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Vocabulary Word

Word: vitriolic

Definition: causing sharp pain to the mind; caustic; corrosive; sarcastic; of vitriol; N. vitriol: sulphuric acid (which burns flesh deeply); bitterly abusive expression; caustic expression; CF. glass

Sentences Containing 'vitriolic'

Even though Sledd's essay condoned the continued racial segregation of white and black Southerners as a necessary social expedient, a public firestorm ensued in Georgia over Sledd's criticism of the South's treatment of its black citizens, with the controversy stoked by the vitriolic letters and editorial attacks of agrarian populist Rebecca Felton in the "Atlanta Constitution" newspaper.
He admitted in interviews that he could be "combative" at times, but he also said he tried to avoid being vitriolic or hanging up on people.
His art was steadfastly conservative and he was a vitriolic critic of Modern Art – particularly of his contemporaries Picasso, Chagall and Mondrian.
In the book "Fiendebilde Wollweber" (Enemy picture Wollweber) by Norwegian historian Lars Borgersrud, Strand Johansen is portrayed as a vitriolic opponent of the Furubotn faction.
Letters to the local press suggested that Webb should "be allowed greater freedom", while in the "Evening Argus", the pseudonymous "Crusader"'s "vitriolic attacks on the directors and management of Brighton and Hove Albion for their alleged lack of ambition and inept team selections ... generated a massive readership response" and led to "near physical confrontations with Charlie Webb, the beleaguered manager and former Albion player, despite the team usually finishing in a respectable position in the League table."
Most vitriolic is "Boiling a Frog", in which Parlabane tracks down massive corruption and murder in the then newly fledged Scottish Government and the Catholic Church.
Some critics slammed the game, which in turn drew a vitriolic response from David Jaffe, stirring up a bit of controversy.
This same placeholder name, transferred to English-language usage and now usually rendered as Taig, became and remains a vitriolic derogatory term for an Irish Catholic and has been used by Unionists in Northern Ireland in such bloodthirsty slogans as "If guns are made for shooting, then skulls are made to crack.

More Vocab Words

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::: commodious - spacious and comfortable
::: grotto - small cavern
::: inconsistency - state of being self-contradictory; lack of uniformity or steadiness; ADJ. inconsistent: displaying a lack of consistency; erratic; contradictory; incompatible
::: mobile - movable; not fixed; N. mobility
::: multifarious - varied; greatly diversified; Ex. multifarious activities
::: ordain - decree or command; grant holy orders; predestine; install as a minister, priest, or rabbi; N. ordainment; CF. ordination
::: communal - held in common; public; of a group of people; of a commune
::: expeditious - done with speed; quick; N. expedition
::: canter - slow gallop; V. CF. trot