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Vocabulary Word

Word: vortex

Definition: whirlwind; whirlpool; center of turbulence; predicament into which one is inexorably plunged

Sentences Containing 'vortex'

And now, concentric circles seized the lone boat itself, and all its crew, and each floating oar, and every lance-pole, and spinning, animate and inanimate, all round and round in one vortex, carried the smallest chip of the Pequod out of sight.
Another explanation is that as both vortices rotate at the same angular velocity and direction, the inner vortex has lost angular momentum.
At "Mystery Vortex" on December 1, he was victorious over Drake Younger.
Commercial vortex tubes are designed for industrial applications to produce a temperature drop of about 26.6 °C (48 °F).
for use by the US military on M14 rifles and M4 carbines that utilize a Vortex Flash Hider.
I hired a boat directly, and we put off to her; and getting through the little vortex of confusion of which she was the centre, went on board.
Important quantities are the "individual" maximal pinning force, which defines the depinning of a single vortex, and an "average" pinning force, which defines the depinning of the correlated vortex structures and can be associated with the critical current density (the maximal density of non-dissipative current).
In 1992 he received the title of Doctor of Philosophy, in Hydrodynamics, from the University of Padova with studies on vortex dynamics and turbulence.
In 2010 a team from NASAs Jet Propulsion Laboratory demonstrated that a vortex coronagraph could enable small scopes to directly image planets.
In fluid dynamics, the enstrophy formula_1 can be described as the integral of the square of the vorticity formula_2 given a velocity field formula_3 as, Here, since the curl gives a scalar field in 2-dimensions (vortex) corresponding to the vector-valued velocity solving in the incompressible Navier–Stokes equations, we can integrate its square over a surface S to retrieve a continuous linear operator on the space of possible velocity fields, known as a "current".
In parallel to scientific research in turbulence, vortex dynamics, and biological fluid mechanics, Pedrizzetti has been a pioneer in medical imaging analysis and processing of medical data, starting the development of medical imaging software in 2001.
In solid state physics, this most often refers to the vortex pinning, the pinning of the magnetic vortices (magnetic flux quanta, Abrikosov vortices) by different kinds of the defects in a type II superconductor.
It was found that when the inlet pressure is high, for instance 20-50 bar, the heat energy separation process exists in incompressible (liquids) vortex flow as well.
Later this record was broken by the Giessen Group that managed to get even below 1.3 K. In a collaboration between the groups from Giessen and Eindhoven a temperature of 1.2 K was reached by combining a PTR with a superfluid vortex cooler.
Most of the action centered on four cities in a slightly skewed version of America: Arcadia, Golden City, Steel Harbor, and the Cinnibar Flats area of Nevada, home of an interdimensional rift called the "Vortex".
Rygg was responsible for introducing Borknagar to the singer who replaced him, ICS Vortex, when he resigned from the band.
So, floating on the margin of the ensuing scene, and in full sight of it, when the halfspent suction of the sunk ship reached me, I was then, but slowly, drawn towards the closing vortex.
The (mostly) solid body rotation is probably due to the long length of time during which each parcel of air remains in the vortex — allowing friction between the inner parcels and outer parcels to have a notable effect. It is also usually agreed upon that there is a slight effect of hot air tending to "rise" toward the center, but this effect is negligible — especially if turbulence is kept to a minimum.
The accident investigation also pointed to the wake vortex off the XB-70's right wingtip as the reason for the F-104's sudden roll over and into the bomber.
The decrease of angular momentum is transferred as kinetic energy to the outer vortex, resulting in separated flows of hot and cold gas.
The Doctor and Lucie follow the criminal time traveller Nick Zimmerman to a decaying spaceship in the Time Vortex, where he is planning to sell time travel technology to the highest bidder.
The existence of a significant Coriolis force allows the developing vortex to achieve gradient wind balance.
The interaction of the correlated vortex lattice with system of pinning centers forms the magnetic phase diagram of the vortex matter in superconductors.
The remainder of the gas is forced to return in an inner vortex of reduced diameter within the outer vortex.
The second song from Omnivium, "Vortex Omnivium", was released to the public on 24 February 2011.
The vortex tube is well-matched to this application: machine shops generally already use compressed air, and a fast jet of cold air provides both cooling and removal of the "chips" produced by the tool.
The vortex tube was invented in 1933 by French physicist Georges J. Ranque.
The vortex tube was used to separate gas mixtures, oxygen and nitrogen, carbon dioxide and helium, carbon dioxide and air in 1967 by Linderstrom-Lang.
The vortex tube, also known as the Ranque-Hilsch vortex tube, is a mechanical device that separates a compressed gas into hot and cold streams.
The Wind Talker can be mounted to any rifle with either a 7.62 mm or 5.56mm bore diameter as long as it utilizes a Vortex flash hider.
This in turn changes what you will do, which changes what the other person will do, creating a confusing "vortex" of Atium shadows.
This is a balance condition found in mature tropical cyclones that allows latent heat to concentrate near the storm core; this results in the maintenance or intensification of the vortex if other development factors are neutral. Low level disturbance.
This is different from what most consider standard vortex behavior — where inner fluid spins at a higher rate than outer fluid.
Vortex flash hider for US troops in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Vortex tubes also seem to work with liquids to some extent, as demonstrated by Hsueh and Swenson in a laboratory experiment where free body rotation occurs from the core and a thick boundary layer at the wall.
Vortex tubes are used for cooling of cutting tools (lathes and mills, both manually-operated and CNC machines) during machining.
Vortex tubes have lower efficiency than traditional air conditioning equipment.
When used to refrigerate, heat-sinking the whole vortex tube is helpful.
With no moving parts, no electricity, and no Freon, a vortex tube can produce refrigeration up to using only filtered compressed air at 100 PSI (689 kPa).

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