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Vocabulary Word

Word: wizardry

Definition: sorcery; magic

Sentences Containing 'wizardry'

"The Dark Spire" is a throwback to old first-person dungeon crawler RPGs, such as "The Bard's Tale" or "Wizardry".
An increasingly popular use of technology is Techno-Wizardry, which is a fusion of magic and technology.
For example, "The Illithiad" references the character of Strom Wakeman and the organization known as the Arcane Order (an organization detailed heavily in another of Cordell's works, "College of Wizardry").
In 1977, despite the fact that he was no longer at TSR, Arneson published "Dungeonmaster's Index", a 38-page booklet that indexed all of TSR's "D" properties to that point in time, including "Chainmail", the original 3-book set of "D", the five "D" supplements ("Greyhawk"; "Blackmoor"; "Eldritch Wizardry"; "Gods, Demi-gods Heroes"; and "Swords Spells"), and all seven issues of "The Strategic Review".
In the opening chapter of the final book, Voldemort murders Professor Charity Burbage because she portrays muggles in a positive light and is opposed to limiting wizardry to only people of pure-blood origins.
Riding the playmaking wizardry of Gretzky, he would finish the season with 46 goals and 48 assists for 94 points, a total good for 10th in the league.
Techno-Wizardry also encompasses the creation of more traditional magic weapons, so a Techno-Wizard can make both a flaming sword or a plasma cannon, often with many of the same components and spells.
The aims of Techno-Wizardry are to use magic not only to power technology, but to make it more effective than it was prior to magic infusion.
The concerto reveals that Paganini's technical wizardry was fully developed.
The Splugorth are also masters of Rune Magic (such as the creation of the fabled "rune weapons"), an offshoot of Bio-Wizardry.
The Splugorth rule through the use of subject races enslaved by Bio-Wizardry, a form of mysticism that involves the use of parasites and symbiotes to enhance one's abilities.
The volume "Monsters Treasure" in the original set, and the supplements ("Greyhawk", "Blackmoor" and "Eldritch Wizardry") included a section of monsters.
This major center of civilization is well known as a melting pot of humans, D-Bees and other, stranger beings, and is the home of Techno-Wizardry.
“Something of a Charles Addams cartoon…” "An Evening with Elmore Gwendolyn Putts, The Neighbors Next Door", “…displays a variety of comedic forms--from mime to slapstick, one-liners to thoughtful satirical jabs,” and has a “…wizardry in blending 50’s sitcom norms with comic impersonations.” Play Synopsis.

More Vocab Words

::: substantive - substantial; essential; pertaining to the substance; substantial; considerable; Ex. substantive issues
::: dignitary - person of high rank or position
::: gruesome - grisly; horrible
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::: disjunction - act or state of separation; disunity; CF. disjunctive: expressing a choice between two ideas; CF. conjunction; CF. conjunctive
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::: propensity - natural inclination
::: asinine - stupid; Ex. asinine remarks
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