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Vocabulary Word

Word: vital

Definition: full of life; animated; vibrant and lively; critical; of great importance; necessary to stay alive; of life; living; breathing; N. vitality; V. vitalize

Sentences Containing 'vital'

This effect of heat has a vital influence on our lives, because the changes which take place when food is cooked are due to it.
If the vital importance of nose breathing is impressed upon these young people, the harmful effect of the foul air may be greatly lessened, the smoke particles and germs being held back by the nose filters and never reaching the lungs.
Since every man, woman, and child constantly breathes forth carbon dioxide, the danger in overcrowded rooms is great, and proper ventilation is of vital importance.
One of the most valuable forms of carbon is charcoal; valuable not in the sense that it costs hundreds of dollars, but in the more vital sense, that its use adds to the cleanliness, comfort, and health of man.
The allurement of a vacation camp in the heart of the woods is so great as to make many campers ignore the vital importance of securing a safe water supply.
Since the supply of rags was far less than the demand, the problem of the extraction from wood of the paper forming substance was a vital one.
There must be enough play between the vital parts to allow of some movement;``dither''is, I believe, the Scotch word for it.
The word``dither''will be a useful name to give that elusive quality, that play on mechanical accuracy, existing in all vital art.
#It is this vital quality that has not yet received much attention in art training.
And if he has trained himself thoroughly he will not find much difficulty when he is moved to vital expression.
Those things in the appearance that convey vital expression and are capable of being translated into the medium he is working with, have to be sought by the artist, and the painted symbols of his picture made accordingly.
But the vital matter of art is not in all this necessary training.
The Greeks knew better than many of their imitators this vital necessity in art.
No formula or canon of proportions or other mechanical device for the attainment of perfection was allowed by this vital people entirely to subdue their love of life and variety.
The perfect curve of the circle should always be avoided in the drawing of natural objects -LRB- even a full moon -RRB-, and in vital drawings of any sort some variety should always be looked for.
This vital quality in drawing and composition must come from the individual artist himself, and nobody can help him much here.
Of course no mechanical jogging will introduce the vital quality referred to, which must come from the vitality of the artist's intuition; although I have heard of photographers jogging the camera in an endeavor to introduce some artistic``play''in its mechanical renderings.
But one must say something to show how in all good composition the mechanical principles at the basis of the matter are subordinate to a vital principle on which the life in the work depends.
The tendency of a tired eye is to see less differentiation, and to hark back to a dull uniformity; so get in touch at once with the vital differences while your eye is fresh and your vision keen.
Unflinchingly and unaffectedly honest they are, but honest not to a cold, mechanically accurate record of the sitter's appearance, but honest and accurate to the vital impression of the live sitter made on the mind of the live artist.
This is the difference we were trying to explain that exists between the academic and the vital drawing, and it is a very subtle and elusive quality, like all artistic qualities, to talk about.
The record of a vital impression done with unflinching accuracy, but under the guidance of intense mental activity, is a very different thing from a drawing done with the cold, mechanical accuracy of a machine.
Few can fail to be struck in turning over this wonderful series of drawings by the vividness of their portraiture, and the vividness is due to their being severely accurate to the vital impression on the mind of Holbein, not merely to the facts coldly observed.
But these moments, these flashes of inspiration which are at the inception of every vital picture, occur but seldom.
The more he knows of the expressive powers of lines and tones, the more easily will he be able to observe the vital things in nature that convey the impression he wishes to memorise.
If they are vital and expressive, you have started along lines you can develop, and have some hope of doing a good drawing.
The mind is apt to tire and needs rousing continually, otherwise the work will lack the impulse that shall make it vital.
Every material he works with possesses certain vital qualities peculiar to itself, and it is his business to find out what these are and use them to the advantage of his drawing.
No vital expression of nature can be achieved without the aid of the particular vitality possessed by the medium with which one is working.
Of course the vital heat is not to be confounded with fire; but so much for analogy.
The grand necessity, then, for our bodies, is to keep warm, to keep the vital heat in us.
How can a man be a philosopher and not maintain his vital heat by better methods than other men?
If I have got to drag my trap, I will take care that it be a light one and do not nip me in a vital part.
The result is dulness of sight, a stagnation of the vital circulations, and a general deliquium and sloughing off of all the intellectual faculties.
Fire, too, was awakened thus early to put the vital heat in him and get him off.
The waste and decay of physical life, which so often needs repair, seemed miraculously retarded in such a case, and the vital vigor stood its ground.
Moreover, this being one of those``worn out and exhausted lay fields which enjoy their sabbath,''had perchance, as Sir Kenelm Digby thinks likely, attracted``vital spirits''from the air.
I lingered most about the fireplace, as the most vital part of the house.
In her present condition, Great Britain resembles one of those unwholesome bodies in which some of the vital parts are overgrown, and which, upon that account, are liable to many dangerous disorders, scarce incident to those in which all the parts are more properly proportioned.
Renan's "Marc-Aurele"--in his "History of the Origins of Christianity," which appeared in 1882--is the most vital and original book to be had relating to the time of Marcus Aurelius.
A structure, whatever it may be, which is common to many allied forms, is ranked by us as of high systematic importance, and consequently is often assumed to be of high vital importance to the species.
Add to all this his vital energy and mental activity, his restless invention and his sanguine temperament, and there will be reason enough to doubt whether his could have been a very unhappy life.
"This is wanting in the police report, where more stress is laid, perhaps, upon the platitudes of the magistrate than upon the details, which to an observer contain the vital essence of the whole matter.
"The papers which Openshaw carried are obviously of vital importance to the person or persons in the sailing-ship.
He has been of most vital use to me in several of my cases, and a lucky chance has made it possible for me to bring him out and associate him with this investigation."
But Faith, like a jackal, feeds among the tombs, and even from these dead doubts she gathers her most vital hope.
But there were still other and more vital practical influences at work.
Here is a vital point; for you must either satisfactorily settle this matter with yourself, or for ever remain an infidel as to one of the most appalling, but not the less true events, perhaps anywhere to be found in all recorded history.
From this last vent no blood yet came, because no vital part of him had thus far been struck.
I can't compare with it; and I've known some ships made of dead trees outlast the lives of men made of the most vital stuff of vital fathers.

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