil income abused in their district on which they guarantee they are being minimized and disregarded from assets misused in their region (Suman, 1987). Construction and Performance Testing of Small Scale Wind Power System, World Academy of Sciency Engineering and Technology, pp.156-160. Guide to Grammar and Style

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Rapid economic growth led to a change in lifestyle community with power users and high purchasing rights. Getting treated as been shown to have a positive effect not just the quality of sleep, but the overall quality of life! The Constitutional responsibility for performing this task lies with the Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) who is the guardian of public purse. While the economic aspect was a helpful change because American manufacturing increased, more land was available in the west, Loyalists properties would be returned, antislavery feeling increased. With feedback crucial to the effectiveness of performance appraisals one must also look at the impact of selection and training on an employee’s performance. Since marketing is concerned with people, much of the information collected in marketing research is obtained by interviews, or relates to opinions and attitudes. Other authors like Bob & Bronkhorst (2010:19) give a different perspective over the water scarcity conflict. It binds to the red blood cells 200 times more effectively than oxygen does, causing carbon monoxide to bind with hemoglobin in blood to form carboxyhemoglobin (COHb) instead of oxyhemoglobin.

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For instance, some regions in Asia have been able to meet the objective of cutting down poverty level by halving while other areas, like some parts of Africa are still behind. Dharma Rao, “Experimental determination of turbulent forced convection heat transfer and friction factor withSiO2 nanofluid, Exp. The example is similar also to the situation of a group of patriotic people at war against a common outside enemy. We know that maximum number of books on library shelves of Colleges and Universities in India are in English. Highly liquidity for companies is by focusing on owning and letting property compare to common stock and bonds because it’s reflect with real estate market. It tells God we are replacing our self-centered interests and values with those he wants us to have, and we are adopting his purposes for our lives as our own. As an example, income inequality in USA (Gini ratio 45%) is more than that of in India (Gini ratio 33.4%) but the positional property of Biased Equilibrium tells that, poverty in India is harder to alleviate. All throughout the novel, Mariam and Laila suffer from domestic violence by their husband, which only keeps getting worse to the point where Rasheed is about to kill Laila, but Mariam steps in and ends his life by hitting him in the head. The ‘carbon budget’ is falling out of balance as fossil fuels are being extracted and burned for fuels more increasingly. He is the product test engineer; hence he ascertains the quality of the product before it is rolled out to the market. The sum of all subdivisions will ultimately create basic factor for the group which it belongs. Enforced constraints symbolize top level criterion for success in the undertaking, outside of which the top level set objectives are not met. This kind of approach is neccesary because it refers to the victim who reports or does not report the fraudulent acts.

How do I use alumnae?

Responses received by the researcher are compared to the number of individuals originally asked to complete the questionnaire. This involvement by followers in making decision requires providing higher level of power for followers than this low level in classic and transactional leadership. This is best style for the employees that require supervision with the work that they are completing. Actually, it is a result of both above two steps, which can lead the overall performance to be either highly or lowly. Because of this, Kennedy had to rely more than on experience, since Nixon would easily beat him that way. Dee’s potential inability to stay objective, competent, and effective in therapy with both clients may also cause them harm. Therefore, in this experiment, we will investigate the result of overexpression of both CNR and intron retained CNR (basically only the first exon of CNR) in wild type and CNR mutant tomato. Each branch has powers that it can use to check and balance the operations and power of the other two branches. Bowie

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State University continues to strive towards excellence in producing students who are an asset to its community and to the nation. The continuing national and ethnic conflicts exist in such countries as Spain, the UK, France, Canada, and Italy. However, a major cause for further lack of aid viability, was the prioritization of donors rather than domestic policies for personal purposes or no supervision. The SCLC wanted to get Birmingham to reject segregation but it turned bad for the SCLC. With this card, it can be used to buy tickets, transportation companies will give some discount. Then they sully the reputation of any black man who appears to be a victim, like with the Trayvon Martin, all he was doing was walking with a hoodie on and having skittles, Arizona ice tea, when you look at that do you see harm in that? The company also ranks #1 in Best Newcomer for Calls category on the “Top 50 Companies for Customer Service” list. The NAACP an organisation for the equality of blacks, took this advantage of her being arrested to target the bus companies to give equal seating anywhere they would like to sit.

