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Vocabulary Word

Word: vibrant

Definition: full of vigor or energy; vibrating

Sentences Containing 'vibrant'

504ward seeks to retain this talent as a key component to the long-term revitalization of New Orleans and a primary driver of a vibrant economy.
A new rank-and-file leadership led by Ray Gietzelt took over to create a vibrant, member-driven union.
Amoia expanded: "They were the most vibrant, energetic kids.
By then the banana industry was no longer vibrant and so the James-led government embarked on an ambitious program of economic diversification.
Churachandpur has a vibrant press and media - be it print, audio-visual or electronic media.
Deane had seen the school turn from a one-classroom premises to a medium sized school with vibrant sporting, educative and community facilities.
Directly before or during spawning, males will display more vibrant colors than at other times of the year.
Drawing on its rich tradition of homegrown remedies and herbal knowledge, the country has tapped into these folk traditions to build a vibrant, modern spa industry.
During spawning, these colors are more vibrant and bright.
During the 1990s, the former city of Halifax was excitedly billed as the next Seattle because of its vibrant indie rock scene.
DZEE is deeply committed to realize its vision to be a valued, vital and vibrant service component of the DEBESMSCAT in reaching out to the students and the community.
Engage in vibrant campaigns, raise awareness, and mobilise people to participate in public decision making.
From its celebrity-studded opening in May 1985, through the end of the 80s, it was one of the major features on a vibrant New York club scene.
However, at the same time Australia was blessed with a competing, vibrant tradition of folk songs and ballads.
HRM is home to a vibrant arts culture community that enjoys considerable support and participation from the general population.
HRM is home to a vibrant music community.
Hyehwa-dong is a vibrant neighborhood, with colorful nightlife and walking streets that are closed off to traffic in the evenings.
In his second painting, the brushstrokes are more precise, there is more detail, there is a clearer landscape in the background, an elaborate headpiece, more vibrant colors, and the drapery is white and red.
In the late 16th Century, Lima, Peru, was a vibrant cultural center characterized by a widespread appreciation for literature.
India has a vibrant cash economy as a result of which 80% of Indian e-commerce tends to be Cash on Delivery.
It is the flux of Robin’s mental state and the variety of situations he encounters that make the book an interesting and vibrant account of London in the late-60s.
Korea is a vibrant environment for contemporary music, and produces a wide array of styles.
Modern scholars realize that this was due to cultural reasons, and that the Makurians actually had a rich and vibrant art and culture.
Niki de Saint-Phalle created bloated and vibrant plastic figures.
Other streets were also named after trees such as Palm Croft, Conifer Close and Fir Croft. Now Withymoor Village is a modern, vibrant community.
Pakistan is no different and has a vibrant culture of hijras.
Polish migrants and exiles, many of whom were forbidden to move away from the region even after finishing serving their sentence, formed a vibrant Polish minority there.
Preferring a more lyrical and tonal language, the music of Adeline Wong and Johan Othman are colourful and rhythmically vibrant.
Prouty's quirky demands for vibrant colors and flashbacks shot in black and white with subtitles were similarly disregarded.
Quebec is home to vibrant French-language arts, media, and learning.
Sahir was deeply involved in social and cultural activities and was one of the vibrant intellectuals.
Some buses sport vibrant paint including the bus's name and permanent route.
The Health Department of the EELC, () or OSEELC, is a large and vibrant ministry operating three large hospitals and fifteen health centres.
The holiday darter has very vibrant coloration, but will display even more brilliant coloration during or before spawning.
The marina is surrounded by large hotels and luxury holiday homes as well as a large casino and numerous restaurants and vibrant bars.
The new millennium finds The Northern Meeting a vibrant and enthusiastic society.
The point Senator Biden was making is that there has been a vibrant Indian-American community in Delaware for decades.
The principal church dates to the 19th century and is noted for its vibrant stained glass windows.
The result was a palette of vibrant lime green, magenta, and purple combined with more subdued shades of orange, yellow, and beige (see image at left).
The vibrant rationalist movement that is seen in Kerala today is undoubtedly the direct consequence of the ideas spread by "Yukthivadi" for more than half a century.
The video ends with Beyoncé and her dancers wearing vibrant dresses in front of a large fan.
These later paintings incorporate vibrant, unblended colors and were inspired by the work of his own student, Op-artist Richard Anuszkiewicz.
They are a young, vibrant company that has created a name for itself in Latin music in the United States and the world.
This area was originally painted in vibrant colors.
This is done primarily through financial support and through vibrant publishing.
This orange colouration is generally vibrant in adult males, and often quite muted in females.
Today, Farmingdale exists largely as a strong and vibrant residential community whose residents work primarily in other cities.
While not a wealthy district, Bay of Islands is more economically vibrant than other rural districts.
Windows Mango is a refreshing and vibrant operating system that's already got a big fan list..."
WorldCall Digital TV offering 60+ channels, reinvents the television entertainment experience with sharper images, vibrant colors and stereo sound.

More Vocab Words

::: meteoric - like a meteor; swift; momentarily brilliant; Ex. meteoric rise to fame; N. meteor
::: forfeit - something surrendered as punishment for a crime or breach of contract; V: lose as a forfeit; N. forfeiture
::: veneer - thin surface layer (of good quality wood, glued to a base of inferior material); cover; surface show; fa\c{c}ade; V.
::: congruent - in agreement; harmonious; corresponding; coinciding exactly; CF. congruous
::: abhor - detest; hate
::: filial - pertaining to or befitting a son or daughter; Ex. filial respect
::: litotes - understatement for emphasis; Ex. ``not bad(=pretty good)''
::: acme - peak; pinnacle; highest point
::: discriminating - able to see differences; discerning; prejudiced; N. discrimination
::: falter - hesitate; weaken in purpose or action; walk or move unsteadily through weakness; N.