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Word: vagrant

Definition: wandering from place to place; roving; stray; moving in a random fashion; Ex. vagrant thoughts; N. vagrancy

Sentences Containing 'vagrant'

"The Loud Wars" was released by Vagrant Records on June 9, 2009 and on vinyl by Hello Sir Records in 2010.
- EP was a promotional EP released on Vagrant Records by the American rock quartet Dr Manhattan.
A servant without a certificate should be deemed a vagrant; and a master or mistress ought to assign very good reasons indeed when they object against giving a servant his or her certificate.
For example, a vagrant individual was observed on May 12, 1998 at Cerro Campana, El Salvador, the first record for that country.
In South America the Humboldt Penguin is found only along the Pacific coast, and the range of the Humboldt Penguin overlaps that of the Magellanic Penguin on the central Chilean coast. It is vagrant in Ecuador, Colombia and Argentina.
It does not normally interbreed with the larger grebes in the Old World, but a bird in Cornwall mated with a vagrant North American Pied-billed Grebe, producing hybrid young.
It has also been recorded as a vagrant in Italy, the United Arab Emirates and Turkey.
It has also been recorded as a vagrant in New South Wales, Australia.
It is endemic to Mexico, but has occurred as a vagrant in the southern United States.
It is endemic to the large (3,756 km2) subantarctic island of South Georgia and its accompanying archipelago, and is a vagrant to the South Sandwich Islands.
It is found in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and is a vagrant to the Falkland Islands.
It is found in Argentina, southern Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay, and is a vagrant to Bolivia and the Falkland Islands.
It is their second release through Vagrant Records.
It was re-released two years later on Vagrant Records.
It was released in 1999 under the label Lady Luck, Face To Face's imprint through Vagrant Records.
It was released on September 15, 2009, through Dine Alone Records in Canada, and through Vagrant Records in the US.
Miller, a vagrant, accidentally set fire to a mattress in a house in which he was sleeping.
Not to lengthen these particulars, I need only add, that she made a handsome provision for all my possible wants during my month of trial; that Steerforth, to my great disappointment and hers too, did not make his appearance before she went away; that I saw her safely seated in the Dover coach, exulting in the coming discomfiture of the vagrant donkeys, with Janet at her side; and that when the coach was gone, I turned my face to the Adelphi, pondering on the old days when I used to roam about its subterranean arches, and on the happy changes which had brought me to the surface.
Shortly after this, I Hate Sally was signed to Vagrant Records and the album was re-released for the US and UK in 2007 on the band's second label.
Steve Peregrin Took was credited as "Shagrat The Vagrant" on Mick Farren's 1970 solo album "Mona – The Carnivorous Circus" and the two formed a band called Shagrat, also featuring guitarist Larry Wallis.
The Chimango is found as far south as Tierra del Fuego and is a vagrant to the Malvinas Islands.
They also became infamous for their Satanic imagery and references to the vagrant lifestyle, including smoking both crack cocaine and marijuana, shoplifting, and squatting.
Through his employment he violated a San Francisco statute which read, "every person who acts as a runner or capper for attorneys in or about police courts is a vagrant and is punishable by a fine of $500 and imprisonment not to exceed six months."
Thus would all our poor be stationed, and a man or woman able to perform any of these offices, must either comply or be termed an idle vagrant, and sent to a place where they shall be forced to work.
When a vagrant asks of her condition, she explains that all is well, that she is dying, but she can fix it.
When Captain Sleet in person stood his mast-head in this crow's-nest of his, he tells us that he always had a rifle with him (also fixed in the rack), together with a powder flask and shot, for the purpose of popping off the stray narwhales, or vagrant sea unicorns infesting those waters; for you cannot successfully shoot at them from the deck owing to the resistance of the water, but to shoot down upon them is a very different thing.
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