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Vocabulary Word

Word: veracity

Definition: truthfulness; adherence to the truth

Sentences Containing 'veracity'

Academics in Social Work Studies at the University of Edinburgh have questioned the veracity of the report, writing that ""Giving Victims a Voice" is full of scare-mongering, exaggeration and elision, as allegations are presented as 'facts' and accusations become 'offences', held to be incontrovertibly true".
Although a federal court enjoined the NLRB from disqualifying the Fur Leather Workers in July 1954, another federal court upheld the NLRB's authority to question the veracity of anti-communist affidavits.
And, as truth always forces its way into rational minds, so this honest worthy gentleman, who had some tincture of learning, and very good sense, was immediately convinced of my candour and veracity.
As a consequence of this hypothesis, "Spiralia" is occasionally used as a synonym for Lophotrochozoa, although the veracity of this statement is not established.
Benedetto maintained the truth of what he had said, and accompanied it with details that did more honor to his imagination than to his veracity.
Charges were also brought against Quevedo; Bartolomé de Las Casas accused him of having violated a trust, accumulated wealth, and neglected the Indians, but the veracity of Las Casas' accusations has not been established.
Do these miserable animals presume to think, that I am so degenerated as to defend my veracity?
Do you follow the instincts and propensities of nature, may they say, in assenting to the veracity of sense?
Here are three instances, then, which I personally know the truth of; but I have heard of many other instances from persons whose veracity in the matter there is no good ground to impeach.
Horror author Ray Garton, who wrote an account of the alleged haunting of the Snedeker family in Southington, Connecticut, later called into question the veracity of the accounts contained in his book, saying: "The family involved, which was going through some serious problems like alcoholism and drug addiction, could not keep their story straight, and I became very frustrated; it's hard writing a non-fiction book when all the people involved are telling you different stories."
I asked him, “whether it were the custom in his country to say the thing which was not?” I assured him, “I had almost forgot what he meant by falsehood, and if I had lived a thousand years in _Houyhnhnmland_, I should never have heard a lie from the meanest servant; that I was altogether indifferent whether he believed me or not; but, however, in return for his favours, I would give so much allowance to the corruption of his nature, as to answer any objection he would please to make, and then he might easily discover the truth.” The captain, a wise man, after many endeavours to catch me tripping in some part of my story, at last began to have a better opinion of my veracity.
If his veracity were at all concerned in this matter, our senses would be entirely infallible; because it is not possible that he can ever deceive.
In his early years he is known to have challenged Lord Grey for a supposed reflection on the veracity of the Irish people (September 1681), and in the December of that year he was run through the body in a duel in which he engaged as second.
Initially a supporter of the Swiss fascist movement of Arthur Fonjallaz, he came to wider attention in 1949 when he published "Ubu Justicier au Premier Procès de Nuremberg", one of the first works to question the veracity of the Holocaust. Increasingly active in neo-fascism, he organized conferences in Malmö in 1951 which led to the formation of a pan-European nationalist group known as the European Social Movement and then led the more radical splinter group known as the New European Order later that year.
It recommends an universal doubt, not only of all our former opinions and principles, but also of our very faculties; of whose veracity, say they, we must assure ourselves, by a chain of reasoning, deduced from some original principle, which cannot possibly be fallacious or deceitful.
It will be sufficient to observe that our assurance in any argument of this kind is derived from no other principle than our observation of the veracity of human testimony, and of the usual conformity of facts to the reports of witnesses.
Mere reason is insufficient to convince us of its veracity: And whoever is moved by _Faith_ to assent to it, is conscious of a continued miracle in his own person, which subverts all the principles of his understanding, and gives him a determination to believe what is most contrary to custom and experience.
None of the participants have publicly admitted seeing Rivera with any type of reaction during the competition nor seeing anyone with a suspicious behavior that could lead to a suspect. The delegates from the towns of Santurce, Guaynabo, Bayamón, Salinas, Fajardo and Utuado appeared on national television, on shows like "The Tyra Banks Show" and "The Today Show" saying they were skeptical about the veracity of this incident since none of them knew anything about it until days after the pageant was over.
Of what he has particularly accused me I am ignorant; but of the truth of what I shall relate, I can summon more than one witness of undoubted veracity.
One criticism of Project Serpo stems from the lack of veracity of one of its alleged witnesses, Sergeant Richard Doty.
Particularly where credibility and veracity are at issue, as they must be in many termination proceedings, written submissions are a wholly unsatisfactory basis for decision.
Researcher Peter Rogerson, however, doubts the veracity of Boas's story.
The Church of Scientology has questioned the veracity of reports of former members Tabayoyon and Dennis Erlich and suggested they "distorted" some of the incidents they described.
The company refused to comment of the veracity of the networks' claims, and instead posted the advertisement on its YouTube channel, eventually pulling it from that service as well.
The historian, a cotemporary writer, noted for candour and veracity, and withal, the greatest and most penetrating genius, perhaps, of all antiquity; and so free from any tendency to credulity, that he even lies under the contrary imputation, of atheism and profaneness: The persons, from whose authority he related the miracle, of established character for judgement and veracity, as we may well presume; eye-witnesses of the fact, and confirming their testimony, after the Flavian family was despoiled of the empire, and could no longer give any reward, as the price of a lie.
The Raven symbol itself is much older, and for its origin there are many "history-legends" whose veracity is often doubtful.
The veracity of Hahn's claim was questioned as early as 1876, and the illustration appears to be plagiarised from the plate by François-Nicolas Martinet which was published at least 50 years earlier.
The veracity of Quintus Curtius is as much to be suspected, when he describes the supernatural courage of Alexander, by which he was hurried on singly to attack multitudes, as when he describes his supernatural force and activity, by which he was able to resist them.
There is an air of truth apparent through the whole; and indeed the author was so distinguished for his veracity, that it became a sort of proverb among his neighbours at Redriff, when any one affirmed a thing, to say, it was as true as if Mr. Gulliver had spoken it.
They claimed descent from Valerious - who, according to the interpretation of Baroque authors, became a big landowner on the Dacian-Pannonian frontiers, the future Hungary - which is of very doubtful veracity.
This gentleman treated me with kindness, and desired I would let him know what place I came from last, and whither I was bound; which I did in a few words, but he thought I was raving, and that the dangers I underwent had disturbed my head; whereupon I took my black cattle and sheep out of my pocket, which, after great astonishment, clearly convinced him of my veracity.
Though some scholars doubt the veracity of the Thomas of Cana tradition, others suggest it may reflect a historical migration of East Syrian Christians to India during this period.
To have recourse to the veracity of the supreme Being, in order to prove the veracity of our senses, is surely making a very unexpected circuit.
What would become of _history,_ had we not a dependence on the veracity of the historian according to the experience which we have had of mankind?
``Understand, sir, I do not in the least suspect your veracity; I ask if you are certain of it?''

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