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Vocabulary Word

Word: yield

Definition: amount produced; crop; income on investment; profit obtained from an investment; V: produce; give in; surrender

Sentences Containing 'yield'

Affected, and impressed with terror as they both were, by this spectacle of ruin, it was not a time to yield to such emotions.
As of November 2011, the Greek bonds have a bond yield of 28%.
As you behold it, you involuntarily yield the immense superiority to him, in point of pervading dignity.
But they yield such respect, numerous as they are, are so far heathen, and need to have a missionary sent to them.
Each plant has a potential yield of per bunch.
exclaimed Haidee;``he says that through me he will suffer through me, who would yield my life for his.''
Give up then that which is not thine own: yield it to One who is better than thou.
Gold seed rice was notable for the larger yield of the grain.
He earned the respect and admiration of Martok and even of the guards because he would not yield.
He would not, however, yield immediately to the young man's request, but made a few conscientious objections.
However, directional derivatives exist and yield support functions of support sets.
I yield, you have conquered: all who have ever loved before, you have conquered out and out in love's contest.
In methanol a yield of 43% MMF was reported in combination with 47% methyl levulinate.
In order to encourage loan brokers to find borrowers who will pay yield spreads, lenders typically offer yield spread premiums to the brokers who bring them loans with yield spreads.
In such circumstances, the wonder is, not that he was sometimes obliged to yield, but that he ever was able to resist.
Individual investors began investing in high-yield money market accounts.
Initial additions yield a clean bitterness.
Misfortune has broken my once haughty spirit; I yield, I submit; 'tis my fate.
Most tests were limited-yield underground test shots.
Overturn the world, change its character, yield to mad ideas, be even criminal but live.''
Should Cain attempt to farm the land, the earth would not yield produce for him.
SPR can be a powerful method for quickly determining protein activity and overall yield.
The count, fearing to yield to the entreaties of her he had so ardently loved, called his sufferings to the assistance of his hatred.
The fruits do not yield their true flavor to the purchaser of them, nor to him who raises them for the market.
The rocks also yield fossils of "Giraffatitan" and "Kentrosaurus".
The second is, that he yield not to any lusts and motions of the flesh.
The timbers were too strong; they did not yield.
The yield from the robbery was 140 speciedaler.
The yield per acre is only 10 to 20% of the yields that are common in France or California.
The yield spread is a way of comparing any two financial products.
Then remounting aloft, it again goes through the same round until the deep cistern will yield no more.
They told me that in a good day they could get out a thousand tons, which was the yield of about one acre.
This can yield stiff and lifeless performances in slower more expressive cues.
This is to encourage brokers to search for borrowers willing to pay for the yield spreads.
This is vital to maximise crop yield, animal grazing and good quality silage/hay.
Those taxes, levied in this manner, yield a very considerable revenue to government.
Though their blubber is very thin, some of these whales will yield you upwards of thirty gallons of oil.
Unless they yield him this profit, therefore, they do not repay him what they may very properly be said to have really cost him.
What damsel was not enamoured of him and did not yield herself up wholly to his will and pleasure?
When this is done, there is no apparent reason why they should not yield as many seeds as did their parents when legitimately fertilised.
Without the warmth of the sun seeds could not sprout and develop into the mighty trees which yield firewood.
Yuwen Shiji knew that she would not yield, and therefore left her.
``Listen to me, mother, and do not yield too much to agitation.''
``Maximilian, Maximilian,''he said,``the ideas you yield to are unworthy of a Christian.''
``Oh, I obtained, or rather claimed that; we had conceded enough for them to yield us that.''
``Still, I should not think the Morcerfs would yield to the Cavalcanti?''
``To yield readily easily to the persuasion of a friend is no merit with you.''
``To yield without conviction is no compliment to the understanding of either.''
``What, M. de Villefort,''cried the president,``do you yield to an hallucination?
``You are too noble not to understand me, and you understand me so well that you already yield, dear Maximilian.

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::: bullion - gold and silver in the form of bars
::: dynamo - generator for producing electricity; energetic person
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::: bode - foreshadow; portend
::: mutter - utter (complaining words) indistinctly in low tones
::: flaccid - flabby; lacking firmness; weak; Ex. flaccid muscles
::: incarnate - endowed with flesh; invested with bodily form; personified; Ex. devil incarnate; V: give bodily form to; embody
::: nurture - nourish; feed; educate; rear; care for while it is growing or developing; foster; cultivate; N: something that nourishes; rearing
::: exemplary - serving as a model; outstanding; Ex. exemplary punishment/behavior; N. exemplar: typical example; model