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Vocabulary Word

Word: vigilante

Definition: one who without authority assumes law enforcement powers

Sentences Containing 'vigilante'

After being threatened into giving up their vigilante activities, Zan and Jayna prove their worth when Lois is thrown from the rooftop of the Daily Planet building by a crooked politician who wants to expose "The Blur's" true identity.
After spending three years as a Detroit-based costumed vigilante, Dart was contacted by the Chicago Police Department to solicit her participation in a new program wherein super-powered vigilantes would be recruited into the police department for legitimate service.
Although by many criminologists and investigators his friends James Bulger and Stephen Flemmi are considered to be serial killers, John told Ed Bradley, ""I might be a vigilante, but not a serial killer.
Although regarded by historians as a thief and outlaw, Flores was considered among Mexican-Americans as a folk hero akin to Jesse James and who was thought of as a defender against vigilante movements in the years following the American settlement of California and its incorporation into the United States.
Barton's death caused a backlash against outlaw violence in the region as members of Flores' gang were hunted down and captured by authorities with a Los Angeles posse that included 51 American merchants and "Californio" ranchers, Manuel Cota the Temecula leader of 43 Luiseño scouts, the Monte Rangers former Texas Rangers and members of the vigilante gang the "El Monte Boys", and posses from San Bernardino and San Diego.
Dexter Morgan leads a double life: a vigilante serial killer by night and a blood spatter analyst with the Miami Police Department's forensics team by day.
DVD Movie Guide's Colin Jacobson wrote "Like many S13 episodes, “Badge” feels more than a little derivative," describing the episode as a combination of the season 4 episode "Mr. Plow" and the season 5 episode "Homer the Vigilante".
Evidently, Kersey had largely retired from slaying muggers shortly after Death Wish III, since in Death Wish 4, Phil Nozaki mentions a mugger shot downtown two years previous to the events of Death Wish 4, to which Officer Reiner responds by saying that "the vigilante retired years ago".
From there he begins to administer vigilante justice.
He was reportedly threatened with violence from a vigilante group, and was forced to leave the area.
However the later growth of vigilante courts of "makgotla" that were common in Soweto are thoughto have been derived from the examples made at Mpanza's house.
In 1983 his play "Rockaway Boulevard" was reviewed by Michiko Kakutani in "The New York Times" and she wrote,"Vetere demonstrates the ability to mix the poetic with the colloquial." In 1983 Vetere's screenplay "Vigilante" was made into a feature film starring Robert Forster and Carol Lynley and was the 20th grossing film for that year.
In 2010, the band signed with Vigilante Music/Adamant Records.
In August 1793 Hamelin was named midshipman of the frigate "Proserpine", with which he took over the Dutch frigate "Vigilante" and part of the convoy she was escorting.
In her he captured the merchant Danish brig "Kiellestadt" in November 1806, and the "Vigilante" in October 1807, and also the French warships "Agile" on 29 May 1809, and "Charles" on 29 January 1810.
Jonathan Preest (Ryan Phillippe) is a masked vigilante who will not rest until he finds his individual. Emilia (Eva Green) is a troubled young art student whose rebellion may turn out to be deadly.
Kersey's secret identity as the vigilante was effectively blown in Death Wish 4, as Officer Reiner of the LAPD, less sympathetic than Chief Richard Shriker or Detective Frank Ochoa, discovered it.
Lawson also created another masked Western vigilante hero "The Hooded Rider", as well as "Diana, Queen of the Apes" and "Peter Fury".
On some nights, Bob and his old friend Lucius Best, formerly Frozone, perform vigilante work, unbeknownst to Helen.
Once released into the public, Thorn began taking over more frequently, taking up a role as ultra-violent vigilante in a quest to take down "The 100" and avenge her parents.
Paul Kersey and his daughter Carol, who is still catatonic, now live in Los Angeles because Paul accepted a deal from the NYPD to leave town so they wouldn't tell anyone that he was the vigilante.
Richard Walsh, Sheriff of Worcester, arrived with a vigilante force of about 200 men early on 8 November.
Robbie has been acting professionally since 2007, when she starred in two feature films, "I.C.U." and "Vigilante", both directed by Aash Aaron.
Secret vigilante organizations such as the Ku Klux Klan—an organization sworn to perpetuate white supremacy—had arisen quickly after the war's end and used lynching, physical attacks, house burnings and other forms of intimidation to keep African Americans from exercising their political rights.
Shriker and Kersey's paths intersect again, as Shriker puts it "ten years" after Shriker's found out Kersey was the New York vigilante (therefore present day).
The criminal community operates in Jokertown mostly unrestricted, held in check only by rival gangs and the occasional wild card vigilante, such as the Oddity or Black Shadow.
The institution was divided into three groups; the first in charge of security and vigilante functions, a second group acting as civil gendarmerie guard whose main responsibility was protecting the postal service and controlling the prison system.
The other two shown have been "Mom," a caring and maternal figure much like how Rose remembers their mother, and "Wild Rose", an Irish vigilante even more vicious and punitive than Thorn.
The resulting conflicts led to the establishment of organized vigilante committees such as the Volunteer Company of Dragoons and continued through at least the 1870s.
The sequel also features and explores themes such as inner city blues, lone wolves, vigilantes/ vigilante justice, as well as heroic missions.
Too weak to fight alone, Glaeken gathers together a select band of people to assist him, among them a young boy with mysterious powers, a 150-year-old Hawaiian woman with magical necklaces, a semi-catatonic scientist with a mystical connection to Rasalom, and an all-too-human vigilante named Repairman Jack.
When Rose went to sleep, her Thorn personality would emerge and stalk the streets as a vigilante, attempting to bring "The 100" to justice.
When the LAPD deduces that they have a vigilante on their hands, they decide to consult with the NYPD, who fear that Kersey is killing criminals again.
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