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Vocabulary Word

Word: unsightly

Definition: ugly; unpleasant to look at

Sentences Containing 'unsightly'

A separate, tree-lined, street grid for cars also exists, but it is always relegated to the rear, and the pedestrian/bike grid as the primary transportation network ensures that unsightly, noisome traffic is vastly reduced on the rear streets.
Along with this all recruits must pass background clearances, health check-ups on back and legs (for long periods of standing and marching), no visible tattoos, unsightly scars and facial acne.
But this often produces unsightly fractions which get removed later, and is thus more prone to error.
He was convinced that most cemeteries were "unsightly, depressing stoneyards" and pledged to create one that would reflect his optimistic, Christian beliefs, "as unlike other cemeteries as sunshine is unlike darkness."
However, sprayed paint when dry can display unsightly patterns if the spraying application does not result in an even distribution of paint.
However, the bollards became unsightly, and it became noted that they weren't actually required.
I do not wish to seem inelegant, but this unsightly whale looks much like an amputated sow; and, as for the narwhale, one glimpse at it is enough to amaze one, that in this nineteenth century such a hippogriff could be palmed for genuine upon any intelligent public of schoolboys.
Pitchfork Media's Jordan Sargent commented that the albums "unsightly storm of star power is the backbone [...]
The unsightly cracks and humps in cement floors are sometimes due to the expansion resulting from heat -LRB- Fig.
With its buildings abandoned, neglected and subjected to the unsightly corrosive effects of sea-air upon concrete and stucco, Neve Tzedek degenerated into disrepair and urban decay.
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More Vocab Words

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