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Vocabulary Word

Word: untenable

Definition: (of a position, esp. in an argument) indefensible; not able to be maintained

Sentences Containing 'untenable'

After this limited success, the fighting relapsed into another wearing-out fight, until the British abandoned the untenable salient at Bourlon Wood.
And should our offensive not bring the Kun regime down, its untenable internal situation surely will.
As one scholar would later write of this plan, “the theory was impossible; the condition was untenable; the trust, as it was manufactured, was impracticable; and the United States Shipbuilding Company was insolvent.” Groundwork.
By 17:50 the entire topside area had become untenable, and the stored torpedo warheads threatened to go off at any time.
He formed the opinion that the position was untenable because of German air superiority.
He had despaired of receiving any reinforcements and decided his position was untenable.
He then realises that the futility of the situation has turned him on his own troops and the defensive position has becomes untenable.
He would not hesitate to pierce the armour of any counsel who dared advance an untenable argument or one not based on record, yet, he was also so considerate, gentle and courteous that the inexperienced and the junior member of the Bar was promptly set at ease in his presence.
Her common sense told her that the only way she could save the man she loved from the vengeance of his enemies after her death was to facilitate in time his descent from his untenable position.
In response, he threatened to resign, suggesting in interviews that his position as chief executive was now untenable: It's a matter of principle.
In the disputes between Count Lexa von Aehrenthal and General Conrad von Hötzendorf, the Chief of the General Staff, he took the latter's side but found his position increasingly untenable after Count Berchtold became Imperial Foreign Minister in 1912.
on October 24, 2008 following National City's untenable loan losses during the subprime mortgage crisis.
On the same day Hughes released another statement which in part said: My position as an MP has become untenable.
Oslay have many claims are untenable and unprovable: including Styria was inhabited by Hungarians, therefore Styria also ancient Hungarian area.
Previously Paul Martin had voiced vague support for missile defense, but a concentrated effort by the New Democratic Party and the Bloc Québécois by the Canadian public made that position politically untenable.
Shortly afterwards political manoeuvring in London made Durham's position untenable, he resigned and they all returned to Britain.
The Prussian defeat at Ligny made the Quatre Bras position untenable.
The ultimate conclusion of this work, by scholars including Peter James, John Bimson, Geoffrey Gammonn, and David Rohl, was that the Revised Chronology was untenable.
The untenable nature of the Allied position was made apparent when a heavy rainstorm struck on 26 November 1915.
Therefore, claiming an earlier date for the silver hoards is untenable and contradicts the first complete recording of the Qumran silver hoards made in 2007 by Lönnqvist, which includes the first photographic evidence of the coin hoards, and the regional coin evidence from other hoards.
When the demands on the native divers became untenable, he was also one of the first settlers to import what were then generally, but incorrectly, called Malay pearl divers.
With the future of the DIC(K) party untenable, some party members of the DIC(K) returned to the Congress party whilst others, including Karunakaran and Muraleedharan, decided instead to join the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP).
With the support of the Japanese Army, it was able to hold Chita, but after withdrawal of Japanese soldiers from Transbaikalia, Semenov's position become untenable, and in November 1920 he was repulsed by the Red Army from Transbaikalia and took refuge in China.
With their position untenable, the Germans were forced to evacuate back to prepared positions at the Hagen line.
With this object he wrote his "Shulḥan 'Aruk," in which he essayed to prove that the Talmud as a whole was untenable, but that a compromise with modern ideas could be effected in the same dialectical way in which the Rabbis had harmonized the Law with the exigencies of their time.

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