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Vocabulary Word

Word: vagabond

Definition: wanderer (without a permanent home); tramp

Sentences Containing 'vagabond'

"I saw an ill-dressed vagabond in the lane yesterday evening," said Mr. Holder.
"Vagabond" also received the Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize in 2002, and the North American version earned Inoue a nomination for the 2003 Eisner Award in the Best Writer/Artist category.
"Vagabond" won a 2000 Kodansha Manga Award and the 2002 Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize, and has sold more than 22 million copies worldwide.
"Vagabond" won the Grand Prize for manga at the 2000 Japan Media Arts Festival. The following is an excerpt from the speech congratulating Takehiko Inoue: "From Toyotomi to Tokugawa.
A music video for ”I'm A Vagabond” (from the "Mother of Mankind" album) was also released.
A vagabond family composed of Pop Kwimper (Arthur O'Connell), his son Toby (Elvis Presley), and various "adopted" children, including nineteen-year-old Holly Jones (Anne Helm), is traveling in Florida when Pop drives onto an as-yet-unopened section of highway. When the car runs out of gas, Holly persuades Toby to persuade Pop to take up residence on the land next to the road.
Additional superheroes introduced in "U.S.A. Comics" include the Defender, by co-creators Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, Mr. Liberty (renamed Major Liberty the following issue), Rockman, and Young Avenger, all in issue #1; Captain Terror, and the Vagabond in issue #2 (Nov.
After eighteen-months, "Vagabond" returned to "Weekly Morning" as a monthly series in March 2012.
As he walked up and down that part of the courtyard which was at the side of the house, with the stray rooks and jackdaws looking after him with their heads cocked slyly, as if they knew how much more knowing they were in worldly affairs than he, if any sort of vagabond could only get near enough to his creaking shoes to attract his attention to one sentence of a tale of distress, that vagabond was made for the next two days.
As my intentions are good, so have they had the good fortune to meet with approbation from the sober and substantial part of mankind; as for the vicious and vagabond, their ill-will is my ambition.
As of October 2013, the "Vagabond" chapters have been collected into 36 "tankōbon" volumes by Kodansha.
Feeling that something is missing in his life, Chris sees in Toni the person he could have become—a free spirit living a vagabond's existence without ties or responsibilities.
First, the villain and heartless vagabond sought to win my good-will and purchase my compliance, so as to get me, like a treacherous warder, to deliver up to him the keys of the fortress I had in charge.
He also mentions "a New England Leather Man", a vagabond who walked 10–12 miles a day through western Connecticut and eastern New York state in the late 19th century.
He began the series "Real" in "Weekly Young Jump" in 2001, and currently creates it alongside "Vagabond".
He greets the lovers, and suggests they join him to share a vagabond life in the mountains.
His film credits include "The Vagabond King", "This Is the Night", "So Big!", "A Bill of Divorcement", "Blonde Venus", "A Farewell to Arms", "The Bitter Tea of General Yen", "Monte Carlo", "Souls at Sea", and "Penny Serenade".
I am Sancho Panza, his squire, and he the vagabond knight Don Quixote of La Mancha, otherwise called 'The Knight of the Rueful Countenance.'" Don Quixote had by this time placed himself on his knees beside Sancho, and, with eyes starting out of his head and a puzzled gaze, was regarding her whom Sancho called queen and lady; and as he could see nothing in her except a village lass, and not a very well-favoured one, for she was platter-faced and snub-nosed, he was perplexed and bewildered, and did not venture to open his lips.
I know that, but for the mercy of God, I might easily have been, for any care that was taken of me, a little robber or a little vagabond.
In April 2009, Takehiko Inoue told "Nishinippon Shimbun" that he suspected "Vagabond" would be ending "within one or two years."
In the manner of his early life, he still considers himself to be a man of the road, a professional wanderer and a vagabond, a latter day Flying Dutchman.
Inoue posted an update on his website in December 2010, stating that "Vagabond" would not return until he regained "enthusiasm" for the series.
It is enough that I place this boy under the eye of a friend of my own, in a respectable business; that it does not please him; that he runs away from it; makes himself a common vagabond about the country; and comes here, in rags, to appeal to you, Miss Trotwood.
It seems to me you come tramping and footsore, and looking more like a disorderly vagabond than a governor."
It was very unfortunate that she should marry such a vagabond.
Know you not, lout, vagabond, beggar, that were it not for the might that she infuses into my arm I should not have strength enough to kill a flea?
Mr. Inoue has taken the powerful Musashi who was sometimes called a 'beast' and drawn him as a vagabond.
Nothing more is wanting than to arrest the count as a vagabond, on the pretext of his being too rich.''
Once a vagabond on his own canal, I have received good turns from one of these Canallers; I thank him heartily; would fain be not ungrateful; but it is often one of the prime redeeming qualities of your man of violence, that at times he has as stiff an arm to back a poor stranger in a strait, as to plunder a wealthy one.
Say, thief and vagabond, hast thou not just now told me that this princess had been turned into a maiden called Dorothea, and that the head which I am persuaded I cut off from a giant was the bitch that bore thee, and other nonsense that put me in the greatest perplexity I have ever been in all my life?
She dealt with a shrinking or torn skirt in "No Census, No Feeling" and "Crash Goes the Hash", squirmed uncontrollably thanks to a mouse crawling down her back in "Loco Boy Makes Good", and was flooded in both "Spook Louder" and her final appearance, "Vagabond Loafers".
Similarly, "The Observer" newspaper gave the album positive reviews, stating that the album said "goodbye to Pete Libertine the Rehab King, and say hello to Peter Doherty, outstanding singer-songwriter and charismatic poet-vagabond.
The blows of the basement hammer every day grew more and more between; and each blow every day grew fainter than the last; the wife sat frozen at the window, with tearless eyes, glitteringly gazing into the weeping faces of her children; the bellows fell; the forge choked up with cinders; the house was sold; the mother dived down into the long church-yard grass; her children twice followed her thither; and the houseless, familyless old man staggered off a vagabond in crape; his every woe unreverenced; his grey head a scorn to flaxen curls!
Viz Media began releasing "Vagabond" in English in North America in 2002.
Written and illustrated by Takehiko Inoue, "Vagabond" is based on Eiji Yoshikawa's 1935 novel "Musashi" and has been serialized in "Weekly Morning" since 1998.
You had better leave me, if you please, to walk the earth as a vagabond.
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