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Vocabulary Word

Word: whit

Definition: small amount; smallest speck; Ex. not a whit of

Sentences Containing 'whit'

And am I then to sit down and treat you to pretty sentiments and empty flourishes, so that you may applaud me and depart, with neither shoulder, nor head, nor issue, nor abscess a whit the better for your visit?
And if you be a philosopher, though seated in the whale-boat, you would not at heart feel one whit more of terror, than though seated before your evening fire with a poker, and not a harpoon, by your side.
Architect and amateur photographer, honorary member L. Whitney "Whit" Standish (1919–?)
But then there were some sceptical Greeks and Romans, who, standing out from the orthodox pagans of their times, equally doubted the story of Hercules and the whale, and Arion and the dolphin; and yet their doubting those traditions did not make those traditions one whit the less facts, for all that.
Else thou wilt be a slave amid slaves, wert thou ten thousand times a consul; aye, not a whit the less, though thou climb the Palace steps.
Frank played with Galway in 1958 in London's Wembley Stadium, in the inaugural Whit Weekend games.
It is no honest and blunt tu whit tu who of the poets, but, without jesting, a most solemn graveyard ditty, the mutual consolations of suicide lovers remembering the pangs and the delights of supernal love in the infernal groves.
John Schlesinger's 1979 film "Yanks" was filmed on location in Dobcross, and an annual "Yanks" festival, coupled with a brass band contest on Whit Friday, each contribute to the village's cultural calendar.
Law never made men a whit more just; and, by means of their respect for it, even the well disposed are daily made the agents of injustice.
Law never made men a whit more just; and, by means of their respect for it, even the well-disposed are daily made the agents on injustice.
Master Nicholas, the village barber, however, used to say that neither of them came up to the Knight of Phoebus, and that if there was any that could compare with him it was Don Galaor, the brother of Amadis of Gaul, because he had a spirit that was equal to every occasion, and was no finikin knight, nor lachrymose like his brother, while in the matter of valour he was not a whit behind him.
Nor does Hogarth, in painting the same scene in his own "Perseus Descending," make out one whit better.
On the morning of Whit Friday, the traditional Whit Walks, a church procession followed by a service, take place in Saddleworth parish.
Recently the world renowned Saddleworth Whit Friday Band Contest has started to include Diggle since 2009 as one of the contests.
Saddleworth and District Whit Friday Brass Band contests take place every year on the afternoon and evening of Whit Friday.
She hasn't lost a whit of her gift as a singer or as a writer."
Since then thousands of Christians have gathered on Whit Monday to celebrate this ceremony of faith.
The authority of the will over its own faculties and ideas is not a whit more comprehensible: So that, upon the whole, there appears not, throughout all nature, any one instance of connexion which is conceivable by us.
This well known beyond the region and each year on Whit Monday it attracts thousands of Protestants.
Though the Being to whom the miracle is ascribed, be, in this case, Almighty, it does not, upon that account, become a whit more probable; since it is impossible for us to know the attributes or actions of such a Being, otherwise than from the experience which we have of his productions, in the usual course of nature.

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