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Vocabulary Word

Word: vernacular

Definition: living language (as compared to the official language); language spoken in a country or region; natural style; Ex. lapse into the vernacular

Sentences Containing 'vernacular'

Although the current meaning of the word is believed to have originated in Persia, its use has spread and now has been accepted into the vernacular in countries around the world.
At the same time, few Portuguese authors have demonstrated so profound a knowledge of the vernacular tongue.
Author of the 'Armenians in the Netherlands Indies', written in Armenian vernacular printed in 1937 in Jerusalem.
Because of that she changed the vernacular song".
De Mille also made use of such vernacular forms as a square dance and a cadenza for a tap dancer.
Dennis wrote in the Australian vernacular, while McKellar wrote the iconic patriotic poem" My Country".
During the same period, peasant-writers began using and promoting the Slovene vernacular in the countryside.
He has cited architecture ranging from the Baroque, Rajput, Islamic, and Caribbean vernacular to Victorian Funfairs as influences.
He joined Anglo Vernacular school in Tirthahalli to continue his middle school education.
His great work was also one of the first vernacular Bibles to be derived from the primary Hebrew and Greek texts.
His importance lies in his pioneering work at the period of the Age of Enlightenment in such diverse fields as science, drama and publishing, as well as in the use of the vernacular in literature.
History, culture, family relationships, religions, vernacular speech, and all manner of written texts from this fantastic world accumulate and intersect with perfect consistency."
In Karnataka the English common name is "rose apple", and the vernacular name is Pannerale(Paneer hannu), while the name for the other one is Nerale.
Insular script was used not only for Latin religious books, but also for every other kind of book, including vernacular works.
It consists of two subspecies: Vernacular names.
It dates to the mid-19th century, and is a two-story, three bay, gable roofed frame vernacular dwelling.
It is a locally rare house built out of brick, in a somewhat simple, vernacular Greek Revival style.
It is a vernacular Georgian-Federal style, with five bays and a central chimney.
It was during this stint that he began to show promise of expanding the expressive range of the "vernacular" bebop idiom started by Clifford Brown in the mid-1950s.
It was one of the first printed works based on Ptolemy and also the first to be printed in vernacular Italian.
Janković knew Dositej's efforts to write in a language that was close to the vernacular and understandable to all.
Languages spoken include Bharia, a Dravidian vernacular spoken by at least 200,000 members of the Bharia tribe and written in the Devanagari script.
Located in a vernacular structure with the appearance of a barn, Cornelison is among the oldest pottery manufacturers west of the Appalachian Mountains still in operation.
Margaret was assigned to the Baxter Vernacular Schools for Girls in Hong Kong, first assisting Oxlad.
Most homes, however are not "high style" structures, and would be classified as either traditional American Foursquare or American Vernacular in style.
One of the definitive characteristics of the hipster is their language, adopted in large part from the African-American vernacular.
Other vernacular elements he employed included tile-hanging, pargeting, and the use of decorative brick in diapering and the design of tall chimney stacks.
Rumah adat refers to the traditional vernacular architecture of Indonesia.
Some of these terms were initially widely used, then fell out of the common vernacular.
Species accounts include non-exhaustive synonymies, and vernacular names are occasionally given.
The "Ficus religiosa" tree is known by a wide range of vernacular names in different locales and languages, including: Sanskrit.
The Hellzapoppin' competition, named for the film "Hellzapoppin"', was held for the first time in 2002 and coordinated by the American Institute of Vernacular Jazz Dance.
The house's design is essentially unaltered from the original "Penn Plan," which was a vernacular design advocated by William Penn about 1700 as an economical house adapted to his new proprietary colony.
The Lutheranism that influenced the early Scottish Reformation attempted to accommodate Catholic musical traditions into worship, drawing on Latin hymns and vernacular songs.
The Nova Scotian settlers to Sierra Leone spoke Gullah and early forms of African American Vernacular English.
The oldest portion of this timber frame house was built in the early 1740, with vernacular Georgian styling.
The rest of the play is in a vernacular, modern English.
The town being surrounded by Sogod Bay in the East, Padre Burgos was once called "Tamulayag", a vernacular slang which means "Let's go fishing".
The vernacular dialects, however, have changed more dramatically.
The vernacular name "sagebrush" is also used for several related members of the genus "Artemisia", such as California Sagebrush ("Artemisia californica").
The vernacular name Burren Green reflects its presence in the Burren region in western Ireland, its only station in Britain and Ireland.
The vernacular terminology and 19th century subdivisions for the town is "Bairro" (neighbourhood or quarter).
The volunteers knew the odds were against survival and the mission was called, in nineteenth century vernacular, a "forlorn hope".
There was a much lower priority placed on vernacular or American folk music.
These houses represent a vernacular attempt to adapt Victorian style architecture to the gulf coast climate.
This lexicon was used as the basis for other vernacular dictionaries, such as "The Tyro's Greek and English lexicon" published in 1825.
This surname was originally derived from the Hebrew personal name SHIMON, and in many vernacular versions of the Old Testament the name is usually rendered as SIMEON.
To be sure, to beginners everything was explained in the vernacular; but the early use of a grammar written in Latin accustomed the pupils to speaking and writing that language.
Vernacular architecture comprised village (or 'kampong') houses built in the Malay tradition.
Weaver attracted notice for his adaptation of American vernacular to iambic pentameter rhythms.

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