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Vocabulary Word

Word: universal

Definition: characterizing or affecting all; general; present everywhere; of the universe; cosmic; Ex. universal agreement; Ex. a subject of universal interest

Sentences Containing 'universal'

The universal watchfulness so encompassed him, that if he had been taken in a net, or were being forwarded to his destination in a cage, he could not have felt his freedom more completely gone.
The red cap and tri color cockade were universal, both among men and women.
The escort and the universal watchfulness had completely isolated him.
In the universal fear and distrust that darkened the time, all the usual harmless ways of life were changed.
Do not be afraid of my running into any excess, of my encroaching on your privilege of universal good will.
Perhaps the most universal form of a wedge is our common pin.
One of these compounds, namely, chloride of lime, is the almost universal bleaching agent of commerce.
The gravity cell is cheap, easy to construct, and of constant strength, and is in almost universal use in telegraphic work.
The telegraph is now such a universal means of communication between distant points that one wonders how business was conducted before its invention in 1832 by S.F.B. Morse.
And these associations vary enormously in quantity and value with different individuals; but the one we are here chiefly concerned with is this universal one of touch.
The painting of flesh higher in tone than the sky was almost universal at many periods of art, and in portraits is still often seen.
It is a labor to task the faculties of a man such problems of profit and loss, of interest, of tare and tret, and gauging of all kinds in it, as demand a universal knowledge.
Such is the universal law, which no man can ever outwit, and with regard to the railroad even we may say it is as broad as it is long.
It is something at once more intimate with us and more universal than any other work of art.
It is remarkable what a value is still put upon wood even in this age and in this new country, a value more permanent and universal than that of gold.
The impression made on a wise man is that of universal innocence.
His was not simply a pilot's memory; its grasp was universal.
This form is so common so nearly universal, in fact that if she had used`whither'instead of`where,'I think it would have sounded like an affectation.
Puck and Punch, and the press universal, would fall upon it and make merciless fun of it, and its first exhibition would be also its last.
In 1857 he introduced the signal for meeting boats, and which has, with some slight change, been the universal custom of this day; in fact, is rendered obligatory by act of Congress.
-LRB- The same tree is still standing, and excites universal curiosity and interest.-RRB-
The universal response was, that the fare was detestable, and that they wanted to be set free.
After some time Cucumetto became the object of universal attention; the most extraordinary traits of ferocious daring and brutality were related of him.
We have already said that there was something in the count which attracted universal attention wherever he appeared.
The article having been read during the painful hush that followed, a universal shudder pervaded the assembly, and immediately the closest attention was given to the orator as he resumed his remarks.
Even in such countries, however, the drought is, perhaps, scarce ever so universal as necessarily to occasion a famine, if the government would allow a free trade.
Universal poverty establishes their universal equality; and the superiority, either of age or of personal qualities, are the feeble, but the sole foundations of authority and subordination.
In England, the establishment of charity schools has had an effect of the same kind, though not so universally, because the establishment is not so universal.
The influence, besides, of the ancient institutions, was much more universal.
In the course of little more than a century, however, stamp duties have, in Europe, become almost universal, and duties upon registration extremely common.
They have no bowels for the contributors, who are not their subjects, and whose universal bankruptcy, if it should happen the day after the farm is expired, would not much affect their interest.
The security which it grants to the original creditor, is made transferable to any other creditor; and from the universal confidence in the justice of the state, generally sells in the market for more than was originally paid for it.
A part of a City:--first of the City of Gods and Men; next, of that which ranks nearest it, a miniature of the universal City.
Nothing is easier than to admit in words the truth of the universal struggle for life, or more difficult--at least I found it so--than constantly to bear this conclusion in mind.
With species in a state of nature it can hardly be maintained that the law is of universal application; but many good observers, more especially botanists, believe in its truth.
But I could show that none of these characters are universal.
Gartner, also, makes the rule equally universal; and he disputes the entire fertility of Kolreuter's ten cases.
Agassiz believes this to be a universal law of nature; and we may hope hereafter to see the law proved true.
DES CARTES insinuated that doctrine of the universal and sole efficacy of the Deity, without insisting on it.
This is a topic, therefore, in which the profounder and more philosophical sceptics will always triumph, when they endeavour to introduce an universal doubt into all subjects of human knowledge and enquiry.
He was an universal favourite, and his ingenuity in little things was transcendent.
The presence of ventilating shafts and wells along the hill slopes--everywhere, in fact, except along the river valley--showed how universal were its ramifications.
In the universal decay this volatile substance had chanced to survive, perhaps through many thousands of centuries.
I should then see the discovery of the longitude, the perpetual motion, the universal medicine, and many other great inventions, brought to the utmost perfection.
That in the two kingdoms above mentioned, where, during his residence, he had conversed very much, he observed long life to be the universal desire and wish of mankind.
They it was who by universal prescription commanded three of the Pequod's boats as headsmen.
Consider, once more, the universal cannibalism of the sea; all whose creatures prey upon each other, carrying on eternal war since the world began.
How at such an apparently unassailable surface, they contrive to gouge out such symmetrical mouthfuls, remains a part of the universal problem of all things.
An intense copper calm, like a universal yellow lotus, was more and more unfolding its noiseless measureless leaves upon the sea.
Thus the most vexatious and violent disputes would often arise between the fishermen, were there not some written or unwritten, universal, undisputed law applicable to all cases.

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