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This Act assists in eradicating the disparities of mortality rates that occur among African-American women by helping ensure improved coverage for evidence-based breast cancer prevention and treatment by requiring health plans cover mammograms (American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, 2014). Time flies so fast, my last year in high school has come, I need to say goodbye to my friends and face a new chapter in life. These practices are built on trust and human resources evidence provide competitive advantages for the company (Pfeffer, 1998:31-32). The blade of the turbine had been made curve in order to decrease friction with the air flow. When the layers are thinner it is impossible to count individual layers, so it begins to be tested with chemicals to see reactions. He claimed that anything presented on the stage should be an authentic account of real life. Empirical results from a survey of sales people indicate that, compared to the global motivation constructs, the cognitive and affective representation of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation provides a more robust description of the salesperson motivation.

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In addition, fever has a significant influence on microorganism growth and is known to increase cellular immune response. In combination with the policy reforms in the last section, our generation could see an overhaul of the global food system. Generally, nanotechnology deals with developing materials, devices or other structures possessing at least one dimension sized from 1-100 nm. My Second Home Programme will be strengthened in Malaysia and work permits will be issued to those programme participants. In the end, the delegates (which included 68 women and 32 men) signed the Declaration of Sentiments marking the beginning of the fight for equal rights. Understanding these things commences with building an erudition base about the major aspects of the culture and your target consumer. Dee knows Isabelle and Anthony as well as details of their relationship, she could possibly begin to lose objectivity during sessions. She cites that middle class convention in the early 20th century was that survival of infants and health of children was assumed to be the fault of mothers.

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Study of the long term survival data from sequential MRC AML trials between 1978 and 2009 would suggest that 5 year survival has improved significantly during this period for those patients under the age of 60, but with much more modest improvements for those aged 60 and over (GRAPH). Shiva Abdoli, Daniel T.Semere 2014 : This paper presents applicable models and methodologies helping to find better process planning for cutting parameters selection that accounts energy efficiency. This time-frame is chosen because it marks the starting point of an intensifying relationship between Angola and China, politically and economically. In Pakistan these reforms are instigated with the aim to get better the feedback mechanism and to make the public sector operations more accountable. The fraudulent acts are done when the entity appears with losses and what to gain more money. This would later prove very beneficial for them since they used the site to conduct experiments (Zak). They did not have long hair, or openly smoke pot.” In the 80’s the Veterans Administration became the second largest bureaucracy run by our government after social security. Maiti and Mukharjee have screened 43 species of Solanum from India for steroidal alkaloid especially Solasodine. Harrison, Flood, and Duce (2013) stated that the context of use in PACMAD usability standard referred to the environment in which the user will use the app. This is a fact that led to them having a bigger birth rate even though the death rate was quite high. However, this did not hinder thousands of tourists from visiting our country to experience our sun, sand, and sea. The seventh factor is the market incentives and the last factor is the positive medical research that marijuana has produced. So they don’t have to do resource management which again reduces the cost, time and effort of consumers. His society, through his remarks failed to accept the good and what is important to his society has been negligible. There are many actors, perspectives, bureaucratic difficulties, economic interests and less international protection to a vulnerable population caught inside a conflict.

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It is not a set of rules that society has to follow but is used as a guideline to lead the managers to undertake effective decision for the entire company.The usage of ethics is different in the daily life of individuals and in the business environment. If clients are living close to health care facilities, they are able to attend HAART as scheduled. Preceding results showed a fruitful correlation between the field observations (pan evaporation) and the modeled results (CROPWAT), with relative errors from -3.1% to 21%. The places that offer their own working conditions only certain periods of the year, usually in warm season, the perishable material wood influence interventions occurred over the entire assembly. Without the law, it is very common for patients to take their own life in order to gain a sense of control. Some people say that in the next century conflicts will erupt because competition over natural resources. This selection may lead to a prosperous business in the way the manager effectively conveys the business goals whilst directing and motivating employees.

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Small talk is extremely important in creating business relationships in the United Arab Emirates, and although the topics can be huge, you should never speak gossip about others. Playing an important role in the nations economic and political development, black Americans have contributed to society by becoming inventors, publishers, authors, business owners, journalist, educators, military officials, political activist, public elected officials, the president of the United States, and so much more. The legal framework is also designed on the basis of European Union directives, which has made possible not only the legal regulation of this market but also the creation of legal institutions in its service, such as the Financial Supervisory Authority. If fact checking were to become a standard part of the publishing procedure, the ethical responsibility to the public would be fulfilled. The resultant microspheres were filtered, washed with petroleum ether, dried overnight, and stored in a well closed container. Chapter 3 of this paper will compare these languages in order to search for these common features.