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Vocabulary Word

Word: withstand

Definition: stand up against; resist successfully

Sentences Containing 'withstand'

A rotating roster became a hallmark, although one theme remained consistent: the Avengers fight "the foes no single superhero can withstand."
All Bari-based submarines were undamaged, their tough exteriors able to withstand the German attack.
And had to withstand the pressure of all the power of the moving opponent.
And I find that several species in this state withstand uninjured an immersion in sea-water during seven days.
But poorly could I withstand them, much as in other moods I was almost ready to smile at the solemn whimsicalities of that outlandish prophet of the wharves.
Carlton credited Jenkins with helping her to withstand and protect herself from pressures the record label executives, who wanted to influence the recording process, placed on her.
Castles needed to be fortified to withstand assaults from invaders.
CT informed her that they would navigate the country in a “hard car” – usually a Mercedes – armored to withstand gunfire while blending into traffic.
Dangerous boiler explosions have occurred because the boiler walls were not strong enough to withstand the pressure of the steam -LRB- which is water in the form of gas -RRB-.
Despite the harsh environment, several life forms have been found that can withstand extreme space conditions for extended periods.
During the test the armor proves to be unable to withstand the cannon rounds.
Established plants can withstand dry periods.
He possesses exceptional abilities, including the ability to breathe underwater and withstand extreme depth pressures, and superhuman strength.
He was killed by Beorn, where it says: "Swiftly he returned, and his wrath was redoubled, so that nothing could withstand him, and no weapon seemed to bite upon him.
However, these ships were not ordered as they could not withstand old Italian battleships.
Hydrodynamic constraints include the ability to withstand shock waves, weather collisions and groundings.
If enough minerals make it inside the egg can become sturdy enough to withstand the weight of the overlying sediments.
If you yourself can withstand three cheers at beholding these vivacious fish, then heaven help ye; the spirit of godly gamesomeness is not in ye.
In 1912, another Fortress was built, in order to withstand a German invasion.
In addition, the union did not have a strike fund at its disposal to withstand a lengthy walkout.
In more than one instance, he has been known, not only to chase the assailing boats back to their ships, but to pursue the ship itself, and long withstand all the lances hurled at him from its decks.
Individuals have a subcutaneous fat layer, dense down and tightly overlapping feathers that help them withstand low temperatures.
It grows in most moderate climates, but cannot withstand dryness or drought.
Like all Atlanteans and Lemurians, Llyra has a certain degree of superhuman strength and durability, and is able to withstand the ocean pressures.
Modern ciphers are more secure than classical ciphers and are designed to withstand a wide range of attacks.
Normal bolts are manufactured to handled tension loads, whereas clevis pins and bolts are designed to withstand shearing forces.
Often made of nylon, these are also made of teflon, PEEK or other plastics to withstand higher temperatures.
Razadarit charged his elephant directly at Minkhaung, which the latter tried to meet but could not withstand so that he had to turn away.
Riverboats can survive with this type of configuration as they do not have to withstand the high winds or large waves that are seen on large lakes, seas, or oceans.
She can breathe underwater and withstand the extreme water pressure and freezing temperatures of the sea.
Some of the mounts proved too weak to withstand the weight of the crowds, breaking off as people began to take their seats.
Speed would have been 29 knots,with armour only able to withstand 203mm shells.
Structural integrity is the ability of a structure or a component to withstand a designed service load, resisting structural failure due to fracture, deformation, or fatigue.
The bridge shall be able to withstand severe earthquakes, typhoons, and collisions with ships.
The DP was especially able to withstand dirt.
The DP's main drawback was its bipod; it could not withstand much abuse and broke easily.
The entrance portals are designed to withstand the force of an avalanche.
The FAA has warned that the airport's control tower would be unable to withstand a major earthquake and has requested that it be replaced.
The foundation for the tower reaches a depth of . Also, the tower can bend in any direction from the top so it can withstand hurricane force winds.
The fuselage is armoured and was developed to withstand small arms fire and cannon rounds.
The horizontal stabilizer will not withstand the effects of a snap roll.
The nationalised banks were credited by some, including Home minister P. Chidambaram, to have helped the Indian economy withstand the global financial crisis of 2007-2009.
The rotors, composed of a fiber-plastic composite material, able to withstand combat damage and bird strikes.
The structure was made to withstand a nuclear explosion and was destroyed by the JNA in 1992 to prevent its capture.
The wall of the tank, made of acrylic glass in order to withstand the water pressure, is about thick.
The weapon should be durable, to withstand the stresses of combat.
These spores are designed to withstand the harsh winter conditions.
To secure occupants, also windshields, which were adhesive bonded a short time before crash have to withstand these forces.
Very good limbs, provided with strong, high, and pigmented hooves, very suitable to withstand humidity and long journeys.
Wood fibers are supple enough withstand more than 400 charging cycles.

More Vocab Words

::: filing - particle removed by a file
::: pernicious - very harmful; deadly; very destructive; Ex. pernicious effect/anemia
::: lunar - pertaining to the moon
::: reputable - respectable; having a good reputation
::: gloat - express evil satisfaction; look at or think about with evil satisfaction; view malevolently; Ex. The thief gloated over the stolen jewels.
::: meager - scanty; inadequate
::: compulsive - resulting from compulsion
::: tantrum - fit of bad temper; fit of petulance; caprice; Ex. The child went into tantrums.
::: brawl - noisy quarrel
::: incubus - burden; very worriying problem; mental care; nightmare; male devil; CF. succubus