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Vocabulary Word

Word: withdrawn

Definition: introverted; retiring; remote

Sentences Containing 'withdrawn'

'You have withdrawn yourself in your sullenness to your own room.
124 and 134) were both withdrawn from service on 3 May 2008.
Allied troops were withdrawn to Lemnos and then to Egypt.
Because he was emotionally withdrawn, I was never comfortable using it.
Between 1973 and 1980 the engines were gradually withdrawn from service.
By the time they arrived at 18:00, the force had withdrawn.
Cerivastatin was withdrawn by its manufacturer in 2001.
I discovered that my house actually had its site in such a withdrawn, but forever new and unprofaned, part of the universe.
I would have withdrawn, but the Doctor made a gesture to detain me, and I remained.
In 1952 the original rolling stock was life expired and was withdrawn.
It took heavy losses, and was withdrawn to the Netherlands to rebuild.
On 28 September 2008, MuPAD was withdrawn from the market as a software product in its own right.
Only no. 1 was withdrawn while in Canterbury Provincial Railways' service, in 1876.
Originally withdrawn on September 12, 1993.
Part III did not include 20 chapters withdrawn from Vol.
Part of what had before been employed in other trades, is necessarily withdrawn from them, and turned into some of the new and more profitable ones.
Passenger services were officially withdrawn in November 1964.
Passenger services were withdrawn in 1963 as a result of the Beeching Axe.
Passenger services were withdrawn on 1 January 1963 by the CIE.
Pistols and Roses was withdrawn from the Preakness Stakes after swelling was found in his left front ankle.
Shortly afterwards at the same window a small cross made of reeds was put out and immediately withdrawn.
Something, however, is generally withdrawn from this channel in the case of foreign war.
Subsequently, the German offensive was cancelled and their forces withdrawn.
That deposit may be at any moment withdrawn, and if I had employed it for another purpose, I should bring on me a disgraceful bankruptcy.
The accusation is finally withdrawn and HnĂ­zdo comes back to the class.
The class operated until 1963 when the last example,No 30120, was withdrawn.
The design was met with such public hostility that it was withdrawn.
The dragon idents were withdrawn in the end of 2006.
The engine was then withdrawn for overhaul before a return to service in January 2008.
The Georgian troops were withdrawn from Kosovo in April 2008.
The last to be withdrawn from stock was No.
The locomotive was withdrawn from service in August 1962.
The Norwegian government reprimanded Hygen, and the offer was withdrawn.
The other charges were withdrawn by the prosecution.
The poor performance led to it being withdrawn from UK service.
The rebuilt R10s would start being withdrawn by March 1989.
The service never gained essential popularity and ultimately was withdrawn in 2004.
The Shacklock name was gradually withdrawn from Fisher and Paykel products.
The system was withdrawn from the market after about a year.
Therefore, suspicion against him was withdrawn.
These forces were eventually withdrawn from uncontested Georgia.
They were about to draw out the rapier, but the priest who was standing by objected to its being withdrawn before he had confessed him, as the instant of its withdrawal would be that of this death.
This service was withdrawn on 13 January 1992.
Travelcards for only one zone are no longer sold, having been withdrawn in 2006.
Two T1s having been withdrawn in 1937, the remainder were withdrawn between 1955 and 1961 and none has survived into preservation.
What might appear when that hazy curtain was altogether withdrawn?
Whatever part of his capital he might have placed in his shop, he must have withdrawn it from his manufacture.
Withdrawal. The locomotives were all withdrawn by 1903.
Withdrawal. The locomotives were withdrawn by James Stirling between 1874 and 1876.
Withdrawn in May 1960, it was made part of the National Collection.

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