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Vocabulary Word

Word: warrant

Definition: justification; written order that serves as authorization (esp. a judicial writ); Ex. search/death warrant; V: justify; guarantee

Sentences Containing 'warrant'

"Adjudant-Onderofficier" is the only grade of warrant officer in the Royal Netherlands Army.
A copy of her original warrant can be read below.
An altercation broke out between Collier and Boone, and without showing their warrant, Collier fired at Boone.
Any severe driving incidents, or changed suspension components would also warrant a check.
As a result, the station may not cover all severe weather events or be too late in doing so when conditions warrant.
Award of the MSM to company grade officers, junior warrant officers/chief warrant officers (Army only) and junior NCOs is rare and typically by exception.
B. Eads, whose success with the jetties at New Orleans is a warrant of his competency, and Judge Taylor, of Indiana.
During the Second World War the Station Warrant Officer at Filton was Alec (Tubby) Kerr.
He was convicted with fifty-nine Commissioners (judges) signing the death warrant.
He was not detained since warrant was only released that afternoon and has then since disappeared.
I do not, however, pretend to warrant either the greatness of the sum, or the shortness of the time.
I think that I may warrant you one worm to every three sods you turn up, if you look well in among the roots of the grass, as if you were weeding.
If the position is held by a warrant officer, subordinates address the CSM as "Warrant".
In 1843, Chivas Brothers was granted a Royal Warrant to supply goods to Queen Victoria.
In 1961-1962, Sukhoi experimented with blown flaps on S-25 but the benefit was too small to warrant implementation.
In some armies, adjutant is a rank similar to a commonwealth staff sergeant or warrant officer.
In the Canadian Army and Royal Canadian Air Force, "Adjudant" is the French form of the English "Warrant Officer", and as such can refer to both the cadre of Warrant Officers, and the specific ranks of "Adjudant" (Warrant Officer), "Adjudant-maƮtre" (Master Warrant Officer), and "Adjudant-chef" (Chief Warrant Officer).
In the Canadian Forces, the CSM appointment is normally held by a master warrant officer.
It also rejects all religious works that have no Scriptural warrant, including the rites of the Roman church.
It followed that he had not properly applied his mind when issuing the warrant, and that it was invalid.
It includes Roman Catholic technical institutes which do not warrant independent articles of their own.
It is after all an affectation, and one for which there is no warrant or excuse.
It is an affirmation by which a person signs a legally binding document or warrant.
It was a small cavity under ten feet of water; but I think that I can warrant the pond not to need soldering till they find a worse leak than that.
McSween serves Shepard with a warrant for her arrest on charges of prostitution in front of Beam who was visiting her.
Members of the boarding teams can be enlisted, warrant officers, or commissioned officers.
Minor amendments to the warrant were made on 3 October 1916.
Moreover, hardly any of the property seized had been specified in the warrant.
On 31 March 1664 a warrant was issued for his transportation to Tangier.
Once he learns that Papazian has erased the tape, he cancels Bauer's arrest warrant.
One eighth was divided among the wardroom warrant officers (surgeon, purser, and chaplain), standing warrant officers (carpenter, boatswain, and gunner), lieutenant of marines, and the master's mates.
Postal records show that in 1891, the community was large enough to warrant a post office.
Public inquiries are also commissioned by the Crown through a Royal Warrant, and are called Royal Commissions.
Quwatli managed to flee only hours before a warrant for his arrest was issued.
Recruits receive their warrant card and uniform in the first two months of training.
Regarding the second warrant, the court found that the police officer had applied to the magistrate for a warrant on the grounds: The court held that it was clear that the only document relied upon by the police officer in her application for the warrant was her own undated and unattested "affidavit."
The AATTV was Australia's most decorated unit of the war, including all four Victoria Crosses awarded during the conflict (awarded to Warrant Officer Kevin Wheatley, Major Peter Badcoe, Warrant Officer Rayene Simpson and Warrant Officer Keith Payne respectively).
The appointment is sometimes held by a warrant officer, responsible for a smaller number of personnel.
The police obtained a warrant and seized 396 copies of the issue.
The Regimental Sergeant Major is Chief Warrant Officer G.R. Cavanagh, CD.
The Royal Warrant has since been delegated to Ian Macleod and is featured on all Glengoyne products.
The Royal Warrant was given to all the SPCAs in 1932.
The settlers were outraged that the arrest did not require a warrant, a statement of charges, or trial by jury.
The terms of the warrant were to be construed with reasonable strictness.
The United States Army's Warrant Officer Career College (USAWOCC), located at Fort Rucker, Alabama, functions as Training and Doctrine Command's executive agent for all warrant officer training and education in the U.S. Army.
The Warrant Officer Career College develops and administers active and reserve component warrant officer courses to include the Warrant Officer Candidate School, Warrant Officer Basic Course, Warrant Officer Advanced Course, Warrant Officer Staff Course, and the Warrant Officer Senior Staff Course.
There is no way Marlow could legally leave Italy, especially after an arrest warrant has been issued for him by the authorities.
This stirred enough interest for the technique to warrant a more formal description.
Traces of work in these areas have been found but the images were not sufficiently clear to warrant restoration.
United States Army Warrant Officer Career College

More Vocab Words

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