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Vocabulary Word

Word: venerable

Definition: deserving high respect; commanding respect; CF. command: deserve and get

Sentences Containing 'venerable'

"Venerable" was also nominated for Rock Album of the Year by the Western Canadian Music Awards.
"Venerable" was released March 15, 2011 surrounded by an 8 week North American tour, joining forces with the likes of Black Breath, Fuck the Facts and Khann.
'Mr. Copperfield and Dora,' said Miss Mills, with an almost venerable air.
(RIGHT WHALE).--In one respect this is the most venerable of the leviathans, being the one first regularly hunted by man.
A pseudo-Venerable Beda text, called "Collectanea et Flores", apparently continues the tradition of the name "Caspar": "Secundus nomine Caspar" (P.L., XCIV, 541).
And so true is this, that I recollect a grandmother of mine on the father's side, whenever she saw any dame in a venerable hood, used to say to me, 'Grandson, that one is like Dame Quintanona,' from which I conclude that she must have known her, or at least had managed to see some portrait of her.
At their head were a venerable old man and an ancient dame, more brisk and active, however, than might have been expected from their years.
But there was no vacancy for a tenor in the venerable Pile for which this city is so justly eminent; and he has--in short, he has contracted a habit of singing in public-houses, rather than in sacred edifices.'
Cineas, however, told Pyrrhus that the Senate was an assemblage of venerable kings and that fighting with them was like fighting against the Hydra.
Early in the morning, I sauntered through the dear old tranquil streets, and again mingled with the shadows of the venerable gateways and churches.
Eli Eban is an Israeli-American clarinetist and son of the venerable late Israeli diplomat Abba Eban.
He did not then think of the Carnival, for in spite of his condescension and touching kindness, one can not incline one's self without awe before the venerable and noble old man called Gregory XVI.
He is specially noticed by the Venerable Bede as having borne an important part in the conversion of the northern Saxons.
He received the order of deacon by the venerable archbishop Mesrobe Magistros D.D. who was on a pastoral visit.
Hecht's acquired Miller Rhoads, based in Richmond, Virginia, by cherry-picking the best locations when this venerable chain dissolved in 1990.
Hild (now a function room named the Joachim Room) and The Chapel of the Venerable Bede (still in use).
I then descended to the courts of justice; over which the judges, those venerable sages and interpreters of the law, presided, for determining the disputed rights and properties of men, as well as for the punishment of vice and protection of innocence.
In 1995, she created another mural for the Museo de Antropologia called Venerable abuelo maiz.
In 2010 the band announced that Profound Lore Records will release its fourth full length album, titled "Venerable", to be recorded August 2010 with Kurt Ballou of Converge.
In Rome and in Corfu he was held in high esteem, and the poet Ludwig August von Frankl, who saw him in Corfu (1856), speaks in glowing terms of his venerable personality.
It was released by Copp-Clark Publishing, a venerable Canadian publisher.
Look your last, now, on these venerable hooded heads, while they yet lie together; for one will soon sink, unrecorded, in the sea; the other will not be very long in following.
Maria De Mattias, foundress of the Adorers of the Blood of Christ (A.S.C.), although it was Missionary Venerable John Merlini C.PP.S. who was most directly associated with St.
Mary’s Hospital in Montreal. In 2002 he was made a knight, when The Governor General, Adrienne Clarkson, on the recommendation of the Grand Prior, appointed him to the Most Venerable Order of St.
Nor must there be omitted another strange attestation of the antiquity of the whale, in his own osseous post-diluvian reality, as set down by the venerable John Leo, the old Barbary traveller.
Now, venerable priest, further into the light, and hold the Holy Book before me that I may touch it.
On March 31, 2012 "Venerable" won the inaugural Heavy Metal/Hard Music Album of the Year Juno Award in Canada.
Our ashes, at a future period, will probably be found commingled in the cemetery attached to a venerable pile, for which the spot to which I refer has acquired a reputation, shall I say from China to Peru?
Our venerable instructor was a great deal older, and not improved in appearance.
Postgraduate Formals happen bi-annually and include entrance and exit of the Venerable Bede's stone.
She was a venerable rack heap, and a fraud to boot; for she was playing herself for personal property, whereas the good honest dirt was so thickly caked all over her that she was righteously taxable as real estate.
She was named a Venerable of the Roman Catholic Church shortly after her death in 1665, but has not yet been beatified or officially canonized as a saint.
Source Insight provides all the features of the venerable cscope in a GUI environment along with a program editor.
The ceremony was accompanied by the arrival of the Buddha's relics from Long Vân Temple in Bình Thạnh, where the relics had been stored since their delivery in 1953 by Venerable Narada.
The Chapel of the Venerable Bede, completed in 1939 to celebrate Bede College's centenary, was designed by Paul Edward Paget.
The College Arms also represents the history of the precursor colleges, with the chief taken directly from the Arms of the College of the Venerable Bede and the chevron being adapted from the bend of Arms of St.
The College of the Venerable Bede, for men, was founded in 1838 with a small number of trainee schoolmasters.
The following year, along with Democratic Maryland Senator Ben Cardin, he introduced a bill to "get rid of the most venerable big ethanol subsidy: the blenders tax credit."
The play's implicit censure of a venerable if controversial pope has led to numerous counterattacks, of which one of the latest is the 2007 allegation that Hochhuth was the dupe of a KGB disinformation campaign.
The significance of the Nyingma lineage teachings is far reaching and transformational. Arnaud has been working closely with the venerable Tibetan Lama Tarthang Tulku for over thirty years.
The University of Virginia's venerable old Memorial Gymnasium was renovated in 2005, courtesy of a gift of more than $1.5 million from an anonymous donor.
The vender was a venerable Irishman with a benevolent face and a tongue that worked easily in the socket, and from him we learned that he had lived in St. Louis thirty four years and had never been across the river during that period.
The Venerable Alexander Cory was Archdeacon of the Isle of Wight.
The Venerable Chandos Clifford Hastings Mansel Morgan CB, MA was Chaplain of the Fleet and Archdeacon of the Royal Navy from 1972 to 1975.
The Venerable Hildebrand Gregori, O.S.B. Silv.
The worship of fire was possessed by Armenians as a venerable heirloom long before they were influenced by Zoroastrianism.
Those venerable and feeble persons were always seen by the public in the act of bowing, and were popularly believed, when they had bowed a customer out, still to keep on bowing in the empty office until they bowed another customer in.
Venerable Fitzherbert Adams Marriott (1811–1890) was an English clergy, the first Archdeacon of Hobart Town in Tasmania.
Whether this whale belonged to the pod in advance, seemed questionable; for it is not customary for such venerable leviathans to be at all social.
Years later the priest Nittai 日對 wished to view the venerable form of the Dragon King.

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