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Vocabulary Word

Word: vanguard

Definition: forerunners; foremost position of an army; advance forces; foremost position in a trend or movement; CF. rearguard

Sentences Containing 'vanguard'

A contemporary source is clear about his holding the vanguard for Edward at Tewkesbury, deployed against the Lancastrian vanguard under the Duke of Somerset on 4 May, and his role, as Constable of England, sitting alongside John Howard as Earl Marshal, in the trial and sentencing of leading Lancastrians captured after the battle.
An unrelated imprint, Vanguard Press, was established in 2007 by publisher Roger Cooper.
At 3 AM of the morning of August 23 the British vanguard under gen. Pulteney embarked in the boats of the British invasion fleet.
Authors' names are followed by their known dates of association with the Vanguard Press.
By 1928 the standard price for Vanguard titles, such as the books of the series entitled "Studies of Soviet Russia" and "Current Questions", was 75 cents per copy.
Evelyn Shrifte had been president of the Vanguard Press for 36 years when, in October 1988, the company was sold to Random House.
Evelyn Shrifte, an editor who had joined the Vanguard Press in the early 1930s, became its president in 1952.
For a short time the company operated under the joint direction of George Macy, president of Macy-Masius, and Jacob Baker, Vanguard's managing director.
Guillermo Endara, former Panamanian president from 1989 to 1994, ran as the candidate for the Fatherland's Moral Vanguard Party.
He fought in the Vanguard at the Battle of Falkirk on 22 July 1298.
In 1922 appeared Roy's own journal, the "Vanguard", organ of the emigre Communist Party of India.
In 1927 Vanguard published a collection of H.G. Wells's writings ("Wells' Social Anticipations"), edited by Harry W. Laidler.
In 1984, Evans was awarded the National Cable Telecommunications Vanguard Award for Your Leadership in recognition for his achievements for and contributions of the Cable Television industry.
In February 1932, James Henle, president of Vanguard Press for three years, became sole owner of the publishing house.
In his history of book publishing, "Between Covers" (1987), John Tebbel wrote, "Vanguard never became a large and important house, but it continued to publish quality books year after year."
In March 1999, he apparently ordered the arrest of Emeka Mamah, the chief correspondent of the Vanguard newspapers in Enugu, an unusual move during the transition to democracy.
In the early industrial revolution, the Mander family entered the vanguard of the expansion of Wolverhampton, on the edge of the largest manufacturing conurbation in the British Isles.
In the ensuing years, NMFA has been in the vanguard of advocacy for improvements in the quality of military family life.
Indeed, when the vanguard of the allied army had been defeated, Colonel José Hedwig Diaz, commander of the Paraguayan troops, wanted to go further still.
Lawrence to look for the "Vanguard" with instructions to return to England if the latter had sailed.
Live at the Village Vanguard (The Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra album)
She also served as the creative force behind the productions of Vanguard Films and Vision Films before moving to Regal Films.
She told "The New York Times" that the sale of the 62-year-old independent publishing house was prompted by the poor health of some of Vanguard's investors.
Smith gained popularity in 2003 when she was asked to contribute to the Dolly Parton tribute album "" by her label, Vanguard Records.
The album was released on Vanguard Records in 1979.
The AN/FPS-16 was used to guide the first U.S. space satellite launches, Explorer 1 and Vanguard 1, at Cape Canaveral in 1958.
The armoured cavalry of the English vanguard were hurled back with severe losses.
The followers of "Iskra" were, like the supporters of other Egyptian communist factions, active inside the Wafdist Vanguard (see Wafd).
The Garland Fund ultimately supported Vanguard Press to the extent of $155,000.
The Kingdom of Jerusalem was all but destroyed by Saladin at the Battle of Hattin in 1187; Bohemond was not present, but his son Raymond was in the vanguard and escaped with Raymond of Tripoli.
The May 1926 meeting of the directors of the American Fund for Public Service, better known as the Garland Fund, allocated $100,000 to establish the Vanguard Press.
The new Vanguard Press is an imprint of Perseus Books Group.
The publishing house of Macy-Masius was merged into the Vanguard Press in June 1928.
The valuable 500-title backlist of the Vanguard Press was merged into that of Random House, although for 10 years they were to be identified on the title page as Vanguard Press books.
The Vanguard Press earned a reputation for publishing promising new fiction, poetry, literature for children and young adults, and non-fiction.
The Vanguard Press operated as a respected independent literary house for 62 years.
This confusion of terms is perpetuated by some articles (AARP, Motley Fool) and specifically noted by others (Vanguard).
This radar was further modified for use on Vanguard and is now installed at the Atlantic Missile Range, Patrick AFB, Florida.
Throughout the 1920s, Vanguard Press issued an array of books on radical topics, including studies of the Soviet Union, socialist theory, and politically oriented fiction by a range of writers.
Vanguard also published the 1927 edition of the "American Labor Year Book" on behalf of the Socialist Party-affiliated Rand School of Social Science, which sold for $1.50.
Vanguard depicted itself in promotional advertising as "destined to be the Ford of Book Publishing" through its inexpensive offerings of "all the grand old idol breakers."
Vanguard maintained its offices on Fifth Avenue in New York City, initially occupying space at 80 Fifth Avenue before moving to 100 Fifth Avenue in 1928.
Vanguard Press would print a run of 2,000 copies, with the issuing organization paying for only 1,000 at 25 cents a copy, leaving Vanguard to sell the other 1,000.
Vanguard published Pierre Boulle's "The Bridge over the River Kwai" (1954) and "Planet of the Apes" (1963).
Vanguard published the first two books of Dr. Seuss and Saul Bellow, and the first books of Nelson Algren, Calder Willingham and Marshall McLuhan.
Vanguard raised its prices over time but still remained an economical source of hardcover books.
Vanguard was also under investigation by the House Un-American Activities Committee on the ground that in the twenties and thirties it had published some books by Communist and left-wing writers.
Vanguard. American aroma cross developed from Hallertau in 1982.
When Mortier's vanguard appeared before him, the Spanish general lashed out at it and drove it back.
Workers Vanguard is a Marxist bi-weekly newspaper published by the Spartacist League, a Trotskyist political organization in the United States.
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