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Vocabulary Word

Word: visceral

Definition: felt in one's inner organs; N. viscera: internal body organs; CF. eviscerate

Sentences Containing 'visceral'

"Pseudunela cornuta" shows an anterior head-foot complex and a posterior elongated visceral hump in which the animal can partly retract when disturbed.
A combination of arm wrestling and MMA XARM is visceral and bloody - there is nowhere to hide and no escape.
A few elongate, subepidermal spicules of up to 40 μm in length can be found in the posterior part of the visceral hump.
Daniel Stein, a teacher out of the lineage of Etienne Decroux, has this to say about physical theatre: "I think physical theatre is much more visceral and audiences are affected much more viscerally than intellectually.
Diffuse cutaneous scleroderma covers more of the skin, and is at risk of progressing to the visceral organs, including the kidneys, heart, lungs and gastrointestinal tract are affected.
He added the "material is also so visceral and improvisatory that it greatly benefits from the additional perspective offered by a live recording."
Her first solo album, "Metamorphosis", was described by Greg Cahill in "Strings" as "visceral, hypnotic, and often compelling."
In fetuses, visceral anomalies consisted of dilated brain ventricles, dilated nares, olfactory bulb, renal hypoplasia, and other abnormalities.
In mice, Chordin is expressed in the node but not in the anterior visceral endoderm.
In the anterior part of the visceral hump, the heart bulb is visible externally on the right side of the body.
It was noted that ammonium metavanadate caused visceral and skeletal anomalies in both treated groups.
LaCour has explained in interview that the spelling and spacing of the epithet that he uses as his stage name was chosen for visceral as well as aesthetic reasons.
Multiple subcutaneous and visceral lipomas, angiofibromas, and collagenomas may also occur.
Nevertheless this reproductive system is not strictly monaulic, because the internal vas deferens (for autosperm) is separated from the distal portion of the oviduct. The sac-like ovotestis extends over the half of the right side of the visceral hump and is not separated into follicles; oocytes are located more in the exterior part of the gonad and the spermatocytes are positioned more in the centre.
Pain induced by the stretching of the visceral ligaments is relieved by removing or minimizing the applied force, by slowing or stopping the exercise and lying down until the pain subsides.
Post-pubertal hypogonadism results in progressive muscle mass decrease, increase in visceral fat mass, loss of libido, impotence, decreased attention, increased risk of fractures, and abnormal sperm production.
Survival is determined by the severity of visceral disease.
The anus opens slightly anterior, but separate to the nephropore and ventrolaterally on the right side of the visceral hump.
The central nervous system of "Pseudunela cornuta" is euthyneurous and composed of the paired cerebral, rhinophoral, optic, pedal, pleural, buccal and gastro-oesophageal ganglia as well as three distinct ganglia on the visceral nerve cord, plus a presumed osphradial ganglion.
The company makes aggressively visceral theater that combines historical revisionism, sophomoric humor, and rigorous academic research.
The densely ciliated foot is as broad as the anterior head-foot complex and extends about one third of the visceral hump in the crawling animal. The free end of the foot is pointed.
The distal oviduct extends to the female gonopore opening ventrolaterally on the right side of the visceral hump to the exterior.
The excretory and circulatory systems are located at the right side of the body just at the beginning of the visceral hump.
The fact that it is a very physical, visceral form makes it a very different experience from almost anything else that we partake of in our lives.
The figure clearly shows that despite having an identical waist circumference (in this example all men had a waist of 84 cm), there is considerable variation in the amount of visceral fat (volumes shown on the image in litres) present.
The guide states that "jazz-rock first emerged during the late '60s as an attempt to fuse the visceral power of rock with the musical complexity and improvisational fireworks of jazz.
The kidney is a sinuously bent sac and extends over almost the half of the visceral hump.
The large, sac-like digestive gland is placed at the left side of the visceral hump flanking the ovotestis and extends almost up to the end of the visceral hump.
The nephropore opens just posterior, but separate to the anus and ventrolaterally on the right side of the visceral hump.
The pleural ganglia are connected by very short connectives to the visceral nerve cord, so that the latter is located at the very beginning of the pharynx.
The visceral branches of the sympathetic trunk also deliver two fiber types to the esophageal plexus
There are other theories regarding side stitches than simple stretching of the visceral ligaments due to repeated vertical translation and jolting.
There are three distinct ganglia on the short visceral nerve cord: the left parietal ganglion, the fused subintestinal/visceral ganglion and the fused right parietal/supraintestinal ganglion.
While the left pleuro-parietal, the parietal-subintestinal/visceral and the right pleuro-parietal/supraintestinal connectives are very short, the subintestinal/visceral-parietal/supraintestinal connective is long.
“His art is about the visceral and the gestural,” wrote Studio Glass connoisseur Dan Klein.

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