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Vocabulary Word

Word: worldly

Definition: engrossed in matters of this earth; not spiritual; of the material world

Sentences Containing 'worldly'

"Rolling Stone" called him "abundantly gifted, eye-poppingly spectacular", "confident and worldly" in his performance at the House of Blues in Los Angeles.
"Step 4 Bride's vow: Yes, I promise to strive to make the best home for us, anticipate and provide necessary things for your worldly life, and for the happiness of our family.
'--a lady of such youth, and such attractions, however real her respect for you, might have been influenced in marrying, by worldly considerations only.
'I apprehend you never supposed my worldly circumstances to be very good,' replied the assistant.
'It's not a business-like way of speaking,' said my aunt, 'nor a worldly way.
'Very little, sir, I am afraid;' I answered, speaking to him as respectfully and sorrowfully as I felt; 'but pray believe me, I have considered my own worldly position.
Again, concerning these outward worldly things, were it so that any of them did properly belong unto man, then would it not belong unto man, to condemn them and to stand in opposition with them.
All worldly things thou must behold and consider, dividing them into matter, form, and reference, or their proper end.
And it is all as tranquil and reposeful as dreamland, and has nothing this worldly about it nothing to hang a fret or a worry upon.
And such almost is every part of our life; and every worldly object.
Argued with the jury on substantial worldly grounds the only grounds ever worth taking into account it was a plain case, and had not a weak spot in it.
As a pig that cries and flings when his throat is cut, fancy to thyself every one to be, that grieves for any worldly thing and takes on.
Before answering the third question, Yama tests Nachiketa, offering him all sorts of worldly pleasures instead, but Naciketas insists (1.1.21–29).
Can it be, then, that by that act of physical isolation, he signifies his spiritual withdrawal for the time, from all outward worldly ties and connexions?
Falak adapts simplicity, patience and humbleness, she brought quietness in her life and manage to get rid of unnecessary worldly and hollow pursuits.
Falak Mothers Mehr-un-Nisa (Hina Khawaja Bayat) built her subsistence according to the worldly life.
For herein lieth all indeed, ever to look upon all worldly things, as things for their continuance, that are but for a day: and for their worth, most vile, and contemptible, as for example, What is man?
For justice cannot be preserved, if either we settle our minds and affections upon worldly things; or be apt to be deceived, or rash, and inconstant.
For so shalt thou at all time be able to perceive how all worldly things are but as the smoke, that vanisheth away: or, indeed, mere nothing.
For that was the estate of worldly things from the beginning, and so shall it ever be.
For without relation unto God, thou shalt never speed in any worldly actions; nor on the other side in any divine, without some respect had to things human.
He had managed for me, in my absence, with the soundest judgement; and my worldly affairs were prospering.
He urged people to look beyond the transience of worldly affairs, and realize that it is only the unselfish chant of God's name that delivers a person from the misery and suffering of this earthly existence.
If they can, why wouldst not thou rather pray, that they will grant unto thee, that thou mayst neither fear, nor lust after any of those worldly things which cause these distractions and distempers of it?
If worldly things 'be but as a dream, the thought is not far off that there may be an awakening to what is real.
Imaam ibn Muflih al-Hanbali said of him: "He was the Shaikh, the great scholar, the Hafidh, the one who abstained from the worldly life.
It places emphasis on personal cultivation, this-worldly social welfare, and rejects any notion of an afterlife.
It symbolises divesting oneself of all worldly vanity and standing bare before God.
It was bestowed on some women of the Imperial dynasties, as an indicator of worldly power and influence, and a status near to divinity.
Johnson loosely adapts Juvenal's original satire to demonstrate "the complete inability of the world and of worldly life to offer genuine or permanent satisfaction."
On a more worldly note he directed that open house be kept for guests at Luttrellstown Castle.
Others, like Abstract Expressionism, use outer-worldly figures and colors to evoke an emotional response.
Pardon me, doctor, these worldly ideas; were you a priest I should not dare tell you that, but you are a man, and you know mankind.
said my aunt, 'she WON'T be quiet!') 'I never thought,' proceeded Annie, with a heightened colour, 'of any worldly gain that my husband would bring to me.
She had always felt that Charlotte's opinion of matrimony was not exactly like her own, but she had not supposed it to be possible that, when called into action, she would have sacrificed every better feeling to worldly advantage.
She is mature and experienced, offering worldly relationship advice to Pearl and Dinah.
So live as indifferent to the world and all worldly objects, as one who liveth by himself alone upon some desert hill.
Soka Gakkai teaches that through this chanting, one can gain this-worldly benefits that range from health, wealth and happiness to world peace.
Some were suffering from the aftermath of recent wars; in other, life had become too worldly.
That boy had been notoriously worldly, and I just the reverse; yet he was exalted to this eminence, and I left in obscurity and misery.
The first made him suspicious of his family; the bombing made him vow to be someone else; work and study gave him the worldly experience to be a poet.
The nomination points out that the word combines two completely opposite areas of life: worldly belongings ("hab" from "haben", "to have") and the eternal search for happiness ("Seligkeit", a state of bliss or of being blessed).
The song is an exchange between both members of the duo (Kiefer and Shawna Thompson), in which both of them sing that they are trying to think about their worldly problems, but can only focus on each other at the moment.
They are also the creators of the more worldly indentations in that area that served as grinding hollows and game boards.
They assumed in this document authority over clericals, subjecting them to their worldly legislation.
Thou wilt one day be sensible of their happiness, whose end is love, and their affections dead to all worldly things.
To Mr. Lorry, he commended them all, and explained his worldly affairs.
Under the stress of unfavorable circumstances he gave up the study of the Torah and sought to support himself by a worldly calling.
While griots take pride in understanding themselves and life around them, nobles are often more focused on worldly aspects.
You may also tell him, from me, that after abandoning his worldly goods and position to this butcherly mob, I wonder he is not at the head of them.

